My 30 Days of Lists Album for September 2016

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I love a good challenge and 30 Days of Lists is one challenge I know I’ll tackle three times a year.

Earlier this week, I shared how I’ll be participating in 30 Days of Lists this September and I’m glad I get to share it with you.

My 30 Days of Lists Album for September 2016

How does 30 Days of Lists work? During September, Amy and I will be posting a list prompt each day for 30 days. Listers get the list prompt in the morning (Pacific time, at least), see examples of how we interpreted the prompt, and then go off and make their own! Some Listers share their finished lists on Instagram, some use the prompts to practice blogging daily, and others share their lists only in our private Facebook group.

30 Days of Lists Album for September 2016 - Campfire Chic

I loved using a Midori Traveler’s Notebook for one of my list books (yes, i totally made TWO list books) last September that I jumped at the opportunity to use one of (#30Lists Ambassador) Monika of I Love It All’s handmade Midori-style notebooks for this challenge.

30 Days of Lists Album and Supplies for September 2016 - Campfire Chic

The main supplies I plan on having handy throughout the month include the stamp sets featured above (all stamps except the set with circles – by Ali Edwards – are from rukristin’s shop), dry ink for my stamps, thin embellishments (shown here are from Ali Edwards’ Day in the Life kit), dry adhesive, and simple black pens.

I made a title page (below) using stamps from rukristin’s Awesome Ladies Scrapbook set and alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey. The inks are also from Kelly Purkey.

S16 Title Page

30 Days of Lists Album for September 2016 - Inside Pages - Campfire Chic

My lists will most likely be a single layout each day (instead of my lists spanning two pages for a double layout), and I used a ‘today’ stamp on the top of each pages. The stamp is from rukristin’s line and I love every stamp in the set!

I’m really inspired by bullet journalers and people who use a Midori-style notebooks as daily journals or to document their travels. I admire the commitment and how things seem to always fit perfectly on the page.

I pinned a few examples on Pinterest. 

I went to the Guillermo del Toro museum exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently and several of his notebooks were on display. There were tablets available to visitors to virtually flip through the pages of his amazing journals and I wish I took photos (Note: I found this pic on Instagram that somebody shared)!

Anyway, I’m hoping to practice filling my notebook with lots of lists and maybe some doodles and maybe more stamping. I guess we’ll see as we work our way through September :)

30 Days of Lists Album for the September 2016 Challenge - Campfire Chic


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30 Days of Lists

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