Mini Piñata Tutorial – Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Today’s post is brought to you by Natalie of Hazel & Agnes.
Hi! My name is Natalie and I blog over at Hazel & Agnes. I love making stuff and sharing about it, and today I’m going to share an adorable craft project just in time for Cinco de Mayo: mini piñatas!

I think burro piñata are probably the cutest things ever, and lucky for me (and them), these are not intended to be smashed! You will need: Cardstock Masking Tape White glue or Mod Podge Paintbrush Scissors Pencil Assortment of tissue paper 
Here, I sketched my burro onto a piece os red cardstock to use a template. 
I usually freehand them every time so they’re always a bit different. I like that it gives the more character :)  

Trace two burros. 
I use white cardstock because tissue paper is awfully thin, and you don’t want the color to show through.  
Cut your burro silhouettes along with some 1″ strips. 
The easiest way to do this next part is to attach small pieces of masking tape along one of the edges of your 1″ strip….  
…then, attach it to the outside of your burro. I like to start at a sharp corner. 
When you reach a sharp turn, like the joint of the legs, it’s best to crease the strip.
Do the same with the other side. Boom: a standing donkey!  
The easiest way to prepare the fringe is to fold your tissue into narrow strips.
Then you can cut off an approximately 1/2″ slice and start snipping, as shown. 
Don’t worry about precision. 
Choose your starting color and begin at the bottom. 
Glue a solid piece of that color to the bottom of the legs to avoid having any white show through.
Apply some glue all the way around one leg, and start wrapping the fringe. 
I find about two “rows” of fringe per color is good. 
When you get to the top of the legs, use the color you’re using next to cover the belly.
Continue wrapping fringe around the body.
When you get to the back, layer short pieces of fringe all the way up to the neck. I usually do this before I add the final layer before the neck, and smooth down any overhanging bits onto the sides. That way, the last row of fringe covers any uneven bits.
When you reach the chin, do the same as you did with the feet and belly.
Continue in this fashion all the way to the tippy top of his ears! 
Hey! You have a piñata! 
I think these would be excellent as party favors, cake toppers, centerpieces… heck, I actually hang one in my window just for funsies. Can you imagine a garland of darling miniature piñatas?? The thought is enough to make me squee a little bit to myself.

Hazel & Agnes is a blog chock-full of tutorials, inspiration, design, and adventures. Natalie loves to make things and talk about how she did it- everything from sewing to decor to graphics. Subscribe to her blog for inspiration and more than a few photos of her quirky dog!

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  • Stephanie April 3, 2013, 12:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Very cute!


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