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Happy December!

November flew by faster than October (which went by crazy quickly thanks to some party planning and Halloween planning) and I’m looking forward to some intentional projects that I set aside each year during December.

This year, I am co-hosting a December edition of 30 Days of Lists and including my lists in my December Daily® album.

Registration for 30 Days of Lists is $10 and gets you access to:

  • our email-based (for December only!) creative journaling challenge
  • exclusive discounts and offers from other Listers
  • membership to the private Facebook group dedicated to supporting one another during this busy season
  • the opportunity for you to take some time this month to reflect and unwind

I am looking forward to getting started today and will be jumping into the Facebook group with updates on my progress and checking in with the community. I love that this community fully embraces our mantra to make this project whatever you want…some will be joining me and documenting their December with photos and additional journaling, some will include their lists in their bullet journals, others will be using the daily list prompts for blog posts.

I’m constantly inspired by this group and I’m glad I get to spend December (and beyond!) working alongside such creative and determined spirits.

For more information on this awesome (and easy!) project, visit our website at 30daysoflists.com or check us out on Instagram to see the great projects Listers are creating this season.


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Holiday Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers Hikers Campers and Tailgaters with Stanley Brand - Campfire Chic

I’m partnering with Stanley Brand today to share some great gift ideas for this holiday season (let’s be honest, these would be great gifts any time of the year!).

With more and more of my friends and coworkers deciding to spend more time outdoors and trying new things, I was excited to see different gift sets from Stanley Brand that would be perfect for the hikers, campers, glampers, and tailgaters in my life.

These are the types of gifts that will last a lifetime and will be the envy of any bonfire come summer. I love that these products can keep up with being tossed into a backpack or rolling around the back of my car for a few weeks (the growler looks pretty good for bumping around in the back of my car for a while, right? Messy car life = great for unintentional gear testing!

Stanley Brand Beverage Containers Gifts for Adventure - Campfire Chic

The Classic Vacuum Growler (shown in the top photo in Hammertone Green and is available in Hammertone Navy) should be at the top of any beer lover’s wish list. The BPA-free growler is 64oz and is vacuum insulated so your beer (or other cold beverage: apple cider, iced tea, craft root beer) can stay cold for up to 24 hours. With so many breweries in Orange County and nearby San Diego County, I know this will be a popular gift for me to give this year. This growler is perfect for tailgating, runs to the local brewery, camping, and beach picnics.

The Classic Vacuum Pint (shown above in Hammertone Crimson and three other colors) is going to be my go-to gift this year. I like that the pint looks like it could be a normal travel mug, but it’s so much more. Pour some cold beer from your growler into this sweat-proof pint and enjoy your cold beverage for up to 4 and a half hours…why you’d wait that long to finish your beer is beyond me, but do you. If you don’t have your growler handy, use the built-in removable bottle opener to crack open your cold beverage of choice (mine: Stumptown Cold Brew) and enjoy. This travel pint is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Celebrate the Season with Stanley Brand Beverage Drinks - Campfire Chic
The Adventure Happy Hour 2x System is new to me and after seeing it in person, I’m convinced this will be a great addition to your next girls weekend away. The “system” includes a 20 ounce shaker, 2 glasses (shown above), a citrus reamer, and a jigger. The glasses are double steel walled, which makes them durable and sweat-free and are dishwasher safe. Can we just imagine an awesome cocktail after a long dusty hike? I’m gifting this to friends who love beach bonfires and now how to put together the perfect charcuterie. The 5-piece set fits inside the shaker, which makes this system easy to bring along on camping trips or keep in your RV for spontaneous trips.
The Classic Stanley Brand Flask (shown above in Hammertone Crimson and available in 3 other colors) is the perfect stocking stuffer and a great gift for the friend you can trust to bring it to the next training hike for your epic backpacking trip. Wouldn’t it be a great bridesmaid or groomsmen gift? I bet they could be engraved! The wide mouth design makes it easy to fill the flask (yay!) and you will never lose your cap thanks to the built-in lanyard piece…nobody wants to hunt for a flask cap by headlamp in the middle of the night. The flask is BPA-free, leak proof, and will pack easily alongside your other essentials.

