5 Blog Posts You Should Be Writing

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While I shared 5 blogging myths a few weeks ago, I wanted to throw five more things your way…
5 blog post types you should be writing, and why.
This list doesn’t tell you what to write about, just different ways to write your posts. 
Change is nice. 
Break out of your comfort zone and see what else is out there!

The list post 
That’s right, a list…you know the type: 6 ways to survive your day job5 Blogging Myths; 10 reasons to take a solo road trip, or even just 5 fast facts about me…and yes, the posts with a list of links of cool things you found around the interwebs this week (mine is called essential reading) counts! 
Why? These types of posts give readers an idea of the time investment they are about to put into reading your post/article, people like to get a lot of information with little effort, and these types of titles do really well in search engine results. Also, it gives you an idea of what you are going to write and gives structure to your post. 

The post without a pretty photo (that may not be yours) 
It happens. A pretty photo of a bike with red balloons tied to the seat posted in an open doorway along a Parisian alley…it’s pretty! But is it really related to the topic? Do you have a photo of your own that would better tell the story of your post? Maybe the story would have a stronger punch without the whimsical photo that is playing to my wanderlust… I get it. Pretty is nice. Pretty is interesting. I get it. My apartment is rarely in bloggable form. I don’t have cute vintage knickknacks for cute vignettes. And I do most of my blogging after dark and I’d rather not post a photo than use my flash. I get it! You know what else I get? That as a blog reader, I’m looking for your words…I’m not a blog viewer, I’m not there for your photos only (unless you’re a photography blog, because then that’s a given). 

The really short post 
This one is particularly hard for me. But it works. Readers are thankful for them. And they help keep things flowing. Why is it hard for me to write a really short post? Because I’m verbose. I like to write the way I talk…and I talk a lot…A LOT. My blog reader is full, your blog reader is full, I’m sure your readers have full blog readers as well. Let’s do a short post, getting straight to the point, and making it work. Sometimes it is the little things that have the most impact. 

The meme post 
I see those eyes rolling, this has nothing to do about views, search engine optimization, or getting your blog schedule up to speed…but meme posts are plain fun…and blogging should still be fun! 
What is a meme post? It is one of those posts that everybody else is doing…like the one about your handwriting, how you say certain words, things you are afraid to tell other people, and the like. It really is one of those things everybody does (who is everybody? I don’t know) and you see all over the place and want to either jump on board or hit the ‘mark all as read’ button. Either way, it got you thinking! If you think you will have the slightest amount of amusement from doing one, just do it. 

The post about what you want to write about 
…which is kind of funny that I put this after the ‘post that everybody else is writing’ suggestion, but it needs to be said. Maybe you are writing about things your readers want to hear about (let’s say it is about gardening), but you really want to share about a new restaurant that opened in your town. While the new restaurant may not fit into the theme of your blog, you really want to share about it…you can either start a new section of your blog that focuses on more personal posts, start a whole new blog to separate your personal and professional, or you can throw caution to the wind and post about it! It’s your blog, after all! 

Looking for more ideas for blog posts? 

Three Sixty-Five is an eresource with 365 ideas for blog posts (and other creative ventures) designed to help kick your brainstorming sessions into overdrive! The ideas are broken down into different sections and are super flexible! For only $5, you get a no-frills eresource that you can use over and over again. Get a quick brainstorming warm up before diving in, and be sure to have a pen handy to write down even more ideas. Buy Three Sixty-Five today.
What are your favorite types of posts to read on blogs?
What types of posts are the hardest to write for you? The easiest?
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