August has been an awesome month.

…a month full of interesting tan lines, meeting internet friends, trying new things, spontaneous meetups with friends, lots of reading, plenty of chips and salsa…

…not enough Project Life (ordering photos is seriously the biggest hassle), a ton of TV watching, and maybe a few too many things in the “I guess it can wait until later” category.

I think what I liked most about this month is that it felt like it was a LONG month. With the end of the year looming, I can’t help but worry about the days going by too quickly and that feeling that October through December are going to fly by.

Let’s take it slow, September.

From photos from my side of the screen:

Teton Sports Hike in Utah AH Floating in Newport Back Bay AH BUILD ecourse virtual retreat AH Dungeons and Dragons Prep

This month was for Outdoor Retailer and meeting more of the Mountain Adventurers…I hope to spend more time with them as soon as possible. They’re such a cool bunch.

This month was for spending a ton of time on the water. Our friend Chelsea has a membership to a local aquatic center and we’ve been going with her on the weekends to hang out and kayak and stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Orange County can be pretty beautiful, especially as you’re floating through an ecological reserve full of interesting birds and watching sting rays cruise below your board.

The BUILD ecourse virtual retreat was this past weekend (all the Q&A videos were recorded and are available on the course site – learn more about the course here) and while I was without my folder with a chunk of the work I planned to tackle, I did get a few things off of my plate! I updated my About page, double-checked that I had a 404 page solution, backed up my site, built a landing page, wrote an email to my mailing list, and blogged for the week. I’m learning to roll with the punches a little easier.

The biggest thing this month has to be the release the of 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Alex and I paired up with some friends from my work to start a campaign…we’re totally new to D&D and I’m having the best time coming up with my character and developing her story. I won’t chat much about our RPG adventures here, but I may post some photos from game nights on Instagram.

Expert Spotlight_Kam Altar

August was also awesome because I am finally able to announce that I was invited to be a Sport Chalet Expert Ambassador. More specifically, I am a Sport Chalet Expert Ambassador for the brand’s Outdoors community! It’s pretty neat, but I do have to admit that when I was first invited to be a part of the program, I emailed the coordinator that, “I’m not expert…except when it comes to trying new things.” There are some familiar faces in the Sport Chalet Expert Ambassador group, which is great to see, and many more folks that I started following — I can’t help following people who inspire me to get outdoors and try new things.

What does this mean? I’ll be hosting a pretty rad giveaway in a few weeks, so be sure to subscribe and follow me on Twitter so you’ll know when the giveaway goes live. This also means you may see me using the #WildernessWanderer hashtag on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook — If you post photos (including #selfies!) of your outdoor adventures, Sport Chalet may feature your photo on their Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I’ll be connected to more outdoors folks, so if there are some activities you’d like me to research (or try first hand so I can give a heads up about what beginners should know before starting) something or just want to find more outdoorsy bloggers/social media people, let me know!


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30 Days of Lists Blog Hop - September 2014 on Campfire Chic


Today is the 30 Days of Lists blog hop! It’s our opportunity to get our Listing-juices flowing before the start of the next edition of #30Lists and a good opportunity to discover some truly creative folks who love to make lists.

While September’s challenge does not start until next week, Amy and I invited our entire #30Lists mailing list to join us in today’s Blog Hop! You’re welcome to play along, if you would like…simply visit the March 2011 30 Days of Lists challenge (it’s FREE) and select a list from this post…make your list and post it online! Use #30Lists on Twitter and Instagram so we can see them, and check back later today for a link to where you can link up with others (I’m at work so I can’t edit this post to include the link, sorry)

I selected: Today’s To Do List

M11 List 30

That’s my originally list from 3 years ago…I love the photo because it shows the different colors and layers in that original album. I love that album.

Reading the list…well…it’s a little too twee for me right now, but it shows how I was really influenced by the blogs I was reading at the time…I was also only working part time and fed up with joining creative challenges and either getting behind in the prompts or feeling really left out because only the “pretty” creations were being featured. It’s the time that I realized that others felt the same way and something had to be done (cue #30Lists).

Today’s list would read:

  • Hit 10,000 steps with my Fitbit
  • Drink 2L of water
  • Finish Weekly Report (for my freelance stuff)
  • Order those damn photos for Project Life
  • Consider vacuuming
  • Water plants
  • Sleep in car at lunch
  • Avoid Netflix/Amazon Prime
  • Empty dishwasher

Yep, that’s more like 2014 Kam: Boring and practical…but properly hydrated!

