Now that we’ve been doing 30 Days of Lists for four years (we started in March 2011), it doesn’t feel like it’s too soon to look back on my old lists to see how things may (or may not) have changed.

Since March 2011, I started working full time, stopped selling on Etsy, moved 5 times, started freelancing, co-created an iOS app with Alex, and made hundreds of lists through 30 Days of Lists. So much can change in just a few years and I’m glad I have these lists available as a quick way to look back on what was on my mind just a few years ago.

In March 2011, I wrote a list for I make lists because…and for today’s 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop, I decided to use the same prompt and re-write my list.


30 Days of Lists - I make Lists for - Campfire Chic

On the left is my list from 2011 (on printable to do list paper from Wild Olive) and on the right is my list for right now (August 2015) written on a notepad from Target.

A handful of things have changed over the years…I’m not longer writing lists of things to list on Etsy and I am making more time to watch helpful/informational/inspiring YouTube videos. The one thing I wanted to keep the same? Putting #30Lists at the end to close the list. 30 Days of Lists has been one of the constant things in my life over the past few years and I’m thankful to have the reminder sit down for a few minutes each day to create something for myself…even if it’s just a list.

I’m not the only one listing today! Several of the September 2015 sponsors and our #30Lists Ambassadors are participating in this blog hop, too. Follow the links below to see what others selected for their list prompts today and see what they have to say about the list they wrote.

Want to play along?

Visit this blog post on the (Original!) March 2011 edition of 30 Days of Lists and select a list prompt. Write out your list, snap a pic and share it on Facebook here or via Instagram using hashtag #30Lists! Be sure to follow the new @30daysoflists account on Instagram, too!

And remember: registration for 30 Days of Lists – September 2015 is now open.


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Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net


Thanks for the feedback from the last Essential Reading post. I plan on keeping this feature at least once a month and hope I keep finding interesting articles and posts for you to enjoy while you’re waiting at the DMV next.

This week’s Essential Reading:

  • I joined Tumblr. Nothing groundbreaking, but I promise to hunt down campfire, comics, and coffee to fill your dashboard with awesome stuff
  • I’m also on Snapchat & Periscope: @campfirechic
  • This is what trip planning looks like when you involve people who love to eat (more about this SOON)
  • I think I’ll be adding kimchi to my pickling days. Right now I only make refrigerator pickles (taqueria-style!)
  • Are you focusing too much on Snapchat and not enough on Pinterest? Set up some time next week to figure out how to get Pinterest into your weekly flow
  • Molly from Wild Olive created a super cute “imessage” design that you can print directly onto sticky notes! She even gives a quick tutorial to show you how to print those cuties
  • Looking to go climbing in Southern California? Alyx of Shoestring Adventures put together a great resource for you
  • Alex and I blew through the first season of Catastrophe on Amazon last week and I’m itching for more. It’s like a more relatable version of Knocked Up. And British. Maybe it’s Brit-ish because it’s an Amazon original so it’s not like it was on BBC first. We also watched the pilot for Sneaky Pete…remember Pheobe’s brother on Friends? This is essentially what he would be doing 15 years later…
  • Week in the Life™ is coming to a close, but if you’re interested in doing the project on your own (I heard a rumor that Ali will be doing the project again in the Spring!), Kristin has a great post showing how she set her album up for success
  • Feverishly refreshing the December Daily™ page on Ali Edwards’ website as she announces the designers behind the #decdaily kits this year. I already know I’ll be going broke (email me if you’re thinking we should split a kit!)
  • I’m finding myself listening to podcasts less often (let’s call it burnout) and binge-watching videos from Amy Tangerine, Kelly Purkey, and Dungeons & Dragons

P.S. Registration for 30 Days of Lists’ September 2015 edition is open! We are close to giving away a Filofax pack and I hope you decide to join in on the fun. The Listing doesn’t begin until September 1st, but we already have some additional giveaways running and the #30lists kit (including exclusive 30 Days of Lists stamp set!!!) is close to selling out.  Register here. 

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Week in the Life August 2015 with Kam of Campfire Chic

It’s the middle of Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life™ (WITL) project and I’m (finally!) keeping up with the documentation side of things.

Over the weekend I took a break from 30 Days of Lists and put together a small 4×4 album to use for my own WITL because I knew that if I didn’t set up the foundation pages and come up with a photo strategy before the week started, I’d be doomed from the start.

