Kam Goes to: Rocky Mountain National Park

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And finally…We made it to Rocky Mountain National Park!

Even though the lady at the rental car place tried to convince us the little 4 cylinder we were driving would never make it to the park, we took that puppy through the paces. 

The first day, we drove into the park and, after hearing all about our plans to visit all the U.S. National Parks, a ranger recommended we do Trail Ridge Road and reassured us that our Mazda 2 would survive the trip. We took his advice, and headed out…I’m so glad we did!

Much of the scenery reminded us of being in the Eastern Sierras, which made us obsess over our upcoming backpacking trip, but we soon made it above the treeline to the largest chunk (totally a technical term) of tundra in the lower 48. It was pretty neat.

There is a visitor center and gift shop toward the top, where we got a stamp in our National Park Passport, a poster, pint glass, magnets, and postcards. You know, touristy stuff that could easily be packed in our carry-on luggage.

And then it started to hail.

Which was amazingly fun to run through in my TOMS. You had to be there.

And then we headed to get some pizza, beer, pie, and decided it was time to finally check in to the hotel…

Where this happened…

That’s right! Alex caught me trying to replicate the mirror photo from this post and decided to become some sort of dying baby dinosaur…?

The second day, we took the hiker shuttle into the park to see some of the more heavily traveled areas. We hiked a bit from the Fern Lake trailhead, and did a slow hike around Bear Lake. And by slow hike I mean we walked halfway around a very flat and even path only to nap in the sun at one end before finishing. 

We didn’t see any moose, river otters, or bighorn sheep, but we did see some elk and a marmot! 

It’ll be great to go back to the park, and we would probably stay on the west side of the park so we can hopefully see more wildlife and avoid more crowds.
National Park Count:
Kam – 7
Alex – 6

Have you been to Rocky Mountain National Park?
Do you prefer the mountains/woods, the beach, or the desert?

You can read more about our visits to U.S. National Parks here.
*Moosetapuss=A moose without a muffin. 
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  • kat @ withachanceof June 27, 2012, 5:10 am

    It looks so beautiful! We’be driven through the Rocky mountains and its beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d love to get back there and go for a hike and explore. It looks like you had a great time.


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