Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners

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Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners - Campfire Chic

With the Messy Lists collaboration, Amy and I are getting a few questions about the types of supplies we use for our art journaling. I decided to put together a list of the things I’m using to give you an idea of art journaling supplies for beginners.

This supply list for art journaling includes things that you may already have at your desk if you’re a scrapbooker or cardmaker. I’m trying to use supplies I already have on hand and if I purchase anything, I want it to be something I can use for other projects in the future.

Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners

Art Journaling Supply Basic Kit from Campfire Chic

  • Ink pad – this Staz-On ink pad is amazing and totally something you should have in your creative toolkit. It’s a bit more expensive than you’d think a stamp pad should be, but believe me when I say it’s worth it! Unlike other inks, this will adhere to thinks like glossy photos, acetate, leather, and metal surfaces
  • Crayons – I bought a fresh pack of crayons to play with the watercolors and to hopefully recreate a project I did in elementary school (more on that later!) and to test out making my own resist embellishements/backgrounds
  • Book – This is my second art journal and I like that this is already put together for me. I suggest thinking about your project before purchasing a book or making anything because you’ll want to make sure the binding allows for expansion because you’ll be adding a lot of bulk to your book before long
  • Watercolor set – I love the small size of my set and that it came with a water brush. This set may seem like it won’t last very long, but the paint cakes last a long time (it doesn’t look like I’ve touched any of them!). The outer case is hard so it can be tucked away in a purse or backpack if you want to take your watercolors with you on a trip
  • Colored pencils – I have two sets: a watercolor pencil set and a regular colored pencil set. I highly suggest the watercolor pencil set due to the versatility and quality. This is also great for those grown up coloring books that are super popular right now
  • Paint brushes – I have an inexpensive set of brushes that I bought recently that are holding up pretty well but I have no idea how to properly use them. I also have some foam brushes that get used every so often
  • Gesso – I learned the hard way that using a lot of wet supplies (wet adhesive, water colors, etc.) on some of the old book pages I have results in things bleeding through to the other side and sometimes the paper plain falling apart! Gesso helps create a canvas for you to create on without the pages on either side getting ruined
  • Adhesive – I use my scrapbook adhesives in my art journal because I don’t see a reason to buy new glue! I use this wet adhesive, glue sticks, photo squares, and this dimensional glue
  • Acrylic paint – I bought a set of 24 acrylic paints before Messy Lists started and I’m loving everything I can do with them! The colors are so vibrant and I like that I can create a bit of texture using it on top of gesso
  • Sharpies – I’m using my tried and true thin Sharpie and a regular one to write in my art journal. I’m not worried about this last hundreds of years, so I don’t need an archival safe marker for this project
  • Stamps – I’m holding onto my scrapbooking roots by using stamps in my art journal. While I would love to have a ton of alpha stickers at hand for some of my layouts, having the stamps around helps give a bit of structure to my otherwise paint-heavy pages. I love the alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey’s shop and this stamp set from rukristin papercrafts
  • Clothespins – I’m not sure if this is a thing, but I’m using clothespins to hold up pages that are still drying while working on other pages. I have zero patience for all this drying time
  • Magazines/Catalogs – I love a good collage and I get a bunch of free catalogs in the mail so it’s nice having them around for scrap paper and to stamp out whatever letters I need for my pages
  • Washi tape – I haven’t used it too much in my layouts, but I have a healthy stash of washi that will be making an appearance soon enough, I’m sure!

Looking for more? My go-to blogger for all things art journaling is my longtime internet friend, Katie of Punk Projects. She has a great post on her go-to art journal supplies and another on her favorite art journal supplies.

Happy art journaling!

Please note: I am an Amazon Affiliate and will receive a commission for purchases made through the links in this post. I own all the items mentioned in this post (you can probably find my reviews on Amazon, too) so please do not hesitate to ask questions about any of the items shown here.

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  • katie smith April 11, 2016, 11:47 am

    I love a good pack of crayons as well! :)

    (thanks so much for the link love!)

    • Kam April 11, 2016, 10:45 pm

      I’m using them so much! Hopefully they last for a little while :)


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