The adventurer in your life (aka YOU) doesn’t need another plain water bottle in her life. If she is on your shopping list, then invest in a great gift that will last for years. Stanley Brand creates products meant to keep up with your active lifestyle…and your willingness to celebrate over a cold one.

You can learn more about the items featured in this post and much more through the Stanley Brand website


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Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net

This week’s reading is already on Pinterest for you! I figure it would be an easy way for you to save some of these things for later. It’s just an experiment, so we’ll see what I do in the future. Let me know if this works out better for you :)

Before I dive into this week’s reading, I want to remind you that we opened registration for December’s edition of 30 Days of Lists!

This week’s Essential Reading:



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Monday’s Post:  Add These to Your Reading List: Podcasts, Writing Books, and Tools for Remote Collaboration

Thank you for reading my posts on LinkedIn. If you would like to connect, let me know and I will send you my email address that is associated with my account so we can network outside of blog-land. I will continue sharing articles and posts several times a week that I won’t be sharing via Twitter and writing LinkedIn blog posts every other week to inspire side-hustlers to keep their dreams alive despite working for the weekend.

If you have LinkedIn post suggestions, please let me know in the comments, or tweet me @CampfireChic. I have the first quarter of 2016 outlined and am looking for ideas for the second quarter.

Add These to Your Reading List: Updating Old Content, Making Content More Pin-Ready, and How to Survive Your Cubicle Job


LinkedIn Update Old Content by Kam of Campfire Chic

Weekend Project: Give Your Old Content a Quick Makeover: After moving Campfire Chic from Blogspot to WordPress and redesigning the site, I noticed that there were so many blog posts that needed to be updated. Campfire Chic was started in 2010, a time when vertical images were frowned upon, so those blog posts aren’t exactly the most Pinterest-friendly content on this site. There are also broken links, outdated examples, and formatting that needs some improvement. I try to tackle these posts a little at a time, so I am encouraging you to do the same in this post.


LinkedIn Make Your Blog Posts More Pinterest Friendly

How To: Make Your LinkedIn Content More Pinterest-Friendly: After posting on LinkedIn for a few months, I noticed that my Pins were not driving much traffic or getting any likes or repins. I tackle that issue and show exactly how to solve the problem of overlooked Pins in this post…It takes a few extra steps, but is worth the extra effort. This post also links to a post on how to create eye-catching LinkedIn images for your posts. You’ll notice that all of my post images look similar and are not the run-of-the-mill default images or poorly resized photos from Google Images. I give some tips on where to find great stock photos, how to make your images stand out, and ways to edit your photos for free.


LinkedIn Post - 10 Ways to Survive Your Day Job - Kam Altar

10 Ways to Survive Your Day Job: Is based on a pair of my more popular blog posts on the same topic. This version is a little cleaned up and includes more helpful information for those of us who may not be built for cubicle life. This is a tongue-in-cheek post, so please take the “tips” I share with a grain of salt.


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2015 has been the year of posting on LinkedIn to (hopefully) help show that I know more than what my degrees show. I know that employers and coworkers are searching LinkedIn for information that may not be fully fleshed out in a resume, so publishing on LinkedIn gives them an idea of what is currently on my mind and shows that I can stick to a schedule. I plan on writing at the same pace in 2016, but having multi-part series each quarter to give a more cohesive feel to my posts. We’ll see where this goes!

I can say that keeping a loose every-two-weeks schedule for these posts has helped me stay on track and is giving me a place to share about social media, marketing, blogging, and other topics I previously posted here on Campfire Chic. Earlier this year, I decided to move most of my “how to do this blogging thing” type posts over to LinkedIn so I could still write on those topics but not break up the flow of this blog. 2016’s focus is on turning this space into more of a “documenting your adventures near and far” site, so keeping these posts separate just makes sense.

I’m experimenting and seeing where things go. I may bring blogging and small business posts back to Campfire Chic in the future, but I think it’s best to keep them separate for now.

Add These to Your Reading List: Podcasts, Writing Books, and Tools for Remote Collaboration

LinkedIn Content from Kam Altar of Campfire Chic - Podcasts for Creatives and Small Business Owners

Podcasts for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Side-Hustlers, and Small Business Owners: The original post (shared on Campfire Chic) is linked at the end of the LinkedIn post, but I did add several new-to-me podcasts to this list. I’m a podcast junkie and I love sharing episodes with friends…I’m also very much into Welcome to Night Vale and am planning on re-listening to the We’re Alive! podcast after the 1st of the year. I suggest checking out the podcasts listed in the post and sharing episodes you find interesting with your readers/community. It’s a nice change of pace to share audio with your fans/followers instead of just images or videos. They’ll thank you for sharing.

