Adventure Gear You’ll Want in Your Pack This Summer

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Are you ready for a Summer of Adventure?

Before you head out on your next day trip or weekend getaway, add these items to your backpack.

Summer Adventure Gear for Microadventurers - Kam of Campfire Chic


This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links. Purchases made through these links will result in a small commission for me at no extra cost to you. If you do not wish to use affiliate links, simply copy the product names in this post and paste them into your favorite search engine. Thank you!

I was looking back on this list of gear I was trying out two summers ago and thinking about how I’m still using several of the products and what I learned from them. The sandals are still a staple in my wardrobe, I have some of that chocolate (new! I promise!) in my freezer, there are oatmeal packs on my desk…you get the point. I’m still using things that I tested out two years ago and I’m happy to talk about them if you have questions!

That post motivated me to share a few things I’m using this summer that I think you’ll dig, too.

The adventure gear I think you’ll want in your pack this summer:

SoftFlask™ Collapsible Water Flask by Hydrapak

I wasn’t too sure about this “flask” showed up in the mail…It didn’t seem like it was very big and I wasn’t sure how I would include it in my life. It won’t stand up on its own after you start to drink from it, so it’s not ideal for the gym.

The small size does make it good for when you’re out for an evening walk and don’t want to carry a big Nalgene-style bottle with you. It’s easy to hold and the valve on the 250ml SoftFlask auto seals so you’re not spilling on yourself. The website says this flask is also good for gels and other drink mixes, so I imagine this would be a good size if you prefer to have electrolyte drinks or coconut water.


Buckshot 2.0 Wireless Speaker by Outdoor Tech

This small but mighty wireless speaker is a great option for active individuals or if you need something around your house that can survive a little attention from your tiny adventurers or curious cats. Please respect other people and the wildlife while exploring by not blasting your music in crowded.

They are also nice to have around the house since my husband and I are podcast junkies. Since the Buckshot 2.0 is waterproof, this is a good option if you are looking for a speaker for your bathroom so you can listen to podcasts while in the shower!

Alex snagged the Tags 2.0 wireless earbuds (not an affiliate link) before I knew the package arrived and he likes that it was a fast pairing, easy to charge…and the logo. He slapped one of the stickers that came in the box on his laptop and is holding onto another so he can add it to our bear canister.


Go With Your Flow Mini Pack by Animosa

I backed the Go With Your Flow pack by Animosa on Kickstarter this year and I’m so glad I did. Having your period shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Animosa created an adventure kit with periods in mind. I received the Mini Pack, which was designed for day adventures, plus a refill pack as my backer gift and I’m really impressed! I like that the main pouch (pictured above) was designed to fit a variety of period supplies and a removable pouch to keep your used supplies from your fresh supplies.

The other great part about this product? It’s made by adventurous women for adventurous women! They are all about empowering women and I’m looking forward to seeing this brand grow. You can reserve your pack and learn more about their mission on the Animosa website.


Brilliant Reflective Strips

When you think of reflective strips, you probably think of the silver or red strips that are super helpful but maybe a bit…blah. I received a set of Brilliant Reflective Strips and what is so cool about these strips is that they come in different colors so they can match my gear! The strips come in iron-on (permanent) and stick-on (removable) so if you’re like me and have commitment issues when it comes to putting stickers or decals on things, there is an option for you!

My plan is to put these strips on some of our camping gear and my backpacks so it’s easy to see obstacles around camp once the sun goes down. I think these will be great on the side of camping chairs near the fire pit and on the base of lanterns.  It’s also nice to have a way to know where my site is when I’m in a crowded campground.

Trailfoody Monthly Subscription for Day Adventures

One of my least favorite things about packing snacks is how everything seems to be centered around peanuts and peanut butter. I like the idea of trying new snacks and having a variety of things in my pack, but sometimes it is hard to pick out what to try when I’m faced with dozens of choices at the store. When Trailfoody approached me to see if I would like to try May’s regular box (which includes at least 9 treats plus the stuff sack) I was curious to see how many ways peanut butter would be featured in the box. Fast forward to packing for a long weekend in Michigan and wanting to have enough snacks for the plane and driving around the state. I loaded the stuff sack full of snacks into my carry on for easy access. We were so happy to have these snacks essentially handpicked for us so we didn’t have to worry about stopping at the store to pick anything up. It gave us the opportunity to try new products and make notes of what we would buy in the future.

I like that the Trailfoody blog includes individual posts for the different featured foods throughout the month to give readers an idea of what is in the boxes and shows that somebody is trying the food before they get into the box. You can check out the different ways to get a Trailfoody (not affiliate) delivered to your door on their site. The cost of the box is worth the try considering the cost of the products if you bought them individually at the store and buying the stuff sack. For those gear heads wondering about the stuff sack: this 6L bag weighs 0.9 ounces. Yes, I totally asked for you. 

Have a great summer!

The items featured in this post were sent to me for possible review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. I only share items I try myself and believe Campfire Chic readers will like and find useful. As mentioned earlier, there are affiliate links used in this post. Thank you for your support by shopping through those links. 

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