Summer Projects for Memory Keeping - Kid Friendly and Fast Projects


The Northern Hemisphere is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Summer: longer days, inspiration, more sun-filled memories to be kept someplace, and maybe even having children home more often during the week. My idea? Let’s dedicate summer to not only making memories, but let’s also dedicate a few quiet hours to some meaningful memory keeping…and by a few, I mean, let’s make this speedy. ‘Cuz ain’t nobody got time for hours of laborious scrapbooking.

Summer Project: Speedy & Meaningful Memory Keeping

  • Speed through a few partially-finished projects
  • Learn some new skills
  • Review and improve some phone photography

How can we do this? One of my favorite things about the internet is that I’ve been able to learn so much on a variety of subjects without needing to enroll in university classes. I just open up my laptop, pay some money to enroll in a class, and then I get to learn more about things like blogging, storytelling, setting goals, coding…the list goes on.


So let’s use the power of the interwebs to get our proverbial shit together and get some of our projects done and off our desks!


Not into scrapbooking? That’s cool, some of these classes/ebooks will appeal to bloggers, writers, crafters, and phoneography enthusiasts alike.


 The Phone Photography Project for iPhone and Android

 The Phone Photography Project: Through the month of July, participate in photo challenges, get inspiration, get help improving your phoneography skills, and connect with others. With the help of 32 instructors, participants will get 32 days of dozens of tips and tricks from the pros for taking better photos with your mobile-phone camera, app reviews for iPhone and Android, dozens of project ideas, hundreds of fellow students in a private classroom and on Instagram, giveaways, contests, discounts, bonus downloads, and more.

Find out more about The Phone Photography Project.

Hello Story by Ali Edwards - Projects for your summer

Hello Story by Ali Edwards: This 12-week workshop is fantastic for those of you looking for creative storytelling techniques to share more of your words and more of yourself in your memory-keeping. Ali will share 12 storytelling techniques, exclusive layout templates, specific weekly topics, videos, and more during the workshop. As a big fan of Ali’s work, I can’t wait to sign up for this workshop and hope to see some of you participating, as well.

Find out more about Hello Story by Ali Edwards.

For those of you looking to get some pages done in a short amount of time, Fashionably Fast may be the ebook for you:

Join the speediest scrapbooker on the block, May Flaum, as she joins forces with five of the fastest (and most fabulous) scrapbookers she knows in Fashionably Fast: 10 strategies for stylish, speedy scrapbook pages. This popular instructor has compiled her 10 best time-saving strategies, which are illustrated by 20 gorgeous scrapbook pages and accompanied with 30 minutes of exclusive video instruction! See how easy it can be to accelerate your scrapbooking process without sacrificing artistry.

Buy your copy of Fashionably Fast: 10 strategies for stylish, speedy scrapbook pages by May Flaum for only $9.99 here.


Fold It In: Self-Paced Accordion Mini-Album Workshop

FOLD IT IN by Kristin of rukrisitn papercrafts: I wrote about my involvement in the Fold It In workshop recently, and I’m still excited about it…I mean, I was seriously able to make a mini-album in no time at all and I already have ideas for other albums/cards/gifts using this workshop. This workshop also includes access to a private Facebook group so you can share your creations with others, get more inspiration for your own albums, and to make new crafty friends.

Buy your copy of the Fold It In self-paced accordion mini-album workshop for only $12.

Reasons to join these types of classes if you’ve never done it before

  • Meet others with similar interests
  • Inspiration
  • Motiviation – I paid for this, I better finish it
  • Attention from the instructor
  • A community
  • Being a part of something


What projects are you planning on working on this summer?

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I want to share a little secret of mine…or maybe it’s me admitting a guilty pleasure…I’m a life-long learner. What a buzzphrase, right? Life-long learner.


That’s right, I love to learn. I can’t help it…in fact, my grandmother once told me that “learning is our religion”, and that really stuck with me. After finishing my Masters program, I felt a bit lost. I went from being a student for the past 19 years to being…not a student. I filled that void for a while by signing up for online challenges and mini-courses, but I needed something more than a self-paced PDF with ways to document my trips.


Enter, Skillshare.

Skillshare: Learn Differently


I found Skillshare in September 2012 when there was a $5 class about telling your story on Pinterest. I also signed up for another class on customer loyalty…all while also taking part in Amy’s (AMAZING) Onward and Upward course. After being without classes for so long, I hit the jackpot!


A few classes later, and I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t shared this great resource with you! This is totally something you’d dig.


In fact, you may even decide to teach a Skillshare class (yeah, I took a class on how to teach a Skillshare class–you know me, I like to be prepared!) after seeing how cool the classrooms are and the different types of classes being taught. Seriously. You’ll love this website.


What is Skillshare?


