3 (Super Easy) Ways to Increase Your Interactions on Twitter

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3 Super Easy Ways to Increase Your Twitter Interactions

I am a big fan of Twitter – I use it to connect with readers, stay up-to-date on news, and to stay in touch with friends and family.

But what if you are using Twitter and not getting responses from others?

If you are using Twitter as a way to market your brand (or become Twitter-famous), you need to make your interactions on Twitter count. Twitter is more than posting a link to your most recent blog post and calling it a day.

Today’s tips go beyond the usual tips: retweet others, don’t overshare, and make your account public. Those are good tips, but let’s take it a step further.


3 ways to increase your Twitter interactions


Think of Twitter as a conversation not a sounding board

You know the kind of account I’m thinking of…the person who tweets 20 times a day (not necessarily a bad thing!), but it is only self-promotion, statements, and more self-promotion. No linking to others, no responding to mentions, no retweets. Just somebody essentially pushing things into the Twitterverse hoping things take off – and sometimes they do! But let’s be honest, with what you have in mind (an empire, dammit!) you don’t want to be this account. 

Why? Well, why the hell not? Do you like to be around that guy at work who seems to live off of one-upping everybody else? “Oh, you only got 5 hours of sleep? Well I got 4.5! You bought your coffee from a local shop for $15??? Well I got mine from Costco for $10 and it’ll last me forreevvvveerrr!!” Sorry, this one hit too close to home. The point is, don’t be that guy. Be the person people hope to run into at the water cooler — has a good story to share, waits for others to share their stories, asks questions…interacts! People want attention and want to pay it in return so if you’re just out to take all the attentionz, get out of here.

Respond to questions others pose

You don’t like it when a question you pose goes unanswered, so why would you let somebody you follow experience the same thing? See a question in your feed? Respond to it! If you don’t know the answer, obviously this may not be the time to respond, but if you do know the answer or have some sort of opinion, connect!

Why? I think I’ve used this before, but here it goes…All this social media stuff is a lot like getting letters in the mail. You can sit at your mailbox for ages waiting for somebody to write to you, or you can spend that time sending out letters to others. The same is true here…why should others interact with you if you’re not willing to start that conversation?

Follow up

The problem with fast-paced social media is just that…it’s fast paced! We have short attention spans when it comes to things on our feeds and sometimes follow too many accounts to keep track of what is going on, but you know what? You gotta do it. If you see some big news from somebody in your feed, make a note to follow up with that person in a few days! For example: If you see somebody post about getting the keys to their first house, be sure to tweet them in a few days to see how the move is going! Or check in with people you know who are going through finals at school or applying to a new job. Those people will be surprised and will most likely respond to your message pretty quickly. Again, be genuine!

Why? That’s how connections work. If you see that somebody tweeted about buying your recent ebook, follow up to see how they like the book…and maybe see if they’d be willing to submit a testimonial/review once they’re done! The person moving across the country may investigate you a bit more and see what an awesome writer you are and request a guest blog post from you while they’re busy moving! Or maybe that brand who sees you connection and influencing others contacts you for a partnership.

What other tips would you include to increase or improve Twitter interactions?

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  • Shirsha August 8, 2013, 7:10 am

    Hi Kam,

    I’ve been struggling to make Twitter work for me and to not simply contribute to the noise. Your tips make sense and I am gonna try to follow these and see how that works for me.

    Thanks for the helpful post. :)

  • Momma O August 20, 2013, 1:35 am

    I really am struggling with the Twitter-verse. I got up to about 312 followers and have just been stuck since! I know the issue is that I am not as “social” on that platform than others – I really need to set some time on the schedule just for twitter. (I really need to find when the best time for ME would be on twitter :) )

    Thanks for the tips! I appreciate them greatly!


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