3 More Ways to Survive Your Day Job

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3 more ways to survive your day job - campfire chic

I originally shared 6 ways to survive your day job, which seems to be a big hit with other cubicle-dwellers last February (a year ago, how time flies!) and felt the itch to add a few more tips to this little arsenal.

3 More Tips for Surviving Your Day Job

Take a walk

Sitting may be the smoking of our generation…which, I’m not sure I understand the comparison, but we’ll roll with it. If you’re feeling extra sluggish and notice that you’re sitting like a cashew, you need to get up and take a lap.

The secret to not looking like you’re just wandering? Carry something in your hands…a binder, a notebook, a folder, whatever! Just get up, don’t make a big deal about it, and take a lap around the inside of your building. If you don’t have enough places to go, take the stairs to the top floor and then come back down. Or maybe you “left something in your car” and just take a quick breather outside the building.

What I’m trying to say is: get moving. Even standing up and stretching a bit will help! Taking the long way to the printer is also a great idea.


Take a mental health day

I’m not saying to not show up to work. I’m not saying you should screw over your coworkers by calling out sick the day of a big sales presentation…I’m saying that if you are so “off” and you don’t really need to be at work, and you have the sick time…maybe a bit of a 24 hour stomach bug is in order.

While absenteeism can be a problem in the workplace, I strongly believe that presenteeism can be equally detrimental. I’m sitting at my desk with a dark cloud over my head, I resolved early in the day that I wasn’t going to actually do anything other than look busy, and I’m ready to spread my DGAF attitude to anybody within earshot…is that what the company wants? Is that the person they want answer the phone and greeting guests? Probably not. It’s best for both of us if I take the day off to work through my funk and get some laundry done. An intern can play nice and greet guests, this lady needs a mid-morning nap and time to reflect on her bad attitude.


Wear something you love/something that technically fits into the workplace attire guidelines

My work shoes for the past few years have been either a pair of Nike Mary Janes (repeatedly kicking myself for not buying more pairs!) and my The North Face flats. They both fit snugly into the guidelines at my workplace without me needing to be uncomfortable! And some Fridays (jeans day!) I wear mustard moccasins. I’m sure they’re not technically against our guidelines, but I’m worried the day will come that HR will send me a notice. And recently…oh, why didn’t I think of this sooner…black TOMS! But not any black TOMS…GLITTER black TOMS. They are so within the guidelines it is ridiculous! I don’t wear them every day, just the days that really call for a pick-me-up…like the Monday after that episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 where a certain character dies and the two doctors in the room seem to not care at all? GLITTER TOMS MONDAY, folks.

Other ways? I’m not allowed to wear a ‘tee shirt’ to work….but if I pair my favorite navy v-neck from Evolv with a cardigan, I’m totally good to go. And I’m comfortable!

Maybe a fun headband, novely cufflinks, or sassy socks are more your style? Or maybe you keep things underwraps and give yourself a half sleeve using temporary tattoos that you can keep hidden under a sweater! YES.


There you have it, 3 more tips for surviving your day job! They are a little more appropriate than farting in drawers, but at least they’re nice and rationale.  I’m sure there are more ways to get through your workday that don’t involve bending rules, but that’s where you come in…


What other ways you’ve found to help ease the pain of being cubicle-bound?

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