LinkedIn - On My Bookshelf for Better Writing and Productivity

On My Bookshelf: Focus on Writing & Productivity: I am really good at editing reports and letters at work, but I know that my blog writing could use some work. I want to write the way I speak, but sometimes the words don’t feel right and I know the syntax is wonky. I ordered some classic non-fiction writing books and hope that there is a noticeable improvement in my writing soon. The third book is on productivity and…well, you’ll see what I think about the book once you read the post.

LinkedIn Post from Kam Altar of Campfire Chic - Essential Tools for Collaborating with a Remote Team

My Favorite Tools to Use When Collaborating with a Remote Team: This is another post that was originally shared on Campfire Chic but is now updated and on LinkedIn. The biggest example I have of working with a remote team is working with Amy and our ambassadors to host 30 Days of Lists three times a year. It’s exhausting but we (thankfully!) are essentially on auto-pilot now in regard to setting up each challenge, but it can be difficult to get the details nailed down when we are working with folks in different time zones and with their own agendas. These tools can be used for collaborative workshops (like #30Lists), social media teams, content creation teams, or with your virtual assistant…heck, I bet you could use some of these tools with your own family!


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Registration is Open for 30 Days of Lists December 2015 - Campfire Chic

It’s that time of the year again!

Registration is now open for the December 2015 Edition of 30 Days of Lists.

30 Days of Lists is a list-based creative challenge that I co-host with Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. We’ve been listing since March 2011 on a semi-annual basis and three years ago, we decided to add December into the mix.

We both love Ali Edwards’ December Daily® project and wanted to encourage our Listing Community to document their December along with Ali.

30 Days of Lists Creative List Challenge with Kam of Campfire Chic

This is not a religious- or holiday-based project, but many of the list prompts can be interpreted to fit your needs.

We focus our projects on daily lists that help capture who we are right now, so there may be a prompt asking you about your favorite things to eat…you could edit the prompt to “my favorite things to eat on Christmas Eve” or “My favorite winter dishes” to help better tell your story.

This is YOUR challenge, we’re here to help facilitate your creative journaling and to encourage you to take some time for yourself this season.

Remember: there is no wrong way to make a list!

If you’re ready to register for this email-based version of our popular creative challenge, you can do so here.

If you want to learn more about the challenge and to see what else we have on our website, visit the registration page here.

30 days of lists - register now

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December Daily - Previous Albums Combined with 30 Days of Lists

The December Edition of 30 Days of Lists was created to complement the popular memory keeping challenge December Daily®, hosted by Ali Edwards. Amy and I love participating in Ali’s challenge and wanted to encourage the #30Lists community to join in on the fun of documenting the final month of the year.

Lists help us tell our right now story.

I’m working on the upcoming 30 Days of Lists challenge for December (subscribe to the mailing list and be the first to know when registration opens!) and as I started to pull together my supplies and work on my album, I turned to my previous albums for inspiration.

My previous December Daily and 30 Days of Lists (December) albums:

My previous albums inspired me to get started now on my album. I was filming video walkthroughs of my 4 December Daily albums and noticed a few common threads: missing photos on sick days, very little journaling, too many photos at night, and too many “rules” I made myself follow.

This year, I’m hoping things will be a little different. I am armed with my Canon Selphy printer (Amazon affiliate link) so I can keep up-to-date on my album and less rules. I won’t require myself to take an Instax photo each day of December and I’m not sticking to using one type of pocket page layout. I will, however, keep things simple by writing my lists on 3×4 cards.

I’ll be sharing more peeks at my album (and Amy’s list album) on the @30DaysofLists Instagram account over the next few weeks. I’m using a mix of kits from Ali Edwards (and the awesome designers with whom she partnered this year), Project Life®, and random tidbits in my (quickly dwindling) stash.

How do you keep up with your December Daily® documentation? If you have suggestions for ways to streamline the project or kits/supplies you think I should consider, let me know.



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