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  • It’s hard to be an adult sometimes, but after reading Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup, I am better able to take charge of my financial situation and plan for the future. I know where my retirement accounts are, I am more familiar with my student loans, and I’m able to face my business finances with gratitude rather than resentment (I mean, who goes into quarterly taxes thinking, “Yay!!!!!”?). It’s not like other boring personal finance books, Kate does a great job of letting the reader know that she hasn’t always been perfect, how her emotions were a big part of her relationship with her finances, and she gets the reader involved through a quiz and some journaling.
  • How to repurpose your old content 
  • I’m hoping to meet up with Josh to expand on his list of the best donuts in Southern California because gourmet donuts are a big deal right now.
  • I think it’s about the right time to be heading out to the parks in Utah. I didn’t get to spend enough time in Bryce Canyon and it is on my mind a lot right now.
  • Ready for a mega-eye-roll? We have a “coffee cart” in our apartment. I know, it sounds totally dumb and boarderline douche-y, but, we have zero counter space (I have to stow the dish drying rack when we aren’t using it) and we needed room for our grinder, Chemex, beans, filters, and…the Vitamix. To make matters worse, I keep losing the bottle opener and figure one of those novelty bottle openers that you mount to a wall (in this case, the coffee cart) would be a good choice. Now, I have to ask you, would a bear bottle opener be a little bit too much? What about this tea infuser? Too much?
  • Elise knows these small business things to be true.
  • Somebody emailed me to ask what affiliate network I use (not for Campfire Chic, but to be an affiliate for others) and my main network is through Share a Sale. It’s pretty easy to use, many of the brands you’re currently linking to are on there, and it’s nice to have everything organized and in one spot. If you’re thinking of expanding your income streams to include affiliate sales, this is a good option.
  • Track your progress with a “done” list rather than a to-get-done list.
  • Once upon a time, I considered dropping some big $$$ to attend this social media conference…but if this is what happens at them, I’ll pass.
  • I refuse to drive to Las Vegas…it’s a popular “quick weekend” escape for Southern Californians since it’s only about 4 or 5 hours away…it’s probably the worst drive of my life and it’s never fun getting stuck in Vegas traffic on Sunday afternoon. I’d much rather fly…it’s so much faster! BUT, Josh wrote this great post of cool things to see/do on the drive to/from Las Vegas that may make the drive tolerable…
  • In Orange County this summer? Here are 17 interpretive centers to share with your kids.


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Currently List for April 14 2014 - Campfire Chic

Kam of Campfire Chic

Soup Date - Campfire Chic

Dessert in San Diego - Campfire Chic

LAX Hallway - Campfire Chic

This week’s Currently List is the blue card from the Currently List Starter Pack. The book I’m reading is here.

Kristin took the photo of me while we enjoyed the weather and lounged on the grass in Brooklyn between bouts of eating fantastic food at Smorgasburg. Check out Kristin’s mini-album focused on an accidental trip to the Met.

I’m trying to branch out meal-wise — I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately when it comes to my meals and I’m happy that we were forced to shake things up when we were in New York. Even if shaking things up was a simple veggie soup. Oh and I need to slow down on the brownies.

I love this hallway in LAX. The tile is gorgeous, and it is one of those very strong visual reminders that I’m either coming or going from a great trip.

I’m working on the final touches of an upcoming email-based ecourse — Spark –…it’s turning out to be way more personal than I thought and I think it shows in the content and delivery. Subscribe to the Campfire Chic mailing list to be the first to hear about it.

While many people are going through another very popular “school”, I’m focusing about 2 hours a week on the BUILD ecourse…what I like is that it’s totally self-paced, I can jump around from topic to topic, and head over to the private Facebook Group to bounce ideas off of the other folks in the course. This week, I’m reviewing the content about including videos as a part of my normal content and the section about auto-responders (it’ll help with the Spark ecourse). If you’re interested in learning more and/or getting FREE weekly blogging tips straight to your inbox, click here.

I’m can officially announce that I’m an Ambassador for Flow397 – a socially responsible “for-profit” business with philanthropic origins. Flow397 is committed to donating $3.97 for each item sold to charities that support our National Parks. Expect to see me guest blogging on their site in the next few months!

