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Fabletics Guest Blog Posts


I’ve been a Fabletics Master (their version of Ambassadors) for over a year now and today I want to share two of the blog posts I shared on the Fabletics Blog “Set the Tone”.



I wear of ton of Fabletics clothes and my two favorite items (that seem to be made each month, yay!) are the Salar Legging and the Forward Tee. I love that the legging is super soft and allows me a ton of movement while I’m rock climbing or doing some yoga at home…I’ll even wear them out of the house sometimes. The Forward Tee keeps me cool but covered while working out. I wore my Forward Tee while traveling last month and it was really nice to have a comfortable shirt I knew would look good with jeans despite being technically a workout shirt.

If you’re looking to spice up your activewear for the new year? Check out Fabletics (using my handy dandy link so I can get credit for more outfits!) to find affordable, comfortable, and stylish tops, bottoms, sports bras, and accessories.


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What do you do when your task list explodes


I have to admit…my task list has fallen apart. It started out strong in October as I started to write out my “shit to do before the end of the year” list and by early November it exploded.

Between opening registration for 30 Days of Lists, making sure I didn’t have any pending items on my desk at work before heading out to Joshua Tree and Vancouver, moving, and taking on an additional freelance client, my well-intentioned task list and accompanying timeline have fallen to bits.

But you know what?

I have three things that help me get enough things done.

Kristin’s “what can I finish in 2 minutes?” advice

I remember skimming through Kristin’s post and seeing, “Whether you’re replying to an email or trying to cross off a chore, if it can be done in two minutes, do it. Don’t put it off. ” and knowing that I needed to add that to my toolbox. Usually, I go by Ali Edwards’ thought of, “What’s due next?” but when it comes to those shorts gaps in schedule (waiting to get picked up by a friend, letting my frozen pizza cool down a bit before diving in…) the 2 minute rule is a great way to keep me from focusing too much on larger projects that will take a long time to finish.

My favorite task app: Clear

While Trello is a super helpful app that I use fairly often, when I need a super bare-bones app to help me stay on track I go straight to Clear. The gradient coloring helps me visually see the most important tasks for me to tackle and it is easy for me to rearrange the tasks, as needed. After I make my lists, I am able to remove some items that can wait until after I get my ducks in a row and can focus on less important things (like ordering photos for Project Life. Honestly, that can wait)…Find an app or system (like a simple list on your fridge) works for you and tweak as you go.

A playlist to keep things moving

One of the days for the Spark ecourse is partially dedicated to creating a playlist to have on in the background while you work…I encourage the Spark participants to make sure the playlist they are creating is about an hour long and full of music that will keep them moving. I’ve been using Songza, which gives me access to a ton of “curated playlists” that fit different moods and activities. I am most fond of this one for late night computer work and this one for cleaning and packing. Find what works for you.

What do you do when life happens and your task list gets out of control?

Originally shared via email: August 7, 2014 // Updated for blog: December 15, 2014. Photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo. Lazy Sunday Pack. 


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Essential Reading Posts from Campfire Chic - Articles, Blog Posts, and Videos from Around the Web

I need your help: I was invited to a cookie exchange and I’m not sure what kind of cookies to make! If you have a go-to recipe for your favorite kind of cookie, I would really appreciate it. I’m thinking of going with peanut butter cookies with m&ms, but that seems extra plain.


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Kam goes to Vancouver - Campfire Chic

My first international trip was when I was in the 3rd grade and my grandparents took me to England and Paris for two weeks to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin while they were living overseas. It’s one of those trips I remember but of course didn’t really understand when I was there. Time passed and my passport expired without me even noticing.

 Alex and I decided that Canada would be a good introductory international trip for the two of us and with the extra time off over Thanksgiving looking like an excellent time to head North, we booked our trip! No, we don’t have family there. Yes, I’m sure our families were a little put out that we sprung the news on them without clearing it first. Yes, we flew out two days after coming home from our camping trip with Amy and Andrew. Yes, we could’ve used that time to pack our apartment. No, I don’t regret going.

Vancouver China Town Reflection - Campfire Chic

We spent Tuesday through Friday exploring Downtown Vancouver including Stanley Park, Chinatown, Granville Island Market, and the Capilano Bridge Park. We flew into Vancouver mid-morning and took the Sky Train into a rainy and very busy Downtown. Our hotel (St. Regis, we highly recommend staying here. The staff was very friendly and didn’t hesitate to help us with our questions about everything from tipping to finding a microbrewery. The breakfast in the morning is served downstairs and it is not a continental breakfast with a sad toaster…We had eggs, omelets, seasonal fruit salad…you get the point. The hotel is conscious of their environmental impact and encourages guests to participate through water and power conservation.)

