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Creative Writing Prompts for Bloggers Ebook - Campfire Chic

Are you in a blogging rut?

Find yourself spending more time thinking of a topic for your next blog post than writing the post?

Looking to add more pages to your scrapbook or art journal that show more about you?

I have something for you…nearly 400 topics in one simple resource that can be used for all sorts projects.

I created this 26-page resource as a springboard for your ideas to come to the surface. There is plenty of room for you to write your own notes that will come bubbling to the surface once you start scanning the topics I have complied for you.

The resource starts with an introduction, goes into a quick warmup, and then goes right into the 390 topics.

No frills, no fluff, just business.

This isn’t the type of ebook that you read while curling up with a cup of tea…It’s made for skimming, marking up, and adding on. Print the resource out and grab a pen because you will probably find yourself coming up with even more ideas…let this be the spark that ignites the fire storm of ideas for your next blog post, scrapbook layout, or art journal entry.

Themes include:

  • Your family
  • Favorite things
  • Challenges
  • Goals
  • Reviews
  • Recurring features
  • All about YOU

Hear from ebook readers:

Amy of Lemon & Raspberry for Three Sixty-Five ebook by Campfire Chic“I read through it right away. Ok, actually, I just skimmed through it because as soon as I started actually *reading* a page, I would start getting a ton of ideas and blog post plans and I just didn’t have the time for that kind of inspiration” – Amy of Lemon & Raspberry

Allie for Three Sixty-Five Ebook by Campfire Chic“It’s packed full of 365 ideas for EVERYTHING. The book is divided into general topics, and then is presented in list form– which, I don’t know about you, but I always think better in lists. The book is gorgeous– beautifully designed and easily printable-I actually printed 2 copies for myself– one to write all over and one to keep fresh.”Alexandra Rae Designs

365 Blog Post Ideas Ebook Testimonial from Angie“I promise, for $5…you cannot go wrong with this ebook. I would have paid twice that amount or more for the content I received!” – Angie of Lariats and Lavender

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