Hiking Hidden Canyon – Zion National Park

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I think my favorite thing about our Zion National Park visit was exploring Hidden Canyon. I saw a ‘preview’ for it while in the visitor center. A large video screen showed lush ferns, an amazing freestanding arch, and the promise of adventure. Adventure? Give it here!

While we didn’t take many photos while inside the canyon, I do have a few photos along the way. It is a fantastic hike and for those who make it to the top, I suggest taking a moment to enjoy the views and take a breather. If you are daring (and able) I also suggest taking a peek inside the canyon. You won’t need a permit to go past the entrance, but do keep in mind that your safety is your responsibility.

2.2 miles round trip to the end of the maintained trail/canyon entrance
It is about half a mile from the canyon entrance to the arch within the canyon

Give yourself a few hours to take care of this hike.

I need to say: Do not go past the canyon entrance if you are not comfortable with scrambling (climbing rocks, skirting pools of water, walking alone fallen logs, etc.). To be done in proper shoes, watch children, and do not overestimate what you are capable of doing.

Using the chain bolted into the wall and a single pole to help keep balance.

Uneven concrete for a good long while. This is the part of the trail where I had to ask myself why I liked hiking…yes, it is early on to be asking that, but it’s such a crappy walk that I couldn’t help it. There are very sharp drop offs and at certain points there are chains bolted into the rock for you to use as a makeshift handrail…yes, chains. Can be sandy at some parts. Inside the canyon is sandy, lots of obstacles to overcome, and slippery when wet.

Weeping Rock below us

The trailhead is to the left of the Weeping Rock trailhead. Take the shuttle to the ‘Weeping Rock’ stop and cross to the trailheads. There is a vault toilet in the parking lot and none along the trail. This is the same trailhead as Observation Point and East Rim trails.

Inside the canyon

Honestly, going to the canyon entrance, it was a bit worrisome, but after coming out of the canyon it was cake! There were some alarming areas inside the canyon where this person-mcnugget had to be creative about getting around/over/through obstacles. I honestly wish I brought my climbing shoes, because some of the areas are a little…intense? Don’t get me wrong, it felt totally amazing to overcome the obstacles and Boyfriend and I are great partners when it comes to this type of adventure. Coming down the cliff, I barely used the chains (probably dumb) because I felt like such a badass, haha.

Have you done Hidden Canyon?
Were you able to get outside this weekend?
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Adventure Hiking National Park

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