3 Reasons to Have an Editorial Calendar

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2 Reasons to have an editorial calendar by Kam of Campfire Chic

Nothing like the upcoming holiday season to make me thankful that I have an editorial calendar.

What is an editorial calendar? You may also know it as a “blog calendar” but I like sounding fancy. It’s the plan you set for your upcoming blog posts organized on a calendar…like, a literal calendar. Maybe it’s a week-by-week plan you have drafted up in an Evernote or maybe you have a specific calendar set up in your Google Calendar. It’s more than sitting down the morning you want a blog post out and writing something on a whim. It’s a plan…and I love a good plan.

Why have an editorial calendar? There are three BIG reasons why I’m thankful to have a blogging plan this time of the year…I can visually see the posts I have ready to roll, when I make time to sit at my computer, I can start working right away, and…how do I say this…I’m super forgetful, so having blog posts organized and in my face keeps me on track.

Here are 3 reasons to have an editorial calendar:


I’m busy. You’re busy. Sometimes things fall through the cracks when we’re busy…those dishes don’t always get done, that trip to Target for eggs? You spent $50 but forgot to get the eggs. Think of an editorial calendar as a HUGE way to keep the blogging part of your life organized. I use both my Google Calendar and the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress to organize my posts. That way, if a guest blog post doesn’t make it to my inbox when I need it, I can see what other posts I have planned/drafted and can easily move things around! Heading on vacation? Preparing your blog and website for your absence is so much easier with an editorial calendar! Another reason? If you cover several topics, it will help you organize your posts so you don’t have three DIY projects in a row. Being an organized blogger is fun!

Idea Generation

At a loss for ideas? Take a look at your editorial calendar and see what you have planned and think of other posts that may be good ideas…do you have a post about starting yoga planned for the month? Why not write a few other posts that can build off of that one (see: 5 blog posts to write when you try something new) to fill some of the gaps? Simply looking at your calendar can help inspire you to fill in spots for the month…and sometimes idea generation is the hardest part…take a look at last month’s calendar, is there an update you can write on something you shared? Why not post an update on how volunteering at a local shelter, a variation to the yummy recipe you shared, or a peek into the a secret project you’re working on?

Ease of Mind

Let’s be honest…some of us feel a little stressed about not having a blog post scheduled and ready to go for the next morning. And by “some of us” I mean ME. I like knowing that I have my blog posts set up, scheduled, and more ideas for the following week. When I know I’ll be out of town, I work ahead, and then when I’m waiting for takeoff I’m not worried about my blog not being updated while I’m out of town! The same is true when I’m sick and when I don’t feel like being on the computer after being at work all day.

Get your editorial calendar in check this holiday season so you can get to work faster and back to your family in record time.

How do you organize your blog posts?

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  • Shawna Miller December 9, 2013, 7:12 am

    I’m trying to get better at this! I’m more of a pen and paper gal though.

  • Manasa December 9, 2013, 11:20 am

    I’ll be trying this! I can be very disorganized when it comes to important things like blogging. Will see if it works for me.


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