The last prompt for March’s 30 Days of Lists went up a few days ago, so I think it’s safe for me to share my lists from the challenge.

30 Days of Lists is a creative journaling challenge I co-host with Amy of Lemon & Raspberry twice a year. We post a different writing prompt each morning to inspire a list made by each person who participates — the day’s theme could be about favorite celebrities or songs to listen to after a breakup. There are 30 different prompts, one prompt daily, resulting in 30 different lists. It’s fun and easy, which I like.

March 2014 30 Days of Lists - Campfire ChicMarch 2014 30 Days of Lists - Campfire ChicMarch 2014 30 Days of Lists - Campfire ChicMarch 2014 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

With this challenge, I wanted to keep things easy by using similar 4×3 journaling cards from the Project Life® Seafoam kit (Amazon affiliate link) and having a few simple embellishments to help cut down on my stash.

Why do I like 30 Days of Lists?

I like it because it’s such an easy project — take a few minutes each day to make a simple list. Just one list. It doesn’t have to be fancy, I can change the project to fit my needs, and I can spend time catching up on lists if I fall behind…It doesn’t have to be 30 consecutive days of lists, does it? I also like it because the project acts as a snapshot of what I’m thinking/doing during March and September of each year.

Do you like creative challenges like this?


I don’t usually share my lists for 30 Days of Lists until after the challenge is over, but I’m so excited about this challenge that I can’t help but share.

30 Days of Lists is an online challenge I co-host with Amy of Lemon and Raspberry twice a year. Participants get access to a private blog and Facebook group, exclusive discounts from our Ambassadors and sponsors, and more. It’s a lot of fun and we love connecting with others people who love to make lists. You can find out more and register here.

30 Days of Lists Creative Writing Challenge - Campfire Chic
30 Days of Lists Collage of Lists.jpg

I’m using a binder with inserts from rukristin’s shop, cut down paper from the Seafoam Project Life line for extra pages, and the journaling cards are from the Seafoam Project Life kit. Keeping things simple this time!

30 Days of Lists is one of my favorite projects (obviously) but I think what I have the most fun with is seeing how people take to the challenge each time! We have a lot of new Listers this round and there are already very heartfelt stories being shared and I’m sure there are more to come.

Are you doing 30 Days of Lists?

I used Amazon affiliate links in this post. I’ll get a small portion of credit for purchases made through these links.


30 Days of Lists March 2014 Blog Hop - Campfire Chic

Welcome to the 30 Days of Lists blog hop!

We couldn’t hold onto our listing excitement until March 1st so the #30Lists team + Ambassadors + Sponsors are holding a blog hop to showcase some lists as well as introduce you all to the challenge. If you haven’t participated in 30 Days of Lists in the past, you’re in for a treat…this is the first time Amy and I are hosting a #30Lists challenge during March!

Here’s my list for today:

March 2014 Edition of 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

What I would add to this list for this week:

  • Find the perfect indoor plant to add to our home
  • Hang some prints
  • Go on a long walk
  • Watch more Grimm (I’m on Season 2!)

I chose this blast-from-the-past list (originally featured in March 2011′s free edition of 30 Days of Lists) because it reminds me that there are a handful of things I want to FINISH each weekend. Finish is my One Little Word for the year and I keep finding little reminders like this — it’s nice to make your word visible, right?

It’s not too late to register for the March edition of 30 Days of Lists – simply click here and you’re a few clicks away from accessing the private site and getting into the private Facebook group!

But enough about me…this is a blog hop!

What does that mean? There are a few other people sharing lists of their own today! Amy and I asked the #30Lists Ambassadors to share some lists, too! Who knows…there may be a giveaway or two on one of the other blogs!

Check out other lists from some of my favorite Listers:


March 2014 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.

Only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. While you’re waiting for someone, or when you’re the passenger in the car, jot down your list from the journaling prompts. You can even download the list topics ahead of time to get a jump start!


This March’s challenge is going to be a good one – we’ve chosen the prompts and invited the ambassadors. We have so much fun pairing up list prompts with obscure “holidays” so there’s a good mix this round. So many Listers joined us for our special December round and we’re hoping for even more to join the community this time around.


Registration includes access to the private blog and the opportunity to be part of a growing community of supportive, creative women. Plus you’ll get all the list prompts, exclusive tutorials or downloads and exclusive discounts from our partners.

We’ve been SUPER busy getting all our ducks in a row – setting up the private blog, coordinating with new sponsors, creating our own List books (to be ready to share with you all) and so much more! We can’t wait for you to join us!

PLUS! Big news!

Be one of the first 400 Listers to register and you will be automatically entered to win a $100 USD Etsy Gift Card!!*

We will randomly select one of the first 400 registered Listers to gift this fun prize to. We love giving stuff away as a thank you for being one of the first to jump on board the 30 Days of Lists challenge! And with this giveaway we get to help support small creative businesses too!

Hope you’re ready for all the listing mania starting in March! Registration is now open.

We are SUPER excited for you to join us! Make sure you tweet this link or post it on Facebook for your friends that are listers too! Listing your month is one of the EASIEST and low-key ways to tell your ‘right now’ story!


*Read Etsy’s Gift Card Terms of Use here. Etsy gift cards can be used at any Etsy shop that has a little green gift icon with the words. “This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards” below the shop announcement (below the shop header)


30 Days of Lists Journaling Challenge - Campfire Chic

I finally finished my December Daily™ / 30 Days of Lists album!

I lost of a few of my Instax photos during our move, so I “recreated” them so I can fill in the empty spaces. It’s not that I’m against having the empty spaces, I just really wanted to document this crazy month. I was stressed all month (heck, I’ve been stressed since before Thanksgiving!) as we tried to find a place to live, were in limbo for a few days, and finally moved into our new place.

While most people would’ve told me to hold off on doing #30Lists AND December Daily™ this year so I could focus on other things, my friends (and MANY Listers!) encouraged me to stick with the projects so I could have control over something.

Here are the photos of my layouts:

December Daily 2014 - Campfire Chic

Snap Album for December Daily Album - Campfire Chic

December 2013 30 Days of Lists - Holiday Edition - Campfire Chic

30 Days of Lists Album for December 2013 - Campfire Chic

#30Lists December 2013 - Campfire Chic


Like I mentioned earlier, I had to “recreate” some of the photos in the album because I lost a few during our move. Because I finished putting the whole thing together yesterday (Sunday), I’m going to be adding this to the things I’m “finishing” this month! I am happy that my one little word for the year is already a part of my life.

A few things:

  • If you’re still considering getting an Instax camera, I say do it! I think I’ve had mine for 3 years now and I’m in love with it
  • The Simple Stories Snap Album I used is seriously so perfect. I’m already thinking of how I can use it for future travel albums
  • This was our first “December” edition of 30 Days of Lists and it went SO SO SO well. If you participated, I hope you had a great time, too!