Project Life FAQs Part 3

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Last time I addressed some Project Life questions, I focused on not falling behind, printing out freebies, and digging deep into stories.

This time around, I’m going to address the questions that came in that focus more on my approach to Project Life. I’m really excited about the questions you send in, and hope to do another one of these posts in the future. Feel free to continue submitting questions via the comments portion of this blog post.

How do you plan what your layouts will look like?

I use small sticky notes to kind of “tag” each pocket on the page protectors with what I would like to see in there…maybe one will be tagged “movie ticket” if I know I’m going to the movies that week, or “weather SC” (code for “weather screen capture” so essentially an image of my phone’s weather because it is perfectly sized to fit those darn 3×4 pockets) if I know that the weather is going to be crazy that week. The sticky notes really help, and it helps me keep in mind what kinds of photos (landscape vs. portrait) during the week so I can fill the spots easily.


The sticky notes also help me plan ahead, if I know I’m going to an event or on a trip, I tag a few pockets on the page protectors to remind myself to save room…and sometimes I’ll pop in an additional page protector (not 12×12, but 6×12 or something like that) so I can add extra photos.

Do you use all digital photos?

I use a mixture of digital photos (99% taken with my phone) and Instax mini photos. I think there is 1 photobooth photo in my album, but that’s an anomaly! I figure that my phone is always with me and the Instax camera is pretty bulky. If I’m going to snap a photo of Alex and Rintu napping together, I’m going to use my phone, but if I know we are going someplace with a view, I’ll drag along my Instax.

What apps do you use to organize your photos for printing?


I’m terrible at getting my photos printed (I was using Shutterfly because I had a pre-paid plan, but shipping takes longer than I would like so I may go with Costco) and moving the photos from my phone to my computer so I can order them (after a bit of editing). I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do all of this, because waiting really does kill the fun for me L I do, however, use PostalPix to get my Instagram photos printed, and they ship really quickly and I can order my photos directly from an app on my phone, which is awesome!


How do you use Instagram photos in your layouts?

I generally print my photos to be 4×4 using the PostalPix app for iPhone and Android. Using the app makes the process super duper easy and the shipping is really quick compared to other printing services. I’ll cut the 4×4 photos down to 3×4 to slip into the smaller Project Life pockets, add some paper to create a background for the 4×6 pockets, and I recently purchased some 12×12 page protectors with 9 pockets to them…so they are 4×4 and the perfect size for 1 Instagram photo! I also send my photos through another app to create a 4×4 grid of instagrams that can be printed out (using Postal Pix) and cut so the photos are then 2×2…the perfect size to fit into a slide page protector.


You can find parts 1 and 2 of this series here and here.


Any other questions?

What advice would you give to somebody just starting Project Life?


Whether you are just starting Project Life or you are starting your second or third year, I highly suggest picking up a digital copy of Project Dig Deep, a Project Life ebook from Big Picture Classes/Ella Publishing. The ebook features 7 Project Lifers who expand on stories within their traditional(ish) spreads. The contributors (including me!) show readers different ways to focus on a single story, ideas for the types of stories that can be shared using the Project Life system, and additional tips for memory-keeping. Pick up a copy of Project Dig Deep today.
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