Hiking Weeping Rock – Zion National Park

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Maybe ‘hike‘ isn’t right word for this walk. 
But I don’t think ‘nature walk‘ is quite right, either.

Here’s how it is: This 0.5 mile round trip steep walk is worth the moment you question the actual distance to the end of the…paved path.

I’ll start by saying that Zion, like Bryce Canyon, can be easily enjoyed by those who are 1) less than adventurous, 2) less than in shape, 3) less than fully mobile. There is a lovely (free) shuttle that will take you from iconic spot to iconic spot where a paved, wheelchair-friendly path with lead you to a lovely destination. Granted, you won’t be doing Angel’s Landing in your espadrilles, what I’m saying is you will be able to do Weeping Rock in them.

Shuttle Stop: Weeping Rock. This is also the stop for Inspiration Point, Hidden Canyon, and East Rim. These are not to be done in your espadrilles.

Distance: 0.5 miles (0.8 km)

Time: The rangers will tell you it takes an hour. This may be because you are stuck behind a large group of people huffing and puffing to the top, because you went back to the parking lot for a quick potty break, or maybe because you spend an extended period of time at the actual Weeping Rock. Who knows. Give yourself at least 20 minutes for this one.

What to Expect: It really is steep. We did this hike after doing Hidden Canyon and I had one of those, “I’m pretty sure the brochure should have steep in italics or something…” moments. Lots of people slowly making their way the quarter of a mile to the end of the path. Informational signs that will give you fantastic excuse to take a breather.

Payoff: Well, this…

Weeping Rock
Zion National Park
Weeping Rock at Zion National Park

Why the rock is named Weeping Rock: The snowmelt on top of the canyon is absorbed into the soft, porous rocks at the top of the canyon. By the time the water gets to this section, the rock is too dense for the water to continue flowing so pressure builds and and boom…you have water pouring out of a rock. A waterfall, if you will.

Overall, this is a neat little jaunt and I suggest you put a star next to Weeping Rock when you are planning your day in Zion National Park.

Do you like hiking/walking to water features? 
Have you gone to Weeping Rock?
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