Do you love to make lists? Find out more about the 30 Days of Lists challenge & register here.

If you are visiting Campfire Chic for the first time, you may be interested in other creative posts like how to make your own day book,  a DIY Smashbook, and my 30 Days of Lists archives. In addition to email and RSS, you can subscribe to this site via Bloglovin’.


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The September edition of 30 Days of Lists starts next week and I’m glad to get started.

I normally challenge myself to shop my stash and like to get a little creative with my lists, but this year I decided to pick up a 6×6 paper pad from American Crafts (found at Target, I can’t find the paper pad online) to keep things looking cohesive and to step out of my comfort zone a bit.

What’s more out of my comfort zone than something extra girly — pinks, flowers, gold…it’s not something I world normally reach for when at the scrapbook store, but this one spoke to me for some reason!

30 Days of Lists - Album Supplies by @CampfireChic


This time around, I created a mini-kit for myself of some washi tape, stamps, embellishments, my trusty Sharpie, paper labels, and some wood veneer.

The #30Lists stamp and flair are from the rukristin papercrafts shop (which is due to reopen in September).

Basic Grey Handbook - 30 Days of Lists


I’m using the same binder as I did for the March 2014 challenge — this time with 3×3 square inserts for my lists.

I trimmed the patterned paper and slipped them into the different page protectors to see how the papers would look side-by-side.

Because there are more pockets than days in the challenge, I left several of the pockets empty so I could try my hand at a few different techniques. I’m thinking a confetti pocket would be pretty fitting for these fairly-feminine layouts

30 Days of Lists Album Inspiration


I’m thinking I bit off more than I can chew with the size of the squares…I obviously can’t fit much onto each square list-wise and some of the designs are pretty busy so I’m not sure how to best get my lists to stand out…any advice is welcome.

If you are interested in joining the 30 Days of Lists challenge, register here.

If you register before September 1, 2014, there is an exclusive digital scrapbooking kit included in the price of the class — it is full to the brim with awesomeness.

Links to Amazon found in this post are affiliate links. I get a small compensation for the sales made through these links, please consider supporting Campfire Chic the next time you shop through


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BUILD ecourse from Amy of Lemon and Raspberry Virtual Retreat - Campfire Chic

Just a quick note today — I am up to my eyeballs in sticky note reminders and dirty dishes and I am focused on getting prepared for the BUILD virtual retreat this weekend…because I don’t want to be vacuuming while I could be listening in on a Q&A with Amy.

What is the BUILD virtual retreat?

So the BUILD ecourse is a self-paced mega-ecourse from Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. You pay once and get full access to the videos, private mastermind group, ecourse materials, and this virtual retreat.

Only registered BUILDers are able to attend the virtual retreat, so if you could use a kick in the butt, I highly suggest joining now! It’s the best time to jump in – the price of BUILD will be raising on September 1 to reflect all the extra content that has been added in over the last year since it was originally launched.

The BUILD virtual retreat is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time to get some crap off of your to do list.

The retreat will be structured as a series of themed Q&A live events, so if you are working on building your email list you can pick Amy’s brain during the marketing session, or if you are working on your editorial calendar, dive into the content section. This format allows Amy to exactly personalize the weekend experience for the BUILDers who attend.

There is a private Facebook event where links and discussion can be posted. Plus each Q&A will be recorded and live in the BUILD ecourse content, so you can come back and listen as many times as you like.

Be sure you REGISTER soon!

What I hope to finish during the virtual retreat:

  • Set up my 404 page — after the site migration from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress, I think there are still a handful of broken links that need to be addressed…the best bandage until I can find all the links? A custom 404 page that encourages readers to DO something other than leaving the site when something cannot be found. I’m hoping this won’t take more than an hour or two to put together.
  • Finally finish my Media Kit — seriously, what’s taking me so long? I’ll finish this damn thing and start using it to better serve Campfire Chic readers.
  • Update the Spark Ecourse — I have a TON of handwritten notes on things I want to update in the course to continue serving all of the folks going through the emails and this is the perfect weekend for me to sit down and focus on adding in a few resources and updating some formatting!
  • Draft a new offer for my mailing list — While the SEO tips are super popular, I have a better “on brand” idea that can be drafted in an hour or two and I think will be a nice change of pace!
  • File — While I’m listening to the Q&A sessions I can do a TON of filing that I’m just going to continue putting off otherwise.


Will I see you at the BUILD virtual retreat?

