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2014 One Little Word - FINISH by Campfire Chic

In an effort to finish some “back burner” projects and work on my 28 things to do before I’m 29 list, I spent the past weekend working on my One Little Word® binder.

What is One Little Word®? In 2006, Ali Edwards decided to select one word to to focus on for an entire year – it helps shape her whole year from how she lives, how she interacts with others, how she approaches projects, and runs her business. She offers a year-long workshop to help bring a community factor to the challenge and to also help others take their words to new levels.

My words have been: Focus, Brave, and Finish.

These three words will always have a strong place in my heart. Especially brave. Brave will always be extra-special.

Anyway, I started taking Ali’s workshop last year and never really finished my OLW assignments…and I’m taking the workshop again this year and making a greater effort to work on last year’s assignments and this year’s assignments in a way that is meaningful to me and stays authentic to who I am. Instead of working on some of the journaling assignments (or the dreaded interview assignment that I refuse to address), I printed out the Campfire Chic monthly newsletters I sent out last year — each month I themed the email to my subscribers after a different intention that I set as a part of the OLW workshop. I’m doing the same this year with Finish, if you’d like to receive these emails (I now send an email every other week), you can subscribe here.

Here are some recent additions to my binder:

One Little Word Intention Cards

My 2014 intention cards – The big theme this year is to make your word visible and one of the first assignments is to make these cards to remind yourself what you want to focus on each month in relation to your word. Ultra-fine point Sharpies are my jam right now (I don’t think they are archival safe but I’m not stressed about that) and I used them to write on some trimmed down Project Life® journaling cards from Seafoam and what I think is the Midnight kit.  I used some flair that I’ve had for forever, and one wood veneer word bubble from Studio Calico.

2014 One Little Word Monthly Reflection Cards - Campfire Chic

Monthly Reflection Cards – An on-going assignment is to reflect on each month. There is more to the assignment than that, but that’s the short version. I cut down more cards from the Midnight Kit to fit the We R Memory Keepers page protector (the pockets won’t hold the 3×4 cards, ugh) and I stuck with the designs that are yellow (instead of grey or black) to keep things light and matching the Intention Cards. I like that it was easy for me to get these into the page protectors and have things set up and ready to roll. I like that Ali frames this assignment in a way that makes it easy for me to journal than if she said to just reflect on each month.

One Little Word Vision Board - Campfire Chic

Finish Vision Board – Like I mentioned, Ali is really focused on making our words visible this year and after creating a vision board last year she encouraged participants to make one this year. I mean, what’s more visual than a vision board? I don’t have many magazines around the apartment right now and my printer decided to head to printer-heaven recently so I was pretty limited for this exercise…maybe that’s for the best. It let me focus on finishing the project rather than obsessively flipping through 100 magazines searching for the perfect images.

I’m scheduling some time at the end of April to come back to the binder and work on the assignments I missed last year and to add a list of things I finish each month…I’m not sure how, but I know I want to document that. I’ll also be printing out the newsletter emails I’ve been sending out to include in the binder…maybe in a way that’s more attractive compared to what I did with the Brave emails — they are SUPER plain and pretty uninteresting looking.

Do you have one word that is shaping your year?

Are you taking Ali’s class?

Please note: I have a few Amazon Affiliate Links in this post. By clicking on those links and making a purchase, I will receive a super small portion of the sale. Think of it as a way to support Campfire Chic!

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2014 Notebook/Album One Little Word

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  • Laura March 27, 2014, 6:31 am

    I’m struggling with the assignments, not gonna lie . . . I did the February cards as part of my January project as I found them really good last year and the vision board just isn’t speaking to me at the moment. I was discussing this with Megan earlier in the week :) I haven’t done my monthly reflections which I think I need to start doing. For me my word is all about actions rather than thinking and how I attack things, I guess that’s what BUILD will do!
    I loving how yours looks so co-ordinated with the matching cards, I’m trying to do a colour theme through mine.

    • Kam April 11, 2014, 8:22 am

      I really lost my passion for it last year but now that I’m working with a word that has some tangible results, I was inspired to sit down and work on a few of the tasks from this year and last year.

      The cards from the Midnight PL core kit from Becky Higgins…coordinating the cards was the easiest part of the task and I thought it would help me to keep moving forward if I didn’t have to make too many decisions. Hopefully I can carry this through the other tasks this year :)

      For BUILD, I think your work will be much more visual than some of the journaling that Ali is encouraging this year…more like statements (we finished the floors, we started the garden) rather than reflections (having a new floor in the kitchen makes me feel more grounded, the new garden will bring so much joy during the spring) because you’re still hustlin’ and ain’t nobody got time for touchy-feely ;)

  • Ellen March 27, 2014, 2:28 pm

    I took Ali’s class last year too. I only made it through the February assignment and then the project fell by the wayside. Even by just completing the start of the project, I feel like I was really able to live my word intentionally throughout the year. This year, my word is struggling. Maybe I’ll take a look back at the assignments (I printed them all) and do them for this year. Good luck with the project!

    • Kam April 11, 2014, 8:24 am

      I think that’s around the time I fell off the wagon and went rogue, too! I like the creative/visual tasks much more than the journaling on the worksheets…sure they help, but I’d really rather not interview somebody about MY word and include it in my binder…I ended up printing some things from the internet to stick into my binder as a visual reminder that I’m still working on my words…we’ll see how long I last this year :)


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