20 Google+ Resources

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Google Plus Resources

A big thank you to Laura, who shared many of these links with me over the past few weeks.


You’re probably rolling your eyes at the thought of a blog post dedicated to Google+ that focuses on how to make the much-anticipated-but-didn’t-catch-on-with-all-niche-communities social network work for you. That’s fine. Go ahead and skip today’s post. But for the rest of you looking to find ways to connect with others, market your brand, and stay ahead of whatever other changes Google decides to throw our way…this post is for you.


Like with any other social network, Google+ may not be for everyone. If you’re strapped for time (like I don’t know, say…have a full time job in addition to blogging? Have a family to raise in addition to blogging? BOTH?) you will obviously need to be thoughtful about the time you put into different social networks. If you should decide to add Google+ to your toolbelt, I have 20 resources for you to browse for ideas and inspiration.


  1. Learn how to format the text on your Google+ posts for a more visually appealing update
  2. Check out this podcast interview with the author of What the Plus? and see if you can be persuaded to give Google+ another try
  3. What if Google+ wasn’t a flop, but is, instead, laying the groundwork for something much more? 
  4. What every marketer needs to know about Google+ Communities 
  5. But then again…what if Google+ is just a waste of time for bloggers when compared to Facebook?
  6. How about an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Google+ articles and infographics? 
  7. How to set up a Google+ Page for your business or blog
  8. Maybe Google+ is the next big blogging platform?
  9. How to attract new blog readers through Google+ 
  10. Simple tips to take advantage of Google+ for SEO purposes
  11. How to use Google+ Hangouts 
  12. A beginner’s guide to Google+ 
  13. A more extensive beginner’s guide to Google+ 
  14. 10 tips for Google+ beginners…it’s a slideshow, so if you hate those types of posts, avoid this one 
  15. VERY well done beginner’s guide to Google+ from Kissmetrics 
  16. A beginner’s guide to Google+ communities 
  17. A Day 1 guide that seems a bit clunky, but may be easier to digest than the other beginner’s guides 
  18. How Google+ can boost your business
  19. Creating a Google+ page for your blog or business…written by a non-tech blogger!
  20. 5 reasons to quit ignoring Google+

Here are some additional tips:

  • Don’t link to your Google+ page unless you’re actually using it…it would be like telling me that you have Girl Scout cookies at your house and when I show up there is 1 half-nibbled-on Thin Mint
  • Use a profile photo people will recognize…it doesn’t hurt to use the same photo across platforms for your avatar/profile picture. Your face is essentially your branding if you don’t use a logo as your avatar, so make it easy for people to recognize that it is you
  • If you’re a Gmail user, set up your notifications to come to your inbox…that way you can respond to comments on your posts from your email and you can share articles/updates/links via your inbox. Perfect if you are at work and checking your personal email is OK but browsing social media sites is not ;)


Do you use Google+ (let’s connect!)
How do you use Google+ for your blog or business?

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  • Kristin - My Life as a Teacup March 26, 2013, 5:08 am

    This is going to be so helpful! I really need to pay attention to my Google+ page ><; Sadly, right now I do not. But totally with you on the Girl Scout cookie analogy – I'd be pretty bummed.

    • Kam March 29, 2013, 3:51 pm

      I like that I can use the social media buttons people have on their websites/blogs while I’m at work and it isn’t blocked…like the buttons at the bottom of each of my blog posts…It helps to just push things to G+ because any comments will come to my email inbox and I can reply directly via email! Now, as for going ahead and viewing the things shared by others? I totally need to focus on that.

  • Megan Anderson March 26, 2013, 7:52 am

    Thanks for all of these resources!

    I’ve used G+ a bit (I really love that I can do a hangout with multiple people, record it, and embed it live into a blog post!), but I really need to get better at it. It’s supposed to have one of the most active photography communities, but I’ve just found it difficult to connect over there.

    One of the main motivators for me lately is that, when I comment on blogger blogs and use my Google profile, anyone interested in finding more about me is going to be sent there. And right now, I look PREEETY boring.

    • Kam March 29, 2013, 4:28 pm

      That is a great point, making sure you have a moderatly “active” account is important if people are being directed that way. Even more important for you to share your work on G+ on a regular basis!


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