December Daily 2016 – Album and 30 Days of Lists

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Create a December Daily Album and Include 30 Days of Lists Journaling

December Daily 2016 Album with 30 Days of Lists

December Daily is a yearly challenge created by Ali Edwards that encourages you to tell one story each day throughout December. The stories might be about the holiday-related things you are doing (hanging lights, shopping) or the everyday stories you want to document that may be overlooked in your regular scrapbooking during the holiday season.

30 Days of Lists is the creative journaling challenge I co-host three times a year as a way to encourage folks to incorporate creative time into their lives. The December challenge is not holiday-related, but we make sure to have prompts included that could be interpreted by Listers celebrating holidays during December.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Cover Page


I pulled together a small kit for myself before December 1st in order to make sure I was organized and ready to get going. I cleared out the top shelf of my RASKOG cart* and put all my supplies there so they were all in one spot so I didn’t have to hunt anything down during the month and could roll the cart into the living room if I wanted to scrapbook while sitting on the couch.

My supplies for December Daily/30 Days of Lists:

  • Simple Stories Holiday Snap! Binder – a 6×8 inch binder that is similar to the ones I used in previous years. I love using this style binder for projects including my wedding album, December Daily/#30Lists, and vacation albums.
  • Simple Stories pocket pages in various styles but my favorites are the 3×4 page protectors and the 3×4 with 4×6 page protectors.
  • My beloved Fiskars paper trimmer (this is the more updated version). This is my tried and true paper trimmer that has been by my slide for about eight years. One of the first things on my shopping list for this project was new blades. Like sewing projects, you want to have fresh paper trimmer blades available for a big project.
  • Echo Park Paper’s Deck the Halls paper line (this is a big pack so you get an idea of what I picked up). I have the 6×6 paper pad, a handful of 12×12 papers, and a paper embellishment pack from this line. It’s more traditional that I normally go, but I fell in love with the patterns and several of the papers can be used year-round for my outdoor adventures
  • The 3×4 number cards are from the 2015 December Daily mini kit designed by Ashley Goldberg for Ali Edwards. You can see the digital kit here.
  • Painted wood veneer trees are by American Crafts. Another staple in my scrapbook stash!
  • Currently List cards and other papers/cards from the Awesome Ladies paper line by Kristin of rukristin papercrafts. Kristin is working on her shop right now, so you’ll want to subscribe to her email list to know when these are available again!
  • Other embellishments, stamps, washi, and stuff. I’m trying to use my stash from last year and add in a few pieces that are new — I didn’t use a lot of stamps last year and I’m hoping to use more this year to justify my shopping (ha!).
*The links to in this list are affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on sales made through these links at no extra cost to you. I use the money to purchase supplies and my favorite spicy ramen #realtalk. If you want a RASKOG don’t live near an IKEA, you can order one on Amazon.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Cover Pocket Pages

I had a very good time putting together my album this year.

It seemed easier and I think that is because I reviewed my previous albums right before getting my album started for 2016.

I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to scrapbook each day, I let myself work on the album whenever I wanted.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Backside of clear pocket pages

I decided to include more stuff in my album this year and not hold back on including the 2×2 pocket pages throughout the album. I started this album with some paper I love from the Echo Park line. I included a 3×4 card from one of the Ali Edwards kits from last year and mounting that card on a transparency overlay, also from a previous kit.

Then I included my first 2×2 pocket page of the album to give some early layering to the album, include the year, and mirror the transparency used on the opposite page in the pockets to create a cohesive look.

I spent the first day of December at home with a bad cold. It was my first time using Amazon PrimeNow, so I included part of the bag in the album as a reminder that I’m super lucky to live in an area that has a service that can bring me medicine within an hour or two!


December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Including Packaging in Your Scrapbook Album

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 1

While I was home sick so I prepared my album with number cards from a December Daily kit from 2015 that includes numbers 1 through 31. I am not thrilled with the look of all the number cards, but I wanted to use them up and this is the best project for it.

