16 Projects in 2016: Build a Better Wardrobe with Stitch Fix

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I’m tackling 16 projects in 2016. I originally posted my list in January, but I updated it recently to better reflect what I want out of this year. You can see the updated list here.

I started a new job in March and needed to upgrade my wardrobe to match the new position. Many of my work clothes have been in rotation for 5 years and I noticed I was wearing the same 8 items week in and week out. While a uniform sounds nice, I wasn’t feeling inspired by my options and I knew some of the items were on their last legs. It was time for a refresh!

I’m not great at shopping for myself unless I’m in the market for an oversized tank top and leggings, so I took the plunge and signed up for Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Review - Building a Better Work Wardrobe - Campfire Chic

16 Projects in 2016: Build a Better Wardrobe

Stitch Fix is a subscription service that has been around for a few years. I remember when I ton of fashion/lifestyle/mommy bloggers were all blogging about it at the same time to the point where it was a bit of white noise in the blog world (kind of like when everybody was blogging about Blue Apron). I used a friend’s link to sign up so she would receive credit in her account for her next Fix (apparently when a box of clothes arrives at your house, you call it a Fix?) and followed all the directions…

It was super excited to receive my first Fix. I put a ton of stuff on Pinterest, I completed my style profile (a series of questions to help your stylist better understand your current style and what you’re hoping to get out of the service), and stalked the mail like a crazy person. The unboxing experience is fantastic. Your items are wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed with a giant teal sticker with the Stitch Fix logo, there’s a personalized note from your stylist with suggestions on how to wear the items in your Fix, images of each item and ideas on how to wear the item casually and how to wear it in a nicer way (think: from day to night), an envelope for returns, and the invoice.

Stitch Fix Review - Work Appropriate Wardrobe Building with Kam of Campfire Chic

My first Fix was disappointing, to say the least. I knew it may take a second or third Fix for things to really sync, but the box felt like it was packed for somebody else and it didn’t feel like my stylist read my style profile to get an idea of what I would be interested in seeing in my Fix.

Of the 5 items, I kept one –  a chino pencil skirt that I wouldn’t normally reach for when shopping, but it proved to be really cute with some of the tops I have in my closet already. One of the great things about Stitch Fix is you get to try on these pieces with items you already own…something you can’t do when you are in the dressing room at the mall.

I left plenty of feedback and was given a different stylist for my second shipment.

I was cautiously optimistic for my second fix, but I did a few things to better the odds of having a stellar box:

I added specific things to my Pinterest board

  • You can add a link to a Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix profile so your stylist can peek at it as she puts your Fix together. My board started it out with a broad range of outfits that are definitely my style, but I learned that loading up your board with something specific (say, a navy blazer) helps get the point across.
  • I also learned that adding items from the Stitch Fix account or images of things other women have received from Stitch Fix gives your Stylist the go-ahead to send that item (maybe in a different color?) your way.
  • And don’t be afraid to add something from a few months ago, I added a navy blouse from November to my board before my May Fix and that exact blouse showed up in my box! Checked the #stitchfix hashtag on Instagram to see what other women were receiving and Pinned those items

Updated my Style Profile

  • There is an extensive style profile for you to fill out when you sign up for Stitch Fix, and what I learned is to not hesitate to update the profile between Fixes to give my stylist a better idea of what I’m looking for (and, more importantly, what I’m not looking for!)
  • At the end of the style profile, there is a space where you can add more about your style, what you’re looking for in your Fixes, etc. I use this area to remind my stylist that I’m looking to build a wardrobe for my new job and that I prefer navy over black.
  • The Stitch Fix app allowed me to upload a photo of myself to give my stylist a better idea of what I look like and what may flatter me the most. I didn’t see an option to do this on the main website so I’m glad I saw I could download the app and add a full length photo of myself to my profile.

Was more specific in the note to my stylist

  • For my first Fix, I left a note for my stylist that I wanted to have clothes for work at my “business comfortable” workplace. The first Fix didn’t go well, so I was more specific in my note: I work for a government agency and need work-appropriate clothing for an executive assistant. That greatly helped my second Fix
  • I’m expecting my third fix in early July and requested some items I can wear for a bridesmaid brunch and rehearsal dinner I have coming up in late July. When you’re looking for clothes for a specific event, it’s a good idea to let your stylist know!

I opened my second Fix and it was a million times better. Alex asked me if I was able to select things on my own because every item in the box felt like something I would order on my own.

Stitch Fix for Business Attire - Campfire Chic

Of the 5 items in my Fix, I would’ve kept 4 this time around. The elephant blouse looked like pajamas on me, so it was an instant go-back. The black trousers were nice, but I don’t need black pants right now, and the grey blazer was a dream, but I have two blazers like it already (I asked my stylist to keep an eye out for a navy blazer, but I guess there wasn’t one available).

I ended up keeping the navy blouse and the crossbody bag. I have a similar blouse, but the structure of this one and the gold details made it different enough that I needed it in my closet. The purse is something I would pet lovingly at the store but not normally purchase — my bags are usually tan, brown, or black. I loaded up the bag with my wallet and few other things and decided it would be a great purse for work. The lining is a beautiful red and white pattern so things won’t get lost at the bottom, which is a nice bonus!

Style Ideas from Stitch Fix for Work Appropriate Outfits - Campfire Chic

I like that your Fix comes with these casual and dressed up suggestions for your items and my stylist knows what I kept from my previous Fix so she could include something in this Fix that would work well with the previous one…she suggested the navy blouse with the chino skirt from my first Fix, which I appreciate.

What is nice about Stitch Fix is you can set up the deliveries to fit your needs. For example, I don’t need a Fix this month, but like I mentioned earlier, I have special occasions coming up next month so I scheduled my Fix for early July.

If you’re looking to build your wardrobe, give Stitch Fix a try and see where they can take your style. My referral link is: http://bit.ly/StitchFixKam

I was contacted by Stitch Fix to join their Influencer program. I received a $20 credit for my first Fix and am using affiliate links in this post. I chose to hold off on sharing my Stitch Fix review and thoughts on the service until I was comfortable with the subscription and tried it more than once because I didn’t want to prematurely recommend something I wasn’t sure would benefit Campfire Chic readers. I am not a fashion blogger (ha!) and I do not plan on sharing reviews of each Stitch Fix box I receive here, but I may share that information on my Instagram, when appropriate. If you use the links in this post to create an account and request your first Fix, I will receive a commission. 

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16 Projects in 2016 About Kam Review

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  • Pauline, the Serenity Project December 31, 2016, 9:02 pm

    I’ve also tried Stitch Fix, but only once, and I wasn’t over the moon. I think I kept just one thing, a white shirt (not exactly exciting). You’ve encouraged me to try again: thanks for the tips to improve the odds of liking the items.


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