About You: A Simple Guide to Writing About Yourself with Confidence

Do you find it difficult to write about yourself?

Are you unsure of what to include in your blog’s About Page or in your shop’s profile?

Do you struggle with describing what it is you do?

Let me help you write about yourself with confidence!

About YOU: A simple guide to writing about yourself with confidence is a 20+ page ebook focused on you and your story. It’s clear and concise, because you’re busy and want to make changes right away. The ebook progresses quickly and reinforces lessons in each chapter, because practice is awesome!

This was an awesome ebook to create and I have Campfire Chic readers to thank for inspiring me to put it together. I saw that there is a need for a guide about writing about pages and author bios for guest blog posts and decided to stop waiting around for somebody else to write the guide and wrote it myself.

Because sometimes waiting is part of the problem.

So here it is! A no-frills ebook that covers: 

  • Brand narrative
  • About page
  • Author bio
  • Your social media profiles
  • Interviews
  • About for projects

…and much more. I share my super-easy formula for writing an author bio for guest blog posts, safety considerations, and why you shouldn’t feel icky about writing about yourself.
About You BUNDLE If you’re anything like me, you probably work best when there is a workbook that works with an ebook like this…I’ve got you covered!

The eworkbook includes:

  • guided journaling prompts
  • plenty of room for note-taking
  • worksheets that correspond with each chapter


Click here to start writing about yourself with confidence


Essential Reading - Campfire Chic

I’m working on some projects and will be hitting crazyperson mode soon enough…but really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m getting used to my computer, using Premise for landing pages, putting finishing touches on the projects and lining up some great freebies for the resource page. Because I want to provide more useful content for Campfire Chic readers.

Oh, and I want to complete a few craft/home projects by the end of the year.

Crazyperson. I’m telling you.

This week’s Essential Reading:

What are your plans for the weekend?

In addition to Onward and Upward, I will be starting the Shape Up Your Content Braid eCourse next Friday.

Like I’m not doing enough to fill my time, I signed up for another Braid ecourse. I enjoyed the first Braid course I took a few weeks ago, and this one seems to be up my alley – all about taming ideas!

SHAPE UP YOUR CONTENT: Tame Your Ideas and Tell People How to Buy You

  • Creative entrepreneurs are not at a lack for ideas. How do you narrow in on your core genius and keep from confusing yourself and your dream customer?
  • Too many ideas can leave you feeling like a hot mess. Share a little about your own content chaos. How do you keep from getting overwhelmed?

Get $25 off when you use coupon code BRAIDCOURSE50 at checkout. Get the ecourse here.

By purchasing this ecourse through the links in this post (or other links on Campfire Chic), I will get a small commission. There is no extra cost to you, in fact, you’re getting a discount! Win win! Purchasing through affiliate links is one of the many ways to support your favorite bloggers.


I am an online class/workshop/webinar junkie.

While I love joining awesome classes via Skillshare or directly from bloggers, I usually have a hard time finishing time-based classes. You know why? I have other things going on and I only have so many hours in the day.

I’ll sign up for a 2 week class and try to cram in all of the learning + responding + connecting in the last 2 days the class is available. I’m drowning in printed workbooks for classes I never finished because the organizer shuts the site down after the class ends (one BIG reason I like leaving all of the 30 Days of Lists private blogs up for at least 1 year).

I’m a self-paced kind of gal, what can I say?

But there is one workshop I make sure to focus on while it is active - Onward & Upward.


Because it scares the hell out of me and challenges me in ways that my day job doesn’t. It scares me how the readings make me really look at my actions and goals. It challenges me to analyze the steps I took in the last year to do my GREAT WORK. It’s a hell of a workshop, to say the least.

Unlike other workshops I join where the response portions are usually followed up with comments like, “looks great!” or “me, too!”, the responses from those participating in Onward & Upward spark a conversation and sometimes even crowdsources solutions to road blocks.

It’s fantastic.

If you saw Amy’s BUILD ecourse but weren’t sure if it was for you (if you are looking to start a blog or if you have a blog and want to take it to the next level, IT IS FOR YOU), I’m going to suggest starting with Onward and Upward to see just how motivating and inspiring Amy’s work is — and we’ll be able to work together on our journey toward our great work.

Onward & Upward is an 11 week course — with two weeks off built in for catching up, brainstorming, and doing your thing.

I never think I need Onward & Upward until day 1 of the workshop…at which point, I pull out a notebook and get straight to work.

Want to join? I’m going to suggest you get on Amy’s mailing list ASAP to get the opportunity to be one of the first to register…you’ll get some benefits including:

  • 35% off the full price (discount is automatically applied until September 22)
  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 consulting with Amy during the course of the workshop
  • Free download of my (now retired) ebook Self Love: 22 Ways to Make Your Heart Happy ebook

… all just for registering before September 22!

Cool, right? Get on that mailing list to get the deal! Regular registration will begin September 22nd.

So let’s step out of our comfort zones and do something a little brave — sharing our thoughts and ideas with others, asking for help, finding new resources, and making strides to go onward and upward with our great work.


You know that partnership I hinted about last week? I wanted to wait until the website went live to tell you about it: I was asked to be a Fabletics Master for the new workout line from Kate Hudson!

Fabletics is an innovative, high-quality athletic wear and accessories line that helps you feel great, look great, and fits your budget. Our designs uphold our core principles of fit, function, and style for fabulously active women. From the essentials to fashion-infused designs, we offer a range of athleticwear for the workout and beyond

Now, I’m no treadmill junkie or obsessed with burning calories, but I do love to explore…you probably know that about me based on the posts I share here. I love yoga, Pilates, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and trying new things — and Fabletics is going to help me look chic while I do all of those things.

Fabletics Activewear from Kate Hudson and Justfab - via Campfire Chic

Head over to the site and sign up to be a member (You take a quick quiz and the site will pull up the looks that will best fit your style. Cool, right?) and see how looking fabulous doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. I don’t have cheap hobbies, so Fabletics is exactly what I’ve been looking for! If you think this is really really up your alley, sign up to be a VIP member and get extra benefits like discounts and free shipping!

I currently have an Oula Tank in hot pink and a pair of Lima Capris in charcoal heather. I’ll be doing a review on them when I have some better photos than what I posted on my Instagram, but I’ll give you a hint: AWESOME.

Inexpensive activewear - Fabletics monthly service - Campfire Chic

You can find out more about Fabletics…

What do you look for in workout clothes/activewear?

Edited:   Please add a reminder to your calendar if you are VIP member so you can check out your “looks” for the month or “skip” the month. Subscribing to updates from Fabletics is also a good way to get reminders about checking your “looks”.


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