What is IFTTT?: From analogy to rockstar moment

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“Gee, I wish there was a way for me to collect all of the tweets using a specific hashtag”
“Can I save my Instagram photos to my Flickr without doing it manually?”
“It would be easier for me to find an apartment if Criagslist would just email me all of the listings for a 2 bedroom”
“It would be awesome if I could automatically post things from my Google Reader to my Facebook page”

Remember being in school and working through those tricky analogies?

What if I told you that those problems involving relationships between items can help you streamline some of the things you do online and possibly increase your productivity?

IFTTT is the answer.

After Alex showed me the neat recipes that he uses, I decided that I should sit down and take a few minutes to set up a few recipes of my own on ifttt. It started working after about 15 minutes, and it is totally cool!

What is IFTTT?

That’s right, an analogy!
When you create a recipe, you use a “trigger” (the website or whatever that will trigger the recipe to start cookin’) to spark your action (whatever you want to happen as the end result)
What can you use with IFTTT?
There’s too many for me to list, so I’ll show you a screencap from the website:

That’s right, you’re amazed…and maybe a bit confused? It’s okay, I am, too.

So, we know what websites and whatnot work with this website, but what exactly happens? What does it do?

Well, I decided to take some screencaps while I created a recipe that I’m totally digging.

SO, those essential reading posts? In order for me to curate them, I star blog posts in my Google Reader and like Tweets throughout the week. Then I go into my Twitter profile and pull those links and then go into my Google reader to do the same…if only I could go to one place to get both information…

oh wait…

I can!

So now, whenever I star a blog post, it goes into ONE note in my Evernote and whenever I like a tweet, it goes into another (tweets only!) Evernote note!

Here is what my Evernote looks like:

The trigger creates the action about every 15 minutes, so I don’t need to go into IFTTT and push a button, or tweet something with a special hashtag for this to work…it just happens. magic.

Here are the other recipes I created:

How easy is that?

Other uses I’m thinking you may be interested in:

  • Getting an email each time somebody posts a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in your city on Craigslist (recipe)
  • Automatically sending a tweet to people who retweet or mention you on Twitter (I’m not sure if this is considered spam, but I’ve seen plenty of people do it – recipe)
  • Getting your Twitter profile picture to update when you update your Facebook profile photo (recipe)
  • Saving your tweets to Dropbox (recipe)
  • Post your Instagram photos to an Instagram-only album on your Facebook (recipe)
  • Escape a bad conversation by texting IFTTT for a fake phone call (recipe)
  • Get an email each week with Marvel’s newest comic releases (recipe)

So cool, right? I’m really digging it, and I know there has been more and more chatter online about the different recipes people are implementing to help with streamlining things. Seriously, when I checked Evernote an hour or so after I created the recipes, I felt like such a rockstar! I couldn’t believe it took me so long to set this stuff up and now I just daydream about more and more recipes to use…

Do you use IFTTT?
What kinds of recipes do you think you would use the most?
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  • Michael Williams July 16, 2013, 6:45 am

    An awesome tool that I have used for several years now. You have explained it beautifully!


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