Prepare Your Online Shop for the Holidays

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How to Prepare Your Etsy Shop for the Holidays - Campfire Chic
In addition to the 5 Quick Tips for Preparing Your Online Shop for the Holidays I posted last year, here are 5 more tips to use to prepare your online shop for an extended absense:

Update your banner/logo

This may sound silly, but updating your banner to include the shipping cut off dates, a coupon code, or some sort of reminder that the gift-giving season is fast approaching will remind your buyers that time is running out. You can add a simple image to your banner using free services like PicMonkey, so you won’t be stuck with the same banner throughout the year.
While you’re at it, create a Hello Bar for your blog that drives traffic to your shop! You can learn more about Hello Bar before diving in.

Use the ‘who is this for’ tags

Take a good look at your tags for each item. Maybe they could use some updating…and maybe those tags at the very end of the product description page could be updated? If you list the same item over and over again (instead of having them in the same lisiting), vary your tags, as appropriate, to increase the likelihood your items will show up in a less-specific search

Update photos to include holiday themes or show items with complimentary items

…be sure to be very clear in your description that the other item is not included in that listing, if that is the case! This sounds like a lot of work, and to be honest, it is…but adding a glittery snowflake or a few shiny baubles next to some of your items will give them a more holiday feel. Why do stores at the mall decorate for the holidays? To give you the visual reminder that it’s gift season and the evoke feelings of generosity!

Have a pre-holiday sale

This is a great way to get rid of some of your season-specific items, introduce your holiday-line while also reminding people that the holidays are coming! That is so many birds with one stone. This will also give you the chance to re-evaluate shipping costs and introduce yourself to the staff at the local post office so when you are coming in with several packages they don’t give you the stink eye.

Rearrange your shop

Have you ever walked into a store you visit on a weekly basis (think: Target) and stop in your tracks because things were moved around? You pay extra attention to the changes, and that’s what you want regular browsers to do when they come to your shop next…stop and look. And look some more…and hopefully buy once they see that sweet 20% off coupon code you have on your banner!
These tips may seem overwhelming right now, so I suggest pinning this article and/or printing it out and tackling one tip each day this week. Select a time that you know you can sit down and work on each item and put it on your calendar right now…don’t worry, this article will be here, take your time.
What tips would you include?
As a buyer, what makes you more likely to buy from a shop during the holidays?
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