Keeping Track of the Things I Love with Tile

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Today’s post is sponsored by Tile Inc., who knows I need help keeping track of things. 

Using Tile to Find Passport - Kam of Campfire Chic

Keeping Track of the Things I Love with Tile

Did you see my post on Instagram a few weeks ago with the photo of the cute lost panda? You can see the video with Ernie’s story and see how the Tile tucked in his pocket helps him get home. As someone who still has her childhood bear, this video gave me all the feels.

What is Tile?

It’s the best-selling Bluetooth tracker that easily attaches to the things you love the most. There is a community behind Tile and they really step up to the “together we find” Tile mantra as they help locate lost items on a daily basis. Like Ernie in that cute video!

Tile isn’t just for your keys or wallet. It’s for things you don’t want to lose.

I received a Tile so I could join this worldwide lost-and-found community and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

If you’ve been reading this site for a few years, you may remember when I shared my U.S. National Parks Passport and talked about how excited I was to fill the passport with cancellations (stamps) over the years and document my trips on this site! Well, I lost that Parks Passport. I have no idea where it went and after a short mourning period, I replaced it (with a special edition version!). I do hope I find my first Parks Passport one day because I had some really cool stamps in there.

I slid my new Tile into the clear pocket that is at the front of my U.S. National Parks Passport. The pocket doesn’t close all the way, so I added some adhesive to the back to get it to stay in there. Now I’ll be able to find it whenever we’re off for an adventure!

US National Parks Passport - Together We Find with Tile - Kam of Campfire Chic

If you forget your U.S. National Parks Passport on your next park visit, here are some tips for documenting your visit:

  • As for a scrap piece of paper from the front desk. Some parks have scrap paper at the stamp kiosk specifically for those of us who lose their Parks Passport!
  • When I was in Zion NP last month, I bought a few postcards and stamped the backs as a way to document my visit!
  • Stamp your hand and take a photo! The stamp won’t last long on your hand but you can print out the image as a wallet-sized photo and include it in your Parks Passport later!

When I get another Tile I plan on attaching one to my favorite controller because at the end of a long night of gaming I seem to leave it in weird places (in the pantry? Why?) and I really dislike wasting time I could be playing with hunting down my controller.

I was joking with my coworkers that if I bring a Tile to use at work, I would totally attach it to my stapler that seems to go missing on the regular or on my badge since I seem to take it off and leave it around…which isn’t good when I need to use it to activate the elevator, get into different offices, access the parking structure, and more.

Learn more about Tile and how it can help you find the things you love.


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