11 Camping Essentials by Lily of Starring Life

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Hi everyone. I’m Lily and am honoured to guest post for Campfire Chic. My post is about things you need to prepare/bring along to camp. The list is simple but they are also easily missed. I hope you guys will find this list helpful in some way. :)

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Rubbish/Laundry bags
Get big extra large ones because when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you need somewhere to dump your trash and laundries. Bring more than just a couple. You’ll never know how fast you’ll use them up!

Get as much batteries as you could possibly think of. Get different kinds that suits your needs. It’s important to have these because without electricity, your hope depends on batteries.

First Aid kit
It’s almost impossible to come home without a scratch or bruises on your skin when you are set for adventure. Accidents happen all the time and you don’t want them to be the reason that’s holding you back from being able to go trekking. Be sure to include necessary medicines as well.

Sunscreen & lip balm
Never go camping without sunscreen with you because half of your time is spent outdoors under the sun. Chapped lips can be uncomfortable so you might want to consider carrying a tube of lip balm to moisturise your lips.

You need some sort of way to light a fire don’t you? Unless of course if you prefer to use the old fashion way…

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A good book
Or probably two. Depends on how fast you read and how easily bored you get! It’s great to pass out time when you can’t sleep at night or you’re going fishing and waiting for the fish to pull the bait.

Fishing rod
How can I miss this part after popping out the fishing idea? If you’re new to fishing, then this will be your next big thing to try. If you’re already a pro at it, then you’ll absolutely enjoy it. It’s great to have fresh healthy fish to swallow on for lunch.

Pocket knife
They are extremely handy to have around and you’ll certainly be using it a lot for all sorts of occasions.

Cans of food
Even though you’re out in the wilderness and food is already surrounding you, you can’t guarantee you’ll definitely be able to eat them. Therefore bring tons and tons of can food if you’re unsure! Just don’t forget the can opener, there will be a problem otherwise. ;)

Umbrella + Raincoat
This sounds silly but trust me, it’s not. The weather is going to be unpredictable but that doesn’t mean your adventurous days should end there. Personally, I really don’t like getting wet unintentionally so it’s good to be prepared. :)

Now this probably already comes along in the package with your tent or camping set but I’ll just say it again: you can get lost. You’ll never know what direction you might end up in, so keep a compass and it will always guide you to the right way.


I’m Lily from greeny New Zealand and I heart photography, coffee, lip gloss, nature, Gilmore Girls, blogging and any form of writing. I also believe that reading can change lives. I like making crafts out of nowhere, painting and even sewing. One day I’m going to run my own shop and sell those neat things I enjoyed making. Travelling has been one of my long time dream and learning about historical places is even more awesome. I hope to see every part of the world one day. (:
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Camping Guest Post

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  • Sonya April 15, 2011, 2:03 am

    We forgot the can opener once … just once, though. And we did manage to improvise either with Dan’s pocket knife or hatchet (I think that’s the only thing it’s been used for, other than the occasional hatchet throwing contest, which I never do and don’t recommend).

  • Melanie Reller April 15, 2011, 3:07 am

    Regarding the compass. For me it’s not “you CAN get lost” it’s “you WILL get lost!”

  • Rachell Taylor April 15, 2011, 5:57 am

    Great list. I needed one too. We’re going camping this summer quite a bit, and we’re newbies.


  • allison April 15, 2011, 8:24 am

    Awesome list! I especially like the book advice. My bf and I often end up looking at each other too much or drinking too much. A book is a perfect, and healthy, way to pass the time.


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