Week in the Life 2017: Monday, April 17, 2017

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Today is the first day of Ali Edwards’ challenge: Week in the Life.

I love this project. It’s less pressure than Day in the Life and it’s not as labor intensive as December Daily. It’s a great medium. I haven’t been taking many photos of everyday life lately because I haven’t printed out photos for my Project Life albums in ages and I haven’t been feeling very motivated.

What is Week in the Life?

It’s a challenge by Ali Edwards to document your every day for one week. While Day in the Life focuses on the details of a single day, this project focuses on the details of an entire week. It’s a great way to see the patterns of your life and give your memory keeping an infusion of stories that go beyond birthday parties and vacations. Document your week in photos and stories!

Week in the Life 2017 - Kam of Campfire Chic

I was looking through my Week in the Life blog posts and I think my favorite two ways I documented my weeks involved including 6×12 pocket pages in my Project Life albums. While Project Life is my main way of long-term memory-keeping, I am very behind. Hopefully, this will help me get caught up in my monthly documenting.

My plan for Week in the Life

I started taking some photos this morning on my way to work, a couple while I was at work, and a few right when I got home. I don’t have a very exciting week planned, which is perfect for this project, but I do get tired of seeing the same photos over and over, so I’m hoping to push myself a bit this week to get different stories told.

In the photos above, I wanted to capture my walk into my work. I’m so happy that it’s light out when I get to work now. There are a few weeks in December when I get to work in the dark and leave in the dark and it’s very hard on me emotionally. Today’s view wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t sure if my hair would cooperate today, but I ended up looking pretty cute! It’s a good thing, too, my undercut is a little shaggy so putting my hair up is out of the question and I was playing hostess for a Board of Directors meeting and looking decent is important to me. Also, I like taking elevator selfies to share what I’m wearing throughout the week.

Week in the Life 2017 - Kam of Campfire Chic 4-17

Once I got home, I planted myself directly on the couch to play some Skyrim and ended up sitting here long enough to see the light change as we watched some of the basketball games on tonight. I didn’t want to clean up my coffee table or straighten up the room at all to show the real story of my week. My apartment isn’t always tidy and my memory keeping should reflect that.

Once thing I love about this project is seeing what my friends put together. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kristin puts together and if Odessa decides to play along. I love their styles so much and how they focus on their stories in addition to the people around them.

Here’s to another Week in the Life!

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2017 Memory Keeping Week in the Life

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  • Hannah April 18, 2017, 2:22 am

    A week in the life sounds like mine kind of thing – as you say not as intense as a day in the life

  • Katie April 18, 2017, 9:43 am

    Glad to see some people playing along. I have two years of unfinished witl so I opted to not play along. But I love seeing them


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