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Newsletters are an important part of online marketing, but they can also be very tricky to maintain and grow. Kind of like an orchid.
Yeah, an orchid.
Have you ever tried taking care of an orchid? First off, they’re not cheap—they’re an investment. They can be pretty fickle, and they need just the right amount of attention.
Just like a newsletter.
Granted, there are different kinds of newsletters: the kinds that aggregate the week’s posts into an email  Reader’s Digest-style, the kinds that feature what could be a blog post on its own, the kinds that share about an upcoming sale or special offer…the list goes on.
Each kind takes effort on your part.
Now, I have a newsletter, and I have to say…I have so much to learn. The newsletter is about a year old and what should be a monthly thing has only gone out 3-4 times. In the first issue of 2013, I talked about how this year is going to be awesome and how Lucky 13 is for doing big things…and my newsletter is one of those things I plan on working on this year.
I’ve been hoarding all sorts of articles about newsletters—best practices, how to format them, why have them, how to market a marketing tool—and I wanted to share some of those articles with you today.
Why? Why not just put my own spin on these articles and create a few blog posts or a freebie download?
Because I’m no expert when it comes to newsletters. Let’s learn about them together and go big.
Newsletter Resources:
What other tips do you have?
What kinds of newsletters do you like to read?
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