An About Me Traveler’s Notebook Printable Scrapbook Project

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I think I’m officially in love with Travelers-style Notebooks! I finally put together a Travelers Notebook (TN) during International Scrapbook Weekend using Kristin’s Awesome Ladies Printable Scrapbook.

I printed out the scrapbook pages on single pages (I did not print double-sided) and used my tape runner to put my pages together and used my long-range stapler to get the connected pages attached to the cover. My cover is a basic kraft cardstock and nothing too special.

I didn’t print double-sided because I wanted to organize the prompt pages in a specific order and figured I could stamp without worrying about the ink bleeding through to the next page.

About Me Traveler’s Notebook Printable Scrapbook

Printable Scrapbook Awesome Ladies Project - by Kam of Campfire Chic


I tried to stick with the patterned paper and stickers from the National Scrapbook Day Currently Me kit Kristin put together to make my pages feel cohesive and to cut down on making decisions. Too many choices slows me down when I’m scrapbooking.

I decided to focus on layering in this album instead of trying to keep things quick and easy. On my first layout, I layered stickers, patterned paper, and washi tape with my photo. I know that may not seem like a big deal to some people, but using that many stickers on one layout is not something I would normally try.

The photo above is from a birthday trip to Austin, Texas in 2016.

Printable Travelers Notebook Insert for Scrapbooking - Kam of Campfire Chic


I snagged this photo from Paulina’s blog post about our camping weekend in February and knew it belonged in this TN. I will almost always mount a photo on some cardstock or patterned paper, and this time was no exception. I love how it helps the photo stand out while also helping the overall design of the page.

Here, I created a background by stamping the same word over and over to create a pattern. I used the word EXPLORE from a Kelly Purkey kit and I love that it gives a different color but doesn’t create a heavy pattern to distract from the overall layout.

I cut out some hearts from a small pattern to emphasize my love for these ladies.

Tell Your Story with a Printable Scrapbook Travelers Notebook - Kam of Campfire Chic


If you are hesitant to buy a product like a Printable Scrapbook because you want to have flexibility with the prompts, let me remind you that you can do whatever you want, it’s your project!

I already had plans for including Alex and Rintu in this album and I wanted to use a group photo from our weekend in San Antonio in my album so I updated the prompt by adding the word INTERNET to the left-hand side of the layout.

For this layout, I used more Kelly Purkey stamps and some coordinating paper to keep things simple and try a different-to-me layout to keep things fresh. I wanted to pull out the coral from Amy’s dress in this layout to give a break from the yellow I am using the in TN. There was a bit of pink in the previous layout to help give that cohesive feeling.

Travelers Notebook for Your Stories - Kam of Campfire Chic


I love this TN but I think it was this layout that really made me fall in love with this project. I used a recent elevator selfie because I have quite a few on my camera role. This photo was a good choice because there is a little bit of pink and a little bit of yellow on my dress. Honestly, it was too good!

I trimmed the photo to a smaller size, used three different kinds of patterned paper and a patterned vellum to give some organized chaos to this layout. I used more Kelly Purkey stamps and repeated WORK for two reasons: the mirror in the photo creates a repeated image and because my everyday life is generally work work work. It’s little details that make me extra happy with my work.

About the Awesome Ladies Printable Scrapbook

The Printable Scrapbook when assembled, is approximately the size of the popular Traveler’s Notebooks and fits in standard size folios. There are 32 pages inside including a front cover, double-page introduction spread, fourteen double-page prompt spreads, and a back cover. That gives you plenty of room for your storytelling projects!

The Printable Scrapbook was designed to be printed either double-sided or single-sided. The original Printable Scrapbook can be heavy on black ink, so it’s great for black and white laser printers. The light version of The Printable Scrapbook uses 80% less black ink and is perfect for ink conservation or printing on patterned paper.

Learn more about the Printable Scrapbook and buy it here

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