Weekend Adventure: Find Art In Your City

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Iconic Greetings from Austin Mural - Campfire Chic

While in Austin, Texas, Alex and I noticed that there is a great amount of art around the city. There are so many murals, installations, and other things to keep the city “weird” that it was hard not to stop and appreciate all that was going on.

We did a lot of walking while in Austin and found that we noticed the small details of the city that drivers may miss: stars on planters, the capitol building included in many designs, and bats…so many bats.

So here is my challenge to you this weekend: Plan an afternoon exploring your city/town to find the little things that make it special.

O. Henry Mural in Austin, Texas - Campfire Chic

Books Mural in South Congress - Campfire Chic


Austin Graffiti


Yes, I’m inviting you to also celebrate the street art, the yarn bombing, and the interesting yard work that makes where you live unique.

You may not even notice the giant mural on the back of the bank anymore, but I bet it deserves a quick visit this weekend.

One of the cities in Orange County has some rule about statues/installations being mandatory if a new building is being put up…some sort of beautification project…? It’s pretty interesting to see giant statues outside of gas stations, I’ll tell you that! But it’s what makes that city unique. One of the cities closer to where I live in Orange County has a TON of fountains…it’s like every shopping plaza and workplace has a different kind of fountain! While I pass these fountains everyday, I could use an afternoon out of my car and really taking a good hard look at these parts of my community.

Till Death Do Us Part Mural in Austin - Campfire Chic

Mystical Mural in Downtown Austin - Campfire Chic


What is your town known for?

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Adventure Weekend

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  • Judy March 14, 2014, 9:38 am

    A couple of years ago,my town-known as ‘Little Norway’-put up a Viking statue. People dress the poor guy up on holidays, in Seahawks and Sounders colors, whatever. I’m inspired by you to photograph him in all his outfits.

    • Kam March 15, 2014, 3:14 pm

      How FUN! That’s got to be something to see, I bet he was really decked out during the Superbowl!


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