I also created the List cards using stamps and mounting the list papers on the patterned paper I bought for the project. It was nice to have these made ahead of time so I would be able to grab the cards as I worked on my lists.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 2 and 3 with Kam of Campfire Chic

In an effort to keep up with the project on a regular basis, I printed my photos at home using my Selphy printer (check out my Canon Selphy printer review here). It may not be a perfect solution for all scrapbookers, but I like having my projects done rather than waiting until the end of the month to order a bunch of photos or running to Target whenever I need photos for my project (because it’s impossible to leave Target without spending $50).

This is going to be a very photo-heavy post, so it continues after the jump.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 4 Adding Layers to Albums

If you purchased any of the December Daily 2015 kits, you’ll recognize a bunch of the paper products in this album. I split the kits with some friends so there was entirely too much product to use last year and I know I have enough for at least two more years! It’s nice to know I don’t have to stress about picking up a bunch of supplies for future albums.

I love including stuff in my albums, and this album is no exception. I used bags, tags, packaging, and more in the album. I know that down the road in a few years, it will be interesting to see how these things have changed over the years. I know I love that my grandmother included stuff in her 1953 travel scrapbook!

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 5 with Clear Embellishments

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 6 and 7

One of the reasons I wanted to start doing 30 Days of Lists in December was that my December Daily albums were not exciting me as I put them together because I didn’t always have a story to tell each day. I work full-time outside the home and don’t have kids so December isn’t always about doing holiday-related activities. There are a lot of days where I wake up when it’s dark out, head to work, and return home when it’s dark. Not too exciting!

I made sure to include stories that may be overlooked in my Project Life album because I am doing my layouts by month instead of by week.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 8 and How to Include Seasonal Treats in Your Album

One of my favorite parts of the album is this two-page layout! I love that I decorated this transparency with a long calendar sticker, glitter star, and reindeer from a ribbon. It lets me see through to the tea bag on the next page and kind of frames the whole situation so I pay extra attention to it! I LOVE this tea and it’s only available during November/December so I made sure to stock up this year so I can have enough to last throughout the winter.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Clear Layers

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 9

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 10 and 11

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 12 and 13

My album is complete, but there hasn’t been a good day with proper lighting since I took these photos on NYE. When I’m working on my album and there are gaps, I make notes on small sticky notes so I remember what stories I want to tell and what photos to print out for the different days.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 4

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Include Toy Packaging in Your Albums

Alex and I bought a TON of Funko Pops this year and I wanted to include some of them in this album because it was such a big part of our month. What is nice about these toys is the boxes are perfect for scrapbooking! The front of the boxes have a clear portion, which is perfect for my love of layers! I tried to include them on the days we picked them up instead of putting them all in one spot. The Ms. Marvel Funko Pop was proving difficult for us to find at Walgreens so Alex ended up ordering it online instead of watching me panic about missing out on her.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 16 and 17

I knew I wanted to include photos of where we were shopping during the month to compare how these stores look in the future. I bet comic book stores will look pretty similar in the future, but we all know Target refreshes often. I also tried to not shy away from things that may look dated in the future (like the Pepsi can in the layout below) because my grandma always requested we clear off things like that in photos but wouldn’t it be great to see all the “vintage” packaging when looking through family albums? I think so!

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 18 and 19

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Include Seasonal Packaging In Your Scrapbooks

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 21

One of my coworkers got this giant star clip for part of the wrapping for a gift for me and I knew I needed to include it in my album! I love that it looks perfect with my elevator selfie.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Days 22 and 23

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Christmas Cards

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Adding Layers to Your Scrapbook Albums

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Pocket Page Album

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Alex and I got annual passes to Universal Studios Hollywood and we went for our first trip of the year on the 29th! I wanted to include the map, so I made an insert to hold it. I had to trim it down a bit to fit in the album, but I think it works out well. After taking the photo, I added a journaling block to the bottom lefthand corner to give a little more about the trip.

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Including Fold Out Maps and Documents in Your Album

I might print out some 4×6 photos to adhere to the gold dot page to show off more of the park :)

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - day 29

The last two pages are a little lacking because didn’t do too much at the end of the year. That 24hour stomach flu hit like a wrecking ball so nothing really happened that is worth documenting more than, “oh fuuccckkk this sucks.”

December Daily and 30 Days of Lists - Day 30 and 31


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