 I am a BUILD ecourse contributor and affiliate. If you make a purchase from the links included in this post, I will receive compensation.  The opinions expressed about the BUILD ecourse on this site and any Campfire Chic -related accounts are my own. 



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Visit Salt Lake City - Campfire Chic

Earlier this month, I attending (my first) Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was traveling alone, wasn’t sure about my exact role while at the show, and didn’t really know what to expect because the Twitter and Instagram feed from last year felt like not many attendees had the time/energy to update often (except Jam Media Collective, they do an awesome job covering the show, in my opinion).

Now I know why.

Outdoor Retailer (#ORShow) is just as exhausting as San Diego Comic-Con…and maybe even more because I was working in a booth, walked a ton (one day I did 16 miles!), and because it’s so new and different. Also, not all brands are thrilled with having photos taken of their products and because I didn’t have a media badge, I was out of luck getting any sort of special privileges.

What was my favorite part of the show? Meeting more of my internet friends! 

I was able to finally put voices to the friends I’ve made through blogging, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s so interesting being surrounded by people who are not only thrilled about being outdoors, but enjoy talking about ethically-sourced down, the nuances of posting to Instagram, and don’t ask questions when you grab a Snickers bar before a long hike. Seriously, these are my people.

Blogger Cliche Photo - Campfire Chic

Keen Footwear UNEEK Shoe - Campfire Chic

Teton Sports Showroom in Utah - Campfire Chic

Other highlights of the show:

  • Working the KEEN sandal sale — KEEN was selling their CNX sandals for $30 (such a steal!) and I had the opportunity to learn how to use Square on an iPad. It may sound silly, but I’ve been wanting to see how the system works and I love how easy it was to use!
  • Going to the Teton Sports showroom for #HikerChat on Friday morning — I love the #HikerChat Twitter chat and it was interesting to be sitting in an office with 3 other people during the chat. We didn’t talk too much since we were feverishly typing and trying to keep up with the notoriously fact-paced chat…I ended up sprawling across the floor as I tried to catch up on questions and cool off after an extra-warm walk from the convention center with Adam (@ThatOutdoorGuy).
  • KEENfest! – I knew it would be awesome, but being inside the tent and seeing all the awesome things going on and meeting people (over free food) was fantastic. This is where I first ran into Jeff and Joan (@TheSocalHiker and @JoanEHester) and Katie and Laurie (@katieboue/@themorningfresh and @laurietewksbury)! I scored an awesome sling made out of a parasail, dove into the photobooth with some new friends, reconnected with some of the folks from the Bridge to Nowhere hike from last year.
  • Fangirling over my favorite brands… — Now, this probably sounds super silly, but seeing some of my favorite brands “in real life” was super thrilling for me! And knowing that there were real-live people standing in those booths who probably shared the same level of love for that brand was just too much for my little gear-loving heart. A friend and I hunted down the TICLA booth (and I just about died when the founder said, “Campfire Chic? I know exactly who you are”), I tried to keep a straight face (instead of sporting heart-eyes) as I traipsed past the Arc’teryx booth, gawked at the upcoming line of beautiful SUUNTO watches…you know, totally normal reactions.
  • …and discovering new-to-me-brands — My Miir water bottle and Vim&Vigr compression socks are two of my favorite things I picked up at the show (and I picked up a TON of stuff). There are so many cool products and cool people at the show that it’s hard to remember everything, but trust me…there are some cool things that will be popping up here soon enough and I’ll give you the low-down at that time.

The highlight that almost killed me? 

A super-secret hike with fellow members of the Mountain Adventurers team! It was super-secret in the sense that I received an email that pretty much said, “you’re going on this strenuous 6-mile hike. Bring a headlamp and 3 liters of water.” Hiking with strangers at an unknown location and I can’t bring a friend? Okay, I guess that’s cool. 

Lake Blanche Trailhead - Campfire Chic

Teton Sports Trailrunner Hydration Pack - Campfire Chic

My sea-level lungs got the best me of as we made our way up to Lake Blanche (trail information here) but I made it (thanks to Jordan, Kristie, Adam and the others for sticking with me!) and after a few photos we used our headlamps to race back down to the trailhead. While I would’ve skipped the hike if I had the opportunity to look up the details (2,500 feet elevation gain!), I’m glad Teton Sports kept me in the dark and I tagged along.

I’m really thankful I was able to finally attend #ORShow and see what actually happens at the show. I hope to have the opportunity to attend the winter show even though snow is pretty much my Kryptonite (I hate being cold and wet…which is snow, right?).



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