I was asked about fun places to find Project Life cards by a reader (via email – feel free to contact me with questions, post ideas, or anything else) and wanted to let you know that I will be updating my Project Life Inspiration Pinterest board with some of the resources I found for her.

I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge at work — damn, peer pressure. I won’t talk about it much here, no worries, but if I try anything new in the next few months (my first check-in is in May and the final is in mid-July), I’ll be sharing more “Tips from a Beginner” posts, which is one of the biggest reason I joined.


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New York City with Kam of Campfire Chic


Alex and I spent a week in New York City earlier this month! We like to try and take a big trip each Spring and the original plan was to go to Tokyo…the plans changed and I was so excited to show Alex around NYC – it was his first trip and my third. It’s been a few years since I was last there, but thankfully we have friends and family in the area to show us around and bit and we use the Yelp! app whenever we needed to find a snack. It was a great tip with lots of walking (we did about 8 miles for the first day we were there!) and very little time to spend online — it was a great way to detox from all the time I spend on my computer, to be honest.

New York City with Kam of Campfire Chic


We went all over the place, with the highlights being The Strand bookstore, some comic book stores, Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, the Central Park Zoo, seeing Sleep No More with my cousin and her boyfriend, and all the eating we did! We stayed in Midtown for most of the trip and then spend two nights in New Jersey with Kristin and Jeff of rukristin papercrafts. I was so worried that Alex wouldn’t really like New York because it’s the total opposite of the mountains/desert trips we take and the pace is so much different than anywhere in Southern California — but he LOVED it. Maybe it was the fact that we were always able to find something to do, how we managed to have great food no matter where we went, or maybe it was just the fact that we were 3,000 miles away from our normal lives.

New York City with Campfire Chic

We celebrated Tabletop Day with Kristin and Jeff – they showed us how to play Pandemic, a cooperative game where we have to work together to save the world from deadly outbreaks. We got a little cocky the second time we played and ended up losing…I liked it so much I’m thinking of getting the iPad version of the game.

We’ve done a ton of traveling so far this year (San Francisco, Mammoth, Austin, San Diego, New York City) that I was thrilled to have a weekend at home last weekend. I plan on sharing some of our travel essentials in an upcoming post, but I can tell you right now that you need to pick up a Goal Zero Switch 8 as soon as possible — we had three backup battery chargers with us and the Switch 8 was my go-to for the entire week. I ordered a second one to take with us, but I accidentally sent it to my parents’ house. You don’t need to solar panels for this one, you can charge it via USB and you’re ready to roll. I got 2 – 3 charges for my iPhone 4S out of the Switch between full charges of the device. I didn’t try it on my iPad this time around, but I’ll be sure to report on that when I share all of our travel essentials.

I’m working on a NYC Travel album and will share more from our trip when I share those pages. I cannot wait to go back and have a feeling we’ll be heading back in the next year or so in order to get to the New York City Comic-Con!

Have you visited NYC? What are your must-see/do things?


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3 Tips for Working Remotely by Katie of The Morning Fresh via Campfire Chic

Have you ever thought of picking up your life and taking it on the road? Would you go and visit your family? Would you travel across the county? Would you go overseas?

Wherever you go, I’m thinking you may need some cash along the way — and in this day of age it’s easier to stay connected with your job while on the road, or you can find some freelance work! I think it would be great to spend a rainy day in a coffee shop working my butt off so I can spend the non-rainy days enjoying the fresh air and seeing the world.

Katie’s done that…a few times! She’s fresh from her yearlong road trip across the country and has taken several other road trips – several of them solo trips! She worked remotely while on her trips and has a few tips for those of us looking to take our work out of our cubicles and into the wild.

Katie of The Morning Fresh - Tips for Working Remotely - Campfire Chic

Katie, on your blog, The Morning Fresh, you share stories about your adventures in travel, climbing and living a life you love. What else should Campfire Chic readers know about you?

Well, you already hit the three most important nails on the head – all that’s missing is a mention of my blue heeler pup I adopted while on the road, Amble! I’m just an ambitious woman who discovered that writing and social media can be really powerful tools to inspire and empower others who want to get out and explore, but need a little encouragement. I’m no one extraordinary – I just want to do things, so I do them. What’s life if it’s not filled with adventure?

