20 Instagram Accounts Inspiring Me to Get Outside

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Looking to add some adventure inspiration to your Instagram feed? Here are some of the outdoor Instagram accounts that are inspiring me to get outside lately.

20 Outdoor Instagram Accounts Inspiring Me to Get Outside - Kam of Campfire Chic

I shared a post a few years ago featuring a few of my favorite outdoor lady Instagrammers and I want to expand on that original list and hopefully introduce you to an account that inspires you. Some of these accounts are individual people, communities, and a handful of brands.

This isn’t a complete list, there are plenty more I could feature and people are always recommending more.

20 Outdoor Instagram Accounts
Inspiring Me to Get Outside

Outdoor Communities

These accounts are focused on sharing images and stories from the communities they are building. I love folllowing these types of accounts because I’m always finding someone new to follow and places to visit. It’s great to see how excited folks get when they see their friends featured and when they can recommend a community to someone. I hope you find a new-to-you community to love.

Somewhere far away the wind is blowing in your favor. Soft dirt waits to cling to your tired feet. A curve in the earth waits to cradle your buzzing head. Some unassuming shade waits to cool your burning skin. When you get there, worship the anticipation with which the world longed for you. For your steps and sweat and sighs. You will arrive to the infinite generosity that is nature. It is hard earned but it is generous. Smile. Because this is it. Tired joy. The kind that reminds you, you don’t deserve anything you didn’t earn. . . Will you help diversify our public lands? Tag your photos #BrownPeopleCamping . #findyourpark #goparks #rei1440project #optoutside #fypyes #fatgirlshiking #DiversifyOutdoors #unlikelyhiker #thegreatoutdoors #getoutside #wildernessculture #exploremore #outdoorasian #adventuregap #nationalparkgeek #sheexplores #livewylder #alltrails #womenwhohike #wehiketoheal #everytrailconnects #ourwild #itsallyours #hikingculture #forceofnature #radparks #RialtoBeach #Olympicnationalpark #LetsCamp

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Bethany runs the @browngirlsclimb account which features photos from #browngirlsclimb and #colorthecrag to encourage diversity in the climbing community in addition to her own photos from the gym and crag.

Ambreen from @brownpeoplecamping is on a mission to diversify the outdoors. You can see her recent Airstream and Alaska Airlines adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest in her recent photos in addition to regrams from the #brownpeoplecamping hashtag.

Jenny is behind @unlikelyhikers and shares photos from her #unlikelyhiker / #unlikelyhikers hashtag to increase diversity, inclusion, and visibility in the outdoors. Jenny recently announced that REI asked her to be a part of the #ForceofNature campaign, which is a great opportunity to expand her message!

My local chapter of Girls Who Hike is @girlswhohikela and I’m glad to see so many women hitting local trails and hosting meetups to bring women together to serve the community (trash cleanups!), learn new skills, and hike. You can also find international adventure trips hosted by the group, which is great if you’re looking to do some traveling with other active folks.

Nicole and Savanah started @womenwhohike and it’s spread throughout the country to numerous chapters (like Girls Who Hike). Their focus is to empower women to get outdoors and your membership helps them with that mission.

A newer account, @womenofcolorinnature, is dedicated to increasing representation of women of color in the outdoors. You also get to see lots of yoga in nature photos because Sasanna is a yoga instructor!

What I love about @outdoorafro is that they not only share photos to inspire Black leadership outdoors, they also have a fantastic website with resources that connect help hikers connect with leaders in 28 states…and if there isn’t a leader in your area, they are reviewing applications to be a leader this month so apply today.

Need more photos of women on epic adventures? Check out @alpinewomencollective! Two friends came together to put together a community to inspire women to get outdoors and they are doing just that. You can find trips on their website, sign up to go hiking with other women in the community, read about past hikes and retreats on their blog, and get tips from their resource section.

Kick-ass Ladies Who Seek Adventure

How can I resist a kick-ass lady sharing her adventures? I think it’s really important to see people who look like you in media, and social media has made it much easier to be like, “omg she’s like me!” and feel more connected to different hobbies/activities. There are so many athletes and active women sharing their stories on Instagram that this was hard to narrow down, but these women are who I point to first when I’m recommending folks to follow online.

