3 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers (my favorites!)

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3 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Campfire Chic

After moving over from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site, I received a few inquires about my favorite WordPress plugins.

Plugins are are tools that extend the functionality of WordPress sites…and self-hosted WordPress sites have access to many plugins. If you want to do something with your website, there is probably a plugin to make it happen!

I selected three of the plugins I use on a daily basis that I think will be of the most help to Campfire Chic readers. If you are not currently on a self-hosted WordPress, you can still get ideas for aspects you can add to your site to support your goals.

3 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Hello Bar

HelloBar - My favorite WP plugins

I shared information on Hello Bar ages ago and I’m still a fan – a huge fan. Instead of needing to scour through the html of my site to change out my Hello Bar, the plugin makes the process so much easier! I just copy the code from my Hello Bar account and then paste the code into my plugin! Easy-peasy.

Updated 1/2016: I now use the ManyContacts bar on this blog but I use the Hello Bar on 30DaysofLists.com because it’s so easy to use. I use the ManyContacts bar try and help deliver incentives to new newsletter subscribers. I don’t have an opinion on it because I haven’t put much effort into using it. If you’re looking for something easy and straightforward, stick with Hello bar.


Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

This is the newest addition to my plugin collection and I’m already hooked. I love planning ahead…but I hated how I couldn’t visualize my posts in the default “all posts”. Enter Editorial Calendar! It seamlessly fits into my Posts section of my dashboard and allows me to very clearly see what I have scheduled and drafted.

As you can see, as I’m writing this post, I have some catching up to do if I want to stay on my blogging schedule! It’s not pretty, but it does fit in with the rest of the dashboard that I will probably forget that it’s a plugin and freak out when I go to the 30 Days of Lists dashboard in a few days and not see the calendar option. No setup needed, making this a quick and painless addition to your toolkit!


Flare - Favorite WP Plugins

There are so many options of social media plugins that I had a hard time figuring out which one would fit in with the design of Campfire Chic without looking like it’s a plugin. I know that makes no sense, but it totally does! I wanted something I could easily customize and edit to better fit in with the overall look and feel of the Campfire Chic site. Enter Flare.

Flare is from the same folks behind Hello Bar and Slide Deck (another awesome tool) and allows me to select between several options in regard to shape, size, color (hex codes are accepted!), platforms, placement, and more. It’s a fantastic little tool that I totally love. As you can see, in the image above, I have my Flare plugin only show up as a reader goes through an individual blog post and only after s/he scrolls down the article a bit – again, I wanted these to look seamless and not take away from the main article…but still be eye-catching enough to encourage readers to share content.

I use a handful of other useful plugins for analytics, backing up my data, and to streamline the SEO process. When using plugins, keep in mind that the more you have on your site, the longer it may take your website to load for readers. Stick to the essentials for now and get fancy later.

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  • Justin August 27, 2013, 10:05 am

    My favorite back-end plugin is wpb2d. It does a weekly backup of my files to my dropbox account. I have been wanting to check out the hello bar plugin.

    • Kam August 28, 2013, 8:01 am

      I’ll have to check that one out! I currently use the Database option and get the VM Backups sent to my email…is that the same thing?

      Hello Bar is nice because you can update it via Twitter

  • amy t schubert August 27, 2013, 12:30 pm

    just installed Flare. You’re a genius :)

    • Kam August 28, 2013, 8:01 am

      SO nice, right?


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