Brave – Getting Out of My Comfort Zone with Onward & Upward

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I am an online class/workshop/webinar junkie.

While I love joining awesome classes via Skillshare or directly from bloggers, I usually have a hard time finishing time-based classes. You know why? I have other things going on and I only have so many hours in the day.

I’ll sign up for a 2 week class and try to cram in all of the learning + responding + connecting in the last 2 days the class is available. I’m drowning in printed workbooks for classes I never finished because the organizer shuts the site down after the class ends (one BIG reason I like leaving all of the 30 Days of Lists private blogs up for at least 1 year).

I’m a self-paced kind of gal, what can I say?

But there is one workshop I make sure to focus on while it is active – Onward & Upward.


Because it scares the hell out of me and challenges me in ways that my day job doesn’t. It scares me how the readings make me really look at my actions and goals. It challenges me to analyze the steps I took in the last year to do my GREAT WORK. It’s a hell of a workshop, to say the least.

Unlike other workshops I join where the response portions are usually followed up with comments like, “looks great!” or “me, too!”, the responses from those participating in Onward & Upward spark a conversation and sometimes even crowdsources solutions to road blocks.

It’s fantastic.

If you saw Amy’s BUILD ecourse but weren’t sure if it was for you (if you are looking to start a blog or if you have a blog and want to take it to the next level, IT IS FOR YOU), I’m going to suggest starting with Onward and Upward to see just how motivating and inspiring Amy’s work is — and we’ll be able to work together on our journey toward our great work.

Onward & Upward is an 11 week course — with two weeks off built in for catching up, brainstorming, and doing your thing.

I never think I need Onward & Upward until day 1 of the workshop…at which point, I pull out a notebook and get straight to work.

Want to join? I’m going to suggest you get on Amy’s mailing list ASAP to get the opportunity to be one of the first to register…you’ll get some benefits including:

  • 35% off the full price (discount is automatically applied until September 22)
  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 consulting with Amy during the course of the workshop
  • Free download of my (now retired) ebook Self Love: 22 Ways to Make Your Heart Happy ebook

… all just for registering before September 22!

Cool, right? Get on that mailing list to get the deal! Regular registration will begin September 22nd.

So let’s step out of our comfort zones and do something a little brave — sharing our thoughts and ideas with others, asking for help, finding new resources, and making strides to go onward and upward with our great work.

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  • Trina Curran September 18, 2013, 4:57 am

    I’m loving the BUILD e-course and thinking of doing this one too. I’ve got so much to finish, but I’ll get there. It’s good to be able to revisit a topic and to go back to the blog, I agree.

  • Allie September 18, 2013, 8:15 am

    Love this post– and of course I love O&U.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the discussions in the Facebook group. The BUILD group already blows me away and I can’t wait for this one!


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