 Downtown Vancouver - Campfire ChicCanada Place Vancouver Convention Center - Campfire Chic

Downtown Vancouver is like a mix of Seattle and New York City. There’s a lot of energy and a lot of people on the move. Everybody is dressed nicely (very different than the very business-casual attire we see in Southern California) and bicyclists rule the roads. You can forget that you’re surrounded by water when you’re in the middle of the city, which was one of the reasons it reminded us of NYC.

Stanley Park was our big destination. We walked from our hotel along the Seawall into the park to see the totem poles, art pieces, and the aquarium. I have more photos that I plan to share soon (maybe in an album?).

We spent the better part of a morning at the Capilano Bridge Park. There is a free shuttle service from various locations Downtown and we opted to get on the bus outside of the convention center. We bought our tickets at the Vancouver Welcome Center for a little discount. The weather was fairly clear which was nice. Again, a TON of photos and stories I want to share about this place. I’ll say this much: Add it to your list of places to visit when you go to Vancouver next.

Bestie Fine Wurst in Vancouver - Campfire Chic

You are here in Vancouver - Canada Vancouver Skyline - Campfire Chic

Tips for your trip to Vancouver:

  • Fritz has vegetarian poutine, if you’re not into beef gravy. It’s not vegan, as the cheese curds are still included, but if you’re pro-cheese, get a small classic and enjoy the hot goodness of this Canadian favorite
  • If you’re not going to get a SIM card for your phone, there are plenty of Starbucks locations throughout the city with free wifi so you can pop into a store and check your maps/email as you wander around
  • Get gelato and then hit the restroom that’s two doors away at Giovane Cafe and Wine Bar. Seriously, you’ll thank me
  • If you’re there to party, buy alcohol at Duty Free before you leave the airport. It’ll be cheaper. Also, if offered, you should try a shot of Maple flavored Crown Royal while you’re in town. It was described to us as a shot of regular Crown and then promptly chomping into a stack of pancakes
  • It’s a washroom, not a restroom
  • Walk around as much as you can! The city is beautiful and there’s a lot to explore


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Joshua Tree National Park Campout with Amy and Kam - Campfire Chic

Amy & Kam go to Joshua Tree National Park

Last summer (August 2013), Amy and her husband Andrew joined Alex and I for a weekend camping trip in Yosemite National Park. We had a great time hanging out in our semi-secluded camping spot and tackling the 4-mile trail from Glacier Point to the Valley Floor.

This year, we headed to Joshua Tree National Park for a quick weekend getaway. We were a little short on time (only one night instead of two nights and JTree is much closer than Yosemite) but we knew we wanted to go somewhere.

Alex and I arrived at the campground (Indian Cove, our favorite!) earlier than Team Schubert so we practiced placing nuts/stoppers in the rock formations around our campsite. Alex and I took a top rope anchors class in Joshua Tree last year and haven’t made the time to actually climb outdoors at all to practice what we learned. We need some friends who climb outdoors who are willing to take us and show us…well, show us the ropes!

We talked about work, recapped 2014, and chatted a bit about 30 Days of Lists and our projected ideas for 2015 for Campfire Chic and Lemon and Raspberry. We drove a few miles out of the park to have dinner at Crossroads Cafe. It’s where Alex and I normally have dinner when we’re in Joshua Tree because there are a bunch of vegetarian options available and the mac and cheese is pretty darn good. We spent the rest of the night hanging out around the campfire enjoying adult beverages (yes, from our Stanley mugs and flask) before retiring to the camper.

The next morning, we woke up to the very bright desert sun and we made a few quick veggie tacos (thank you, Mountain House, for starting our morning with a warm bite to eat! The fire roasted vegetables were fantastic) before scrambling up and down the rock formations some more and packing up our campsite. Before going our separate ways, we stopped at Natural Sisters Cafe (which is across the street from Crossroads Cafe) for juice, coffee, and some snacks for the road.

It was a quick trip (we spent less than 24 hours together) but I think we all needed a change of scenery. Alex and I like spending time with Amy and Andrew, especially with how passionate Andrew gets about music! We learn a lot from him…like how tapes (yes, tapes) are a big deal in many circles and how we live near a famous-within-tape-aficionado-circles shop. Amy takes a ton of photos and is extra appreciative when I remember to snap photos of the two of them. It’s nice that we hang out so infrequently but are able to make easy conversation. If only we had more time together.

Where do you go when you need a weekend escape?

P.S. We didn’t stay in tents this time! We borrowed a camper van from JUCY rentals. You can read about the camper van and see some photos here.

P.P.S. Another thank you to Mountain House for sending the fire roasted vegetables to fuel our adventures. We are big fans of the brand (see: backpacking comforts) and I appreciate that they sent the packet for possible review. Opinions about the food are my own, of course.

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