I’m not getting home early enough this week to get good photos, so the photo above is from Sunday. I’m keeping things simple by using a simple formula: Currently List, observation 4×4 pages, 4×4 transparency pages, stamps, and last year’s WITL kit from Ali Edwards. I will share my finished album here and give proper descriptions to each item at that time.

As for photos, I’m using my iPhone 6 for 100% of the photos. I’ll be printing them at home as 3×4 / 4×3 images and am aiming for 3 photos each day. Why so few? My workweek is pretty much the same throughout the week and I don’t need 5 photos of me sitting at my desk wearing some sort of combination of blouse + cardigan. I’m trying to capture different times of the day each day, but we’ll see how far I get before I start getting duplicates.

Why do WITL if I’m (not really) doing Project Life? That’s a good question. I didn’t finish my last few Project Life albums (I have a plan to get “caught up”) and I didn’t start my album for this year (yet) so I figured participating in WITL would get me out of a creative funk while also getting me prepared for 30 Days of Lists (which starts September 1st). I’m not much of a journaler, so I’ll be writing my daily “observations” in list form.

I plan on sharing my pages on Instagram, but it may be over on the @30daysoflists account so I don’t overwhelm my Campfire Chic account with too much scrapbooking (is there such a thing?!).


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5 Things I Love About 30 Days of Lists Creative Listing Challenge - Campfire Chic

Where would I be without a good list?

Not here, that’s for sure.

30 Days of Lists was the project I needed back in 2011. I joined “30 day” challenges that I either never finished because I just fell behind or I never finished because I didn’t feel like what I was creating was good enough (and therefore, I wasn’t good enough). So I got some friends together and we hosted the first 30 Days of Lists in March 2011.

30 Days of Lists is the project that is easy to finish because you’re “just making lists” and we never said that you have to list on 30 consecutive days. Sure, we’re releasing one list every day for 30 days, but we don’t expect you to keep up…in fact, we don’t even expect you to use the list prompt we suggest! This project is all about YOU and what you want to make. We celebrate small victories, setting aside time for yourself, and doing what you like.

While #30Lists is the creative journaling challenge for people (yes, people. We have at least one man participate each round!) who LOVE to make lists, I haven’t really listed why I LOVE 30 Days of Lists.

5 Things I Love About 30 Days of Lists

Grocery lists are just the beginning

I love that a writing a list can be more than writing a shopping list, a wish list, or even a to do list. With 30 Days of Lists, we remind Listers that making a list is a form of journaling that may be less stressful to some…like me! When I started scrapbooking, I found it difficult to journal on my layouts. Even just including the basics (who, what, when, where, why) seemed fake sounding and didn’t feel like it fit with the piece. Listing helped me get over my hesitation to journal on my layouts and I want others to feel that way, too.
We include some of the basic types of list prompts…lists describing yourself, listing what you did over the course of a week…but we also include some prompts that encourage Listers to get a little more creative…celebrity crushes, superpowers you wish you had, and your favorite fictional locations. Not all creative projects need to be cut and dry, sometimes a laugh is exactly what the doctor ordered!

It inspires the “I’m not crafty” types to step outside their comfort zones

“I’m not crafty, is this challenge for me?” is a common question we receive when folks find the challenge. The answer is YES. This challenge isn’t medium-specific. We have Listers who use the prompts as daily blog posts, some create images using apps to share their digital lists on Instagram, others create small notebooks to house their lists (with an embellishment or two!). In the past, Amy wrote her lists on her chalkboard wall and took a photo every day so she could get the photos printed out in book form. I made a book from some (heavily filtered, yikes!) Instagram photos, made a book, and wrote on each page with a magic marker.
It’s the non-crafty types who surprise us (and themselves!) as they use the free resources we provide and take the time each day to write out their lists. What if you wrote your lists in the notes section of your phone each day? That would be rad.

It challenges the “I was crafty before Pinterest” types to try new things

I’m one of these types and #30Lists challenges me to try new styles and formats each edition. While I may not be as crafty as the Lister who embroidered her lists (!!!), I do enjoy repurposing paper for mixed paper mini albums and making my own embellishments.
#30Lists is a great project to try out a new technique like calligraphy/hand lettering with watercolors because we give you a basic format, a loose deadline, and you know there’s a finish line! You could test out those new stamps you picked up, or use the photo editing app from your favorite bloggers.
If you blog about a specific type of craft/skill (say, quilting) you could use this opportunity to share other areas of your craftiness. Your followers may not know that you are prolific with copic markers and this gives you an opportunity to share your creations with them as a “one off” type of project.

