Brave Limits // What are you going to try this month?

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As my BRAVE year comes to a close, I’m already throwing around ideas for 2014’s One Little Word. I love putting these emails together and the response that comes from them — I really appreciate when readers hit reply and tell me about their goals and how they plan on making those plans happen. While the following post isn’t exactly the same as the email I sent in September, it has the same bones.


Can we chat really quickly about this whole being brave thing?

It’s awesome.

That probably sounds very toot-my-own-horn right about now, but I’m talking about the responses I get from readers. It’s pretty awesome. You’re being brave in amazing ways. You’re taking on challenges like nobody’s business. You’re changing the way you view the world and how you deal with difficult situations. You’re freaking awesome.

This month’s intention is “reach for brave limits” and I want to talk about trying new things.

Sure, I write about trying new things in my “from a beginner” series, but those blog posts are specific to certain activities. I want to focus on smaller opportunities to try new things, because sometimes jumping into a new hobby is overwhelming or can be expensive. Starting small may lead to bigger things…

I’ve always heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. That number turns me off right away! Twenty-one days seems like such a long time that I don’t want to even start whatever it is, let alone finish it! So instead of thinking about creating habits I like to just try new things – if it’s something I dig and it clicks, it will probably turn into a habit down the line. I’m eating kale regularly and can’t remember the last time I had an orange soda from McDonald’s so I think I’m doing something right. But let’s be real, we’re probably going to try things that are way more fun than eating kale…things like a new workout, a new video game, trying new painting techniques, and wearing galaxy leggings sound way more fun than eating kale…because they are.

Small things to try this month:

  • make a recipe you pinned on Pinterest
  • take a different route home from work
  • buy a domain for that project/blog/shop you’ve been dreaming of starting
  • change your direct deposit to send a small percentage directly to your savings account
  • purchase that mystery fruit from the grocery store and research what to do with it
  • introduce yourself to the new neighbor

What did I do in September to push my limits and try new things? I did the Pinterest recipe thing! So here’s the thing: I pin all these recipes and I don’t do anything with them. One day, I decided to pull up a couple of recipes from my Pinterest board and buy all the ingredients I would need for them. I’m not known for my cooking prowess. In fact, Alex does all of the cooking and if it is up to me, I’d rather just go out and buy something to eat. It’s terrible, I know. So I tried something new and made this one-pot wonder tomato basil pasta (substituting whole wheat noodles and adding mushrooms) and this quinoa & sweet potato stuffed portobello mushroom recipe. They’re not particularly difficult, but they inspired me to make a big pot of chili to have ready for dinner when I get home tonight – let’s be honest, chili is better the next day, right? I’m working to get over my uncomfortable feelings about cooking and trying new things.

This week, I plan on cashing in the CorePower Yoga voucher I bought online to get back into the game. I quit my last studio for reasons and my home practice is getting a little stale after being sick twice in as many months. I need a change and while I’m terrified to go near the tall goddesses I see going into the studio on my way to REI, I’m going to do it.

What are you going to try this month? What is holding you back?


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2013 Brave Newsletter One Little Word

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  • Justin Fricke November 4, 2013, 9:28 am

    Sweet post Kam.

    What am I trying this month? I’m trying to do a 100 mile bike ride “Century Ride” this month, on Saturday. We’ll see how this thing goes :)


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