Canon SELPHY Photo Printer Review

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Canon SELPHY CP910 Photo Printer Review - Campfire Chic

Problem: I wasn’t scrapbooking or Project Life-ing very much because the process of selecting photos each week, editing them, and them sending them off to be printed just wasn’t fitting into my routine.

Solution: For small batches of printing (like, for a mini-album or when family is visiting), I purchased the Canon SELPHY CP910 photo printer.

This little workhorse of a photo printer has been around for a while, so I won’t get into the technical aspects of what makes this printer so great. As for printer reviews, I was pretty convinced it would be the product for me after Kristin shared her tips on printing 3×4 photos on the Canon SELPHY and Kelly Purky takes hers around the world with her.

I ordered my photo printer from Amazon with the additional 3 pack of paper/cartridges before our Japan trip because I knew (from past experience) that if I didn’t print the photos right away, I would never complete the album I was hoping to put together.

I didn’t put it together and test it out after it arrived because I kind of assumed that it would be a difficult process. Wrong.  I had the paper set up, cartridge installed, app downloaded, and photos printing in about 15 minutes. 

The printer is super lightweight, so I’m a little upset I didn’t bring it with me on our trip so I could print photos at the end of each day and start scrapbooking while I was there and the memories were fresh!

A big hesitation about getting a photo printer was about the price per photo (about $0.30 with the SELPHY) and the inevitable bullshit moment when I realize I have a ton of extra photo paper laying around because other printers have the same issue that hot dogs and hot dog buns have…you get 10 hot dogs in a package but the store only sells you 8 hot dog buns. BULLSHIT to the highest degree. It’s not the case with this printer…I even tested it by flipping one of the photo papers over and trying to go for an extra print (it didn’t work). You get a new cartridge each time you get paper and there is only enough ink in the cartridge for the paper you get in the package.

The wireless printing is such a handy option! I don’t have much experience printing photos wirelessly, but what I can say is that it is very easy to connect to the printer’s wifi, the app is easy to use, and there is not much of a delay between sending my photos to the printer and when the printer gets to work. I don’t need to keep track of yet another wire or special attachment, I just turn on my phone and start printing. You also have the option to insert an SD card if you’re using a digital camera.

If you’re looking for a photo printer to have handy, I highly suggest this one. You can purchase it on Amazon in either black or white for about $85 and they are both available with Prime shipping. Like I mentioned earlier, I ordered an additional set of ink/paper (with enough paper for 108 4×6 photos!) because the printer itself only ships with a few pieces of photo paper to get you started.

Note: Links to Amazon are affiliate links. If you do not want to shop through affiliate links (I use the earned credit to send supplies to the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County), simply search for the Canon SELPHY CP910 in your web browser to find what you need.

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