All those unused supplies get used…real fast

My favorite way to do #30Lists? Make a mini album with the supplies I have on hand and make a mixed-paper mini. I use patterned paper from my stash, grab some chipboard covers that I’ve been hoarding, and hope I have a matching set of binder rings to bind everything together.

This year, I’ll be creating TWO books for my lists…I’ll be using the kit that Kristin put together for the challenge (found here) and a Midori traveler’s notebook. I like that both formats are physical albums for me, but the kit speaks to “classic Kam’s” mixed paper albums and the Midori is challenging me to use my supplies and stay within the lines (a totally arbitrary rule I gave myself).

There’s no wrong way to make a list

Drama with “this isn’t pretty enough” isn’t new to the crafty world. Maybe it’s a little more prevalent now that so many people are sharing their creations on Instagram and we’re bombarded with beautiful projects on Pinterest…but trust me when I say: “this isn’t good enough for us to share with our followers or to fawn over” has been around for a long time. This is totally selfish of me, but another reason why I wanted to create a challenge that celebrated finish the project over celebrating pretty/trendy styles was because my style isn’t trendy or pretty. I was tired of seeing the same styles celebrated and fawned over on challenge blogs so I decided that I wanted to do something else…that’s a big reason why I wanted to collaborate with others on 30 Days of Lists so many styles could be highlighted and explored. Amy and I have very different styles (except when it comes to December Daily, essentially, because we keep choosing the same album to use!) and we encourage our sponsors and ambassadors each challenge to share their lists with Listers by “hosting a daily list.

Now that we started the @30daysoflists Instagram account, you bet we’ll be sharing different styles…lists in different formats, lists from across the globe, lists that may inspire you to try a new style, and lists that make you think. There’s no wrong way to make a list, and we want to keep encouraging you to do your thing.

Registration is now open for the September 2015 edition of 30 Days of Lists.

If you’ve been thinking of trying out the “planner trend,” we have a few different (free) printables on the private blog that will get you started. We’re looking forward to sharing fantastic giveaways, fun tutorials, and the LISTS with you. The private blog is available and being updated regularly with “housekeeping” types of posts to help get Listers ready for September 1st. The private Facebook group is very active as Listers get to know one another, too! Here’s to another awesome edition.


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30 Days of Lists Creative Journaling List Challenge - Campfire Chic

September is right around the corner, which means it’s time to open up registration for the next edition of 30 Days of Lists!

This semi-annual(-ish we also run a December edition) project means so much to me and I love that so many Listers continue to participate time after time. I’ve met some of my best IRL/online friends through this challenge and knowing that I’ll finish 2-3 creative projects a year means a lot to me.

If you’re new to Campfire Chic, I co-host a creative journaling challenge called 30 Days of Lists…it’s exactly what it sounds like: you make 30 lists over the course of 30 days. We provide the daily list prompts, show you how we interpreted the prompt, encourage you to make your own list, and you share what you created with the community (if you choose, there is no requirement to do this).

30 Days of Lists Registration Now Open

We don’t focus on particular styles or glorify only the “pretty” lists…Our #1 (and kind only) rule is that there is no wrong way to make a list…and to not post spoilers.

We’ve been listing since March 2011 and we love how this community has grown and changed over time…we’ve watched our Listers go from creating elaborate scrapbooks to diving into the digital side of their creative lives, testing the waters with pocket scrapbooking, and we’re expecting to see more planners being used this time around! It’s so fascinating to see the trends change, to see which listers try something very different (I will never forget the Lister who embroidered many of her lists!), and to see how excited people get when they complete their challenge.

…it may only be a 10 minute chunk of your day, but documenting your life and who you are right now is so much more than a quick break between running the vacuum and answering emails.

30 Days of Lists Midori

If you’re interested in joining the September challenge, you can register here for only $10.

What does $10 get you?

  • Access to our private challenge site and Facebook group
  • All the list prompts! You can wait to see what they prompts are each day or you can download one of the printables we have available with the prompts pre-populated for you
  • Exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors and ambassadors
  • Even more giveaways! We’ll be announcing the different giveaways as the weeks go on, so you will have plenty of changes to win something
  • Downloads and printables out the wazoo! There are so many awesome freebies available for Listers this time that I can barely keep up!
  • Be a part of an active community of Listers who are quick to encourage you as you share your lists…the community bands together and supports one another when it’s needed the most

To find out more, visit the 30 Days of Lists website.

