My Lists from September’s 30 Days of Lists

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We finished up the September 2017 edition of 30 Days of Lists earlier this month, and I’m glad our community was together during some very tense moments as storms made landfall. A handful of Listers were impacted by the storms and we all had them in our thoughts as we checked in on Facebook on a daily basis to talk about lists and our everyday lives.

This community is so great and having a common project to work on while we catch up with old friends and get to know new ones makes the experience even more special.

30 Days of Lists will return in December, and here’s hoping the biggest topic of conversation will be about everyone’s thoughts on glitter.

I didn’t share many of my lists on Instagram this time around, so I put most of them together in my usual collages below for a quick glimpse at how I used a traveler’s notebook from Monika’s shop for my lists.

September 2017 - 30 Days of Lists Grid - Creative Journaling Challenge
I wanted to incorporate more stamping in this edition of #30Lists, and I think it worked out! I needed a bit of motivation to clean my stamps that have been neglected for a bit and preparing for this project was the perfect reason.
 30 Days of Lists -September 2017 - Creative Journaling Challenge

My last few lists have been in a traveler’s notebook and I think I’m over them for now. I like the size of them, but I feel like I don’t have enough experience with them to take a lot of chances, so my layouts start to look the same…and not in a cute way, if that makes sense. I need a break and to try another size or style for the next challenge.

To learn more about 30 Days of Lists, visit our website.

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2017 30 Days of Lists

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