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During September 2014, received over 13,800 pageviews.

Social Media Stats as of October 12, 2014:

  • Twitter followers: 2,460
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I am a Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer, Fabletics Master, and a Sport Chalet Expert Ambassador. I contribute content to Flow397 and co-host the popular semi-annual challenge, 30 Days of Lists, which allows advertisers to be seen by an entirely new set of eyes during Feb/March and Aug/Sept while I am preparing for the challenge and during the challenge.



Some information:

  • I publish 3 blog posts a week
  • Campfire Chic readers are interested in sites and products related to the outdoors, productivity, and creating a handmade life. If you do not feel your brand or products fit into that, please do not inquire about opportunities
  • There were 111,000 visits during 2013 (up from 77,000 in 2012) with a high of nearly 700 visits on a single day
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  • All sponsors have the opportunity to contribute a guest blog post
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