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ciclavia culver city to venice beach 2015 - campfire chic

I bought a bike two weeks ago. I wasn’t really planning on buying a bike, it was one of those purchases I kept putting off. But then it was 10:30pm and there was a coupon for 30% off bikes through the Cartwheel app..I knew it was now or never. I tried out the cute Instagram-friendly cruisers but ended up with a nice sturdy “comfort mountain bike” that is way more practical than the heavier bikes I was trying.

After a short ride with Alex along a bike path by our community, I knew I needed to build up some confidence (and endurance!) if I wanted to make it down to the beach and back before the end of summer. This is probably the second time I’ve ridden a bike since being an adult. Honestly. It just wasn’t something I needed or wanted to do in college, and with the speed limits on the streets near where I live averaging 45 – 50 miles per hour, I wasn’t interested in riding a bike until recently.

Alex and I originally planned on heading up to Mammoth for the weekend to do some climbing and to escape the heat, but  ended up canceling. We decided to attend CicLAvia, an event I kept hearing about at work.

What is CicLAvia?

It’s an awesome active transportation event that allows chickens like me to ride on the streets of Los Angeles without worrying (too much) about cars running me down.

From the website:

CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free street events. CicLAvia engages with people to positively transform our relationship with our communities and with each other.

Inspired by ciclovía, the weekly event in Bogotá, Colombia, established nearly 40 years ago, CicLAvia consists of the temporary opening of Los Angeles streets to all Angelenos. Free to the public, it interconnects diverse portions of the city, creating a web of temporary public space, free of car traffic.

Ciclavia Culver City Meets Venice Beach August 2015 - Campfire Chic

We parked a few blocks away from the beginning of the event to meet up with a friend and ride a bike path down to the start. It was scary and thrilling to get onto the street and queue up in front of cars that were just as anxious as us to get through the intersection…they were patient with the large group of cyclists, skateboarders, and roller skaters making our way across the street and through the barriers and onto car-free streets.

For this event, the streets were shut down from Culver City to Venice Beach. It was about 6 miles from the start to the finish, which made the length pretty perfect for my second ride on my bike!

Map of Ciclavia Culver City meets Venice - Campfire Chic

Image Source:

People were dressed up, there were crazy bikes, local derby skaters, and unicyclists enjoying the beautiful weather and awesome energy from the crowd. My friends and I didn’t stop too much, but we did notice that a few restaurants and shops had special offers and discounts for participants. Some neighbors living along the route were giving out water, selling lemonade, and some even invited riders to dance parties! Next time, we’re planning on bringing my small bluetooth speaker (Amazon affiliate link) along for the ride to listen to music along the route and maybe wear costumes (think: Mario Kart).

Santa Monica Pier on Ocean Avenue in Los Angeles - Campfire Chic

Santa Monica Ocean Park Pier in Southern California - Campfire Chic

Once we reached Venice, we knew we had a few hours before the roads would open back up again to cars, so we ride up to Santa Monica for lunch. We used the bike path along the beach and made good time up to the pier and the promenade area…I even rode with traffic through the streets! The area around the promenade can get a little crazy as the streets are tight and tempers flare easily as people try to hunt down parking. We ate at Burger Lounge (try the ginger beer) and rested for a bit before heading back to Venice and Culver City.

The ride back was quick but much more crowded than when we first rode down to the beach. There were thousands of people in attendance but only felt crazy crowded when you were stopped at car crossings and in stop zones where there were information, first aid, and bike repair stations. It was very crowded toward the end of the route, but it was okay because everybody wanted to take photos of the Venice sign with the crowd. It was also a good time to start making plans for lunch and grabbing the freebies from brand ambassadors camping out in the area (yay, free yogurt!).

One of my favorite parts was going under the I-405 overpass (near Tito’s Tacos) and everybody was howling/whooping/hollering (you can see a video here). You could hear the cheers from blocks away and as you rode into the shade of the overpass, it was easy to join in on the fun…how many times will we be able to ride freely in the streets like this again?

Answer: October 18, 2015. CicLAvia will be in the Heart of LA for the next event and I hope to see you there.

Wearing: Fabletics Forward Tees and Moro Short. Reebok pump Zseries shoes c/o Sport Chalet, and my new haircut.



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Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net


Currently: Hunkering down and preparing for 30 Days of Lists. We’re opening registration next week and I’m super pumped to get started.

This week’s Essential Reading:

Have a fantastic weekend!


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