Awesome Ladies Live Weekend

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I mentioned a new creative retreat last month called Awesome Ladies Live hosted by Kristin of the Awesome Ladies Project. I went and enjoyed the long weekend of activities and want to share some photos and behind-the-scenes info about the retreat with you today. Dates for the next Awesome Ladies Live will be to those who are a part of the (free or VIP) Awesome Ladies Project, so I suggest getting on that ASAP.

Awesome Ladies Live Weekend 2017

The first Awesome Ladies Live Event was held over the weekend of June 9, 2017. I spent an extended weekend in East Lansing, Michigan with a great group of women to talk about documenting our stories, the Creatives who inspire us, and further friendships that started online.

Awesome Ladies Live - Mirror Selfie

Alex and I flew into Michigan late Thursday and made our way to Ann Arbor for a bite to eat before getting into East Lansing to see our friends and get rested for the weekend. I had a stressful week at work and wanted to sleep for a thousand years so I was happy that our Friday started out slower than expected.


Awesome Ladies Live Weekend - Wall of information

Awesome Ladies Live Weekend Retreat Group Photo

Kristin kicked off the weekend by hosting a casual dinner at her house for Awesome Ladies Live participants. Kristin and Jeff prepared a DIY pizza station and grilled chicken, hot dogs, and sausages. We spent time in the back yard taking photos and enjoying the weather.

There was a lot of food and it was a great way for everyone to meet and hang out before diving into the work planned for the next day!

Awesome Ladies Live Event - 30 Days of Lists Breakfast

Amy and I hosted a breakfast the morning of the event to make sure we all had plenty of coffee to get us through the morning after a late night. We met up at Grand Traverse Pie Company for a light breakfast (and pie!) before heading over to the hotel conference room for the event.

Breakfast participants were gifted a 30 Days of Lists traveler’s notebook, pencil set, and will receive a code for free registration to September’s #30Lists challenge.

Awesome Ladies Live Event - 30 Days of Lists Team

I don’t think Amy and I got any photos of the two of us the entire weekend other than this blurry one in a mirror. Next time!

Awesome Ladies Live - Workbook Details

The rest of Saturday was dedicated to making vision boards, going through a kickass workbook Kristin created, and starting a mini-album using a few techniques Kristin demonstrated.

Awesome Ladies Live - Instagram

Kristin walked around the room while she lectured and encouraged discussion as we worked on our projects. I was in charge of the The_Awesome_Ladies_Project Instagram account for the weekend and tried to capture different projects from the participants and quotes from Kristin.

Awesome Ladies Live Event - This is my story

Amy and I took photos of everyone with their “this is my story” cards. The lighting in the conference room was terrible for project photos, so we asked folks to step outside into the atrium to get these photos. It was the perfect time of day to capture these photos.

This is off-topic but the shirt I’m wearing in these photos is from Feminist Apparel and you can purchase it here. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a discount! I am not an affiliate, I just love the shirt and think you will love their products, too.

Awesome Ladies Live Event - Work Tables

It was great to see the different tools and supplies people brought to the event! Most of the ladies were fairly local so some were able to bring their crop bags, which was great when someone like me only had a few things but really could use a tiny attacher for the project. Thanks for sharing, ladies!

It was nice to try out different techniques and tools that I wouldn’t normally try and work with a paper line I probably wouldn’t buy on my own. Why? Because I have the tendency to only want to work with the papers I LOVE and if I love them that much I hold off on using them because what if I screw up?

Awesome Ladies Live - Crop Time

I printed my photos before the event through Persnickety Prints. I love that they offer different size options and the shipping was quicker than I expected. They were able to get a large order (100+ photos in different sizes) to me so fast! The quality is great and they have fantastic customer service.

I returned home inspired to spend less time playing video games (I am obsessed with Overwatch right now) and more time putting past trips and adventures into scrapbooks. It will help that it’s summer so I have more light in the evenings when I come home to work and take photos to share. I even got up the nerve to apply to a creative team!

To find out more about the Awesome Ladies Project, visit the website and follow on Instagram.

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