Do you celebrate small victories?

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You know what the problem is, with all the planning and actions we take? All the GO GO GO, the adding things to our task lists, the focus on what’s next…

The problem is we’re not taking the time to celebrate.

Why do I say that? I had to take a mental health day a couple of months ago because I felt like I was stuck. Stuck in a rut of suck. I knew I was spending hours working on things but I didn’t feel like I had anything to show for it – nothing tangible, nothing to move out of my inbox, nothing to cross off of my list.

Let me tell you, that rut was pretty ugly, and I’m happy you weren’t there to see it.

I was (thankfully)able to take that day and reflect on what I completed over the past week – I reviewed timelines, calendars, and checklists. I took that opportunity to start fresh, announce to my cat that today was going to be Day 1 and I was going to rock the shit out of it. And I did. I got out of that rut and even celebrated getting out of it with a blood orange Pellegrino. I party hard, folks.

Kam, I’m not like you! I won’t fall into a rut! I’m going to celebrate when I’m done.

Celebrating the little victories, or as we’re going to think about it this month – honoring brave choices/decisions – is a super important but often overlooked part of this process to be awesome. We are just too darn focused on the end-goal of being awesome that we aren’t taking the time to acknowledge that this journey is pretty cool and we’re doing some great things.

Let’s talk about this a bit more. Say your goal is to start a blog that focuses on hikes in your state. You want a space to connect with other hikers, maybe even start a hiking group, and share trail reports. I’m guessing your plan is to celebrate once you finish that first hiking group hike, which may be months, if not a year from now. Why not celebrate buying your domain and having your site go live for the first time by going out with your friends? Or maybe celebrate the first comment on your blog with a break from the computer? Or there’s what I do: “Whoa! That’s pretty cool. Go me!” and then sharing my small victory with Alex (or Rintu) so I can express my excitement about the small victory…

Even a small victory is a victory.


…I’m also documenting my brave choices/decisions – like cutting 9+ inches of my hair to donate – on my blog and in my One Little Word binder for the year. Honoring my choices with documentation makes it easier for me to keep moving forward with my goals without dwelling on my failures. Because that F word is nasty.


Take a second and write down all the
small victories you’ve had recently and/or
recall the brave choices we talked about last month.


Another side to honoring brave choices that I want to talk about today is the idea of honoring a recent family member/friend/favorite blogger’s brave choice/decision. What I mean by that is, joining their excitement and maybe sharing their story with those in your network. I know I shared quite a bit about my friend, Amy, quitting her job so she can be even more awesome. I make sure to text my friends when I see that they shared something on Facebook that deserves more than a “like”.


So here’s my challenge to you this week: celebrate somebody’s choice (taking a new job, quitting soda, registering for a half-marathon, launching a new product) and use it as fuel to inspire you to do awesome things. Maybe share a cool blog post you found on Google+, leave a review on iTunes for the podcast you found recently and adore, or maybe contribute to a Kickstarter/Indie-a-go-go campaign hosted by your favorite “online friend”.


Email me, tweet me, post it to the Campfire Chic Facebook wall, whatever! I want to hear about it.

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  • Kristin - My Life as a Teacup September 9, 2013, 5:24 pm

    I think a lot of times we are made to feel guilty or lack humility in saying “I’m awesome! I did it!”. There’s totally nothing wrong with celebrating something you accomplished, no matter how big or small. And celebrating friends? Even better :)

  • Kristin November 14, 2013, 8:41 am

    I’m sending this to Jeff right now. He needs to celebrate little victories this week. He’s applying to PhD programs and getting bogged down in all the paperwork that has to be done. I keep telling him that he’s doing awesome — and just the fact that he’s in a place to be applying for these programs is an accomplishment in itself.


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