Recipe: Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini Boats

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Alex has been a vegetarian for about four years now…it seems like just yesterday he came home from work to tell me that he will no longer eat meat (he’s a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, if you’re keen on the specifics). My diet has changed significantly due to his choice (some would call me a flexitarian, but I think I eat meat more often than this definition would allow), and I’m always on the hunt for new recipes to try to make sure we’re getting enough protein and all of the other vitamins and nutrients necessary for a proper diet. 
Surprisingly, Pinterest has been a big help finding new ways to make dinner each night! While I salivate over the amazing recipes for baked goods and carbs-o-plenty available, the different ways to work with quinoa is probably the most helpful to me.

Alex and I decided to take this stuffed zucchini recipe and make it our own.


  • Three regular-sized zucchinis
  • 1 cup of quinoa (it makes way too much, but we used the rest of it to make a salad, you’ll find something to do with the excess, trust me)
  • Shredded carrots
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced
  • Diced garlic

Shredded cheese, diced onion, cilantro, lime, Tapatio, anything else to add some flavor

To Make:

  • Pre-heat oven to 400*F 
  • Scrub the zucchini and slice in half ‘hot dog style’
  • Scoop out the insides, making zucchini boats. Keep the insides, you’ll want them!
  • Cook quinoa on the stove according to directions (if you’re wanting more taste and aren’t worried about this being a vegetarian dish, use chicken broth instead of water to make your quinoa)
  • Sautee the carrots, onion, and the insides of the zucchini in a nice pan with good olive oil
  • Add the garlic to the pan when the other goodies are almost totally sauteed
  • When the quinoa is done, put it into a large mixing bowl, add the sauteed veggies and mix
  • Place the zucchini boats into a lightly oiled (or spray it with Pam) casserole dish
  • Scoop the veggie/quinoa mix into each boat. Be generous!
  • If you’d like, sprinkle with some shredded cheese
  • Bake for 20 minutes! 

They were surprisingly good! We both added a smidge of salt and red pepper flakes to our boats. My boats were sprinkled with cheese, but Alex didn’t want any on his (but I threw some on, just to spite him).
I think for the next time we’ll add spinach, jalepenos, and maybe red bell pepper for color! I’m also thinking that some Italian bread crumbs wouldn’t hurt, either. The original recipe calls for sour cream, curry, and bacon…three things we don’t have. 
Want to see what other tasty treats I pin? Follow my ‘Yummy’ board and see what sweet treats, carbs of various varieties I have pinned. Yes, there are a few ways I’ve tricked myself into eating quinoa…
What would you stuff into your zucchini boats?
How do you feel about quinoa? Fad food or awesome life addition?
Have you whipped up any of the recipes you found on Pinterest?
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