You very recently ended your yearlong road trip around the U.S. aptly named, Simply Adventure. You worked remotely the whole time, which is really impressive! What 3 tips would you share with people looking to work from the road?

  1. The most important thing I can offer for someone who wants to continue their career while traveling is this: Don’t serve yourself more than you can chew. I learned very quickly that staying cooped up in a van meeting deadlines while your companions are drinking whiskey around a campfire is not the key to happiness.
  2. I also found that dedicating one day a week to a coffee shop is a great way to balance work and play while traveling. Heading to a local coffee shop provides an excellent environment to escape from the hustle of traveling and hone in on catching up and preparing for the next week. I used my coffee shop days to write blog posts, schedule tweets, and edit photos. Bonus: It gave me an excuse to sample chai lattes from shops all over America.
  3. If you choose to work while traveling, make sure it’s something that you love to do – and when you feel burned out by it, don’t be afraid to take a break. When I spent a few weeks in Squamish, I knew I wasn’t going to have reliable connectivity, so I decided to put my deadlines and writing commitments on hold. I spent that time focused solely on climbing and exploring around camp. By the time I crossed the border back into the States, I was refreshed and ready to get back to business.

Any other advice you would like to share with readers who wish to work remotely? 

Getting a paycheck while you’re living out of a tent doesn’t mean you should start eating sushi every night (unfortunately). Even though I was making money on the road, I still kept a pretty strict budget – there are plenty of tricks for saving money on food and gas while traveling. It might be tempting to blow your income on indulgences when you’re living a simple life, but I’ve learned the hard way that you ought to save that cash for unexpected expenses like blown out tires or booking a hotel when you get food poisoning in the middle of no where.

What is the one piece of non-essential equipment/gear you never leave home without?

Shamelessly: my iPhone. I would probably have a mild anxiety attack if I ever accidentally left it at home. When the lines between work and play are as blurred as they are for me, having a handheld device that fits in your pocket and can instantly connect you to e-mails and social media even when you’re ankle-deep in mud is crucial. It acts as a camera, notepad, calendar, jukebox, and the ultimate tool to take my readers on every step of my adventures.

How can readers connect with you online?

The backbone of The Morning Fresh brand is my blog, which is getting a major content overhaul as I catch up with life and settle down in Colorado. You can also find me on TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Google+.

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Time to announce two giveaway winners!

I want to thank Big Picture Classes and rukristin papercrafts for allowing me to host these two great giveaways this month.

The Currently List Starter Pack is available for purchase here, if you’re interested. I love how thick the cardstock is so I know it won’t get too banged up if I slip a List into my bag while I’m out and about — you never know when you’ll be inspired to write your Currently List! Be sure to stay tuned to see the next exclusive colors that will be debuting…the newest color is Spartan Green, which I’m really digging as I finish up my first month of Project Life for this year.

And the winner is: Marcia R. Hall


The Project Life Lessons class starts next Thursday and I’m really excited to get going (I’m taking this class at the same time as the Details class from rukristin papercrafts and Megan – one of the teachers of the PLL class) because I found that sometimes I am not fully in love with my layouts and I need some sort of spark to get me going again*. This is the second time this class is being held and the three instructors are some of my favorite Creatives on the internet so I’m glad I am able to play along this time. If you’d like to find out more about the class and/or register, click here.

And the winner is: Erica of

Giveaway winners — Please email me to claim your prizes!

* The most recent spark of inspiration to get me to stay in love with Project Life is my Studio Calico monthly subscription (I’ll get some sort of points if you use that link to sign up). Can I say that the PL core kits just have TOO MUCH going on? I’m sending out Seafoam kit cards like it’s nobody’s business right now just to get a handle on my collection…getting a small set of cards and some embellishments each month is more my speed. The cards look like they belong to some of the core kits, which is pretty neat, and I can quickly go through each month’s kit and pull out the things I won’t use and set them aside for swaps or gifts. I might not keep it for longer than 6 months, but so far, I’m loving the experience. I didn’t realize how LARGE and involved the community is and I’m finding so many more people to follow, trying techniques I would normally be too nervous to test out, and making new friends. If you have questions about the kits and how they work, let me know, I’ll try to answer your questions.


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