Book Review: Sixty Meters to Anywhere

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Book Review - Sixty Meters to Anywhere - Campfire Chic

I finished Brendan Leonard’s Sixty Meters to Anywhere while on a flight to Portland two weekends ago and I’m still thinking about it.

This isn’t a long book, so savor the time you get to spend learning about Brendan’s past. Brendan has a degree in journalism, which is refreshing after reading several outdoor-related books and stories over the years that aren’t written by professional writers. The pacing keeps you wanting to continue reading long after you told yourself you needed to go to bed. While the book is not overly emotional, he had me tearing up while reading about the end of his relationship and my heart bursting with a mix of pride and excitement as he described his mom taking up rock climbing.

To save you time, go ahead and order this book right away or put a hold on it at your local library.

Don’t read this book if you’re looking for tales of daring adventures in the mountains. This is an origin story of sorts for Brendan, so he is focused on where it all began: recovery, hiking up his first mountain, and learning how to live without alcohol.

Don’t read this book if you’re not interested in reading about finding a version of rock bottom and working your way out of it. But you stick with this book, you’ll be rooting for Brendan then entire time.

Read this book if you’ve ever read anything by Brendan Leonard. If you subscribe to, follow him on Instagram, read Funny Shit in the Woods, or The New American Road Trip Mix Tape, you’ll want to pick this one up.

Read this book if you think you’re too old to start your outdoor adventures. I assume any “big” person in the outdoor industry started climbing (or whatever their activity) since birth. It was nice to learn that starting later doesn’t mean you’re starting too late. Brendan learns how to pitch a tent and takes rock climbing classes while in graduate school, and like I mentioned earlier, his mom takes up rock climbing! It’s never too late.

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