I love Carrie’s illustrations and when I saw that she has a travel Instagram in addition to her main @cisforfrenchfry account, I was so excited. She shares her travel photos on @carriemeowtravels but I suggest following both accounts. I love when she includes her illustrations in the landscapes she’s in, which she shares on her main account. Her travel account is wonderful and beautiful and I’m using it to get ideas for trips.

Whenever Kathy’s posts show up in my feed I think, I need to get back to the gym so I can crush it like @inheadlights. She also runs the blog For the Love of Climbing.

I grew up going to Mammoth Lakes for at least a week every summer and it’s one of those places where I can draw a map of the town from memory but I can’t remember how to get to my favorite Thai restaurant near my apartment. Jenica (@jlawberry) lives in Mammoth and shares her 4-season love for the place. It’s nice to be able to live vicariously through her between trips.

Cindy is a local hiker who is (what I would consider) a selfie-stick queen. She shares her nearly daily hikes on @sinparts and she created her own cottage brand Ramona Gear based on her experiences outdoors. I love how she’s always hiking and sharing great spots in the Los Angeles area.

Irene is better known as @ladylockoff. She is a climber and photographer and I love her feed. She shares photos she takes at the crag, and it’s great to see so many different women featured in her photos. Her photos are all bright, colorful, and dynamic. You need to check out her work if you’re looking for some climbing inspiration.

Melise shares her climbing photos as @meliseymo on Instagram. She’s from Seattle, so you’ll see plenty of beautiful views in addition to training videos and beautiful bouldering photos.¬†She recently wrote a post for Outdoor Research about the 5 myths about bouldering.

Ready for beautiful views from Montana to go along with adventure photos? @mariahkan has got you covered. When she isn’t at work, you’ll find Mariah SUPing, backpacking, biking, kayaking, skiing, and relaxing around Montana.

I started following @nic.antoinette‘s Life Less Bullshit many moons ago and I love that I’ve been able to watch her grow her audience and find what seems to be a great post-LLB groove. She is the host of Real Talk Radio podcast, is

Brands and Bloggers Encouraging Less Couch Time

You should already be following Teton Sports on Instagram and their #YourLead hashtag is full of close-to-home and far away adventures that if you aren’t following, please stop what you’re doing and fix that.

With that, I am not on Instagram to be bombarded with ads all the time, so I love it when I find brands and bloggers who are doing more than showcasing a product. These accounts are encouraging followers to head outside, even if it’s just in your backyard.

This wouldn’t be a complete list if I didn’t include @rei on it, right? REI’s focus this year is to put women front and center when it comes to telling stories and building gear. They are sharing photos of #ForceofNature on their account of women who are exploring the outdoors in different ways and it’s extremely cool to see that they are not just sharing catalog-ready photos of people in their feed.

Alyx from @shoestringadventures is one of my favorite always-ready-for-something local outdoor friends. She now coordinates backpacking and group camping adventures in some of the best places and works to get beginners outdoors and comfortable. I love that she encourages others to get outside during the workweek (she hosts Meetup hikes during the week) and to get training in things like wilderness first aid and navigation.

Do you subscribe to @misadventuresmg? It is an outdoor and adventure magazine for women! There are two issues and year and you can tell a lot of heart and soul go into putting the issues together. In addition to the print magazine, there is a website full of posts from their writers and contributors.

Are you ready for Pinterest-worthy photos of food being cooked in the outdoors to take over your feed? Because @freshoffthegrid‘s got your back. Their recipes are easy to follow and take different needs into consideration like vegetarian and gluten-free meals. There are ideas that you can use for your next backyard BBQ, backcountry adventure, family camping trip, or mid-week dinner plans. In addition to recipes, they share travel guides for different cities and have information on how to make cooking outdoors easier.

I could keep going. There are so many fantastic accounts on Instagram that are inspiring folks to get outside and to protect the outdoors. I hope you find a new-to-you account here to bring something fresh and new to your feed.

What Instagram accounts are inspiring you to get outdoors?

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