Kam goes to: Bryce Canyon National Park

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Campfire Chic Bryce Canyon National Park

My boyfriend and I spent four days in Utah this past weekend. Why? To knock out two more national parks for our goal to visit each U.S. National Park.
First stop on the trip was Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce is known for these crazy rock formations known as hoodoos, natural amphitheaters, a giant arch, and because it is just so beautiful.
We drove the 8+ hours to the park without a camping reservation and after seeing the temperature read 29*F during the warmest part of the afternoon, decided to check into a local motel. While we like to think we are hardcore, we were not prepared for super low temperatures. 
To get to the park, we drove through beautiful Dixie National Forest. It was like driving through Christmas/Narnia. The trees were perfectly dusted with snow, the road was relatively empty, and the sky was just so beautiful. It really was perfection for these two Southern Californians.  We also drove through an area called Red Rock Canyon that had Thunder Mountain…like at Disneyland!
Then we entered the park rather abruptly…we expected some sort of epically long drive like Tioga Pass into Yosemite. Nope, exit Bryce Canyon City and you’re essentially in the park. Take a quick right into the visitor center, and then the first vistas start shortly after. I think it is only about 11 miles to the end of the main road of the park…yep, itty bitty.

Bryce Canyon National Park Collage

I highly recommend this national park for those who want to see beautiful sites without traveling far from the car. What is perfect about this place is: you park at the vista thinking, ‘okay, what am I going to see this time? I can’t see anything yet’ and as you approach the guardrail, BOOM amazing views that will take your breath away. I’m not kidding.
Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I left my National Parks Passport at home until I wandered into the Visitor Center and saw the sweet cancellation center. Talk about one of those moments where your jaw drops and tears start to well up. After the initial devastation wore off, I remembered my greatest strength: I am super resourceful. So I grabbed a handful of WPA print postcards and started stamping the backs! Why not? They would make for a great addition inside my passport and I love the style of the WPA posters. 
I will post a little more about part of a hike we did later in the month and share more photos at that time :)

Have you been to Bryce Canyon National Park?
Did you visit a National Park over the summer?
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Adventure National Park Weekend

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  • Lindsey June 10, 2013, 6:58 pm

    I’m planning a trip to Bryce (also Zion, Capitol Reef, Grand Staircase) for this summer! We’re road tripping from Arizona to our new home in San Francisco! So glad I found your blog! And, I’ve got some tips on Canyonlands and Arches on my blog if you’d like to check it out! Take care!

    • Kam June 14, 2013, 7:28 am

      Bryce was really pretty but SO COLD when I was there…I love being in Zion, it’s one of my favorite parts (just hit parks #9 and #10 this weekend!) and cannot wait to hit the other parts you mentioned. Utah is a beautiful place :) You’ll love San Francisco…a bit pricey, but so much culture there!


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