Skillshare has a quick video for you to check out, it’s really well done and does a fantastic job of telling you just what Skillshare can do for you. I’ll try to do it justice: Skillshare is a way for you to learn either online or locally. The teachers are just like you and me…in fact, you can teach a class if you have something to share! There are opportunities to meet up with people in your area who are taking the same class, for you to connect with your instructor via Google Hangouts, or you can take a class at your own pace.


To start, you’ll need to create your free profile. Once you do, let’s be friends! You can find my Skillshare profile here. Then, search for classes and sign up! There is a small fee, but many times there are discounts if you are one of the first students to register, which is nice!


The classes I’ve taken all have some sort of final project, and you get your own section of the classroom to create and share your project. I really like the setup and think it is a great way to connect with the other people in my classes.


Two of my final projects:

  • My Pinterest board that I created for my Pinterest class. I should be full of pins that tell the story of Campfire Chic’s core values
  • I took a class by the Director of Possibility from Lululemon/Founder of igolu, which focused on goal-setting as a way to create the life you want. My final project was a 5 and 10-year plan for my life that included health/fitness, relationship, and career goals


I’m just finishing up another class, but I’m going to talk about that one in a few weeks after I’m able to better put my final project together to share with you all!

Have you taken a Skillshare class?
If you could learn something, what would it be?


What happens when you send a group of artists on a 211 mile (okay, it’s really more like 219 because you need to come down from Mt. Whitney) (339.5 km) backpacking trip? 
They document it, of course!
Mile…Mile & a Half is a documentary that follows a group of hikers as they take the grueling trip along the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada of California. The distance is about the same distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to give you a better idea of the trek…with camera equipment, painting supplies, musical instruments…you get the point. They weren’t going ultralight, that’s for sure!
This is a dream documentary. It’s the embodiment of my daydreams as I sit in my cubicle when I’d rather be on a trail. It’s also extreamly beauitful.
Here’s the first trailer:
You should check out the second trailer, too:
Both videos are from the Mile…Mile & a Half Facebook Page.

So here’s the thing: This Kickstarter needs to hit the goal by Friday, September 28, 2012 at 3:10 a.m. EDT, and it could use your help.

I don’t usually post these types of please-help-fund-this-project type of posts, so I hope you understand just how much I believe in this project. In fact, here are some reasons why you should back this project:

  1. One of the ‘backer gifts’ is a flask..yes, a flask
  2. Because you’ve wanted to take a month off of work to do something for yourself at least once in your life
  3. Unless you’re planning on hiking all 219 miles of this trail, this may be the only way you see it
  4. The project is soo close to being fully funded
  5. The design on their promos may impress even you design snobs out there ;)
  6. They are artists who went hiking in the woods, what’s not to love?
  7. It was super snowy that year, so I want to see how they did those parts of the trail…they started soon after Alex and I tried to get up Mt. Whitney, but the snow proved to be a bit much
  8. Another one of the ‘backer gifts’ is a beautiful leather journal that makes me want to find a giant piece of granite and just write
  9. They started this project without sponsors…that means they weren’t given any gear to use on the trails by companies, they didn’t get housed anywhere before or after the trip in order to make things easier, nothing. This Kickstarter is the first backing they’ll get
  10. They’re not looking to pay themselves, they’re really clear about that in the Kickstarter video…they put as much money as they can into the project and could use some help putting the finishing touches on it.
If that’s not enough to talk you into backing this project, maybe visiting their facebook page, website, or twitter account may help change your mind.
Will you donate? You can do so here.
If you could take off a month to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
Edit: This Kickstarter is fully funded! If you would like to support the Kickstarter, you are still able to do so. The more donations, the better!


“Gee, I wish there was a way for me to collect all of the tweets using a specific hashtag”
“Can I save my Instagram photos to my Flickr without doing it manually?”
“It would be easier for me to find an apartment if Criagslist would just email me all of the listings for a 2 bedroom”
“It would be awesome if I could automatically post things from my Google Reader to my Facebook page”

Remember being in school and working through those tricky analogies?

What if I told you that those problems involving relationships between items can help you streamline some of the things you do online and possibly increase your productivity?

IFTTT is the answer.

After Alex showed me the neat recipes that he uses, I decided that I should sit down and take a few minutes to set up a few recipes of my own on ifttt. It started working after about 15 minutes, and it is totally cool!

What is IFTTT?

That’s right, an analogy!
When you create a recipe, you use a “trigger” (the website or whatever that will trigger the recipe to start cookin’) to spark your action (whatever you want to happen as the end result)
What can you use with IFTTT?
There’s too many for me to list, so I’ll show you a screencap from the website:

That’s right, you’re amazed…and maybe a bit confused? It’s okay, I am, too.

So, we know what websites and whatnot work with this website, but what exactly happens? What does it do?

Well, I decided to take some screencaps while I created a recipe that I’m totally digging.

SO, those essential reading posts? In order for me to curate them, I star blog posts in my Google Reader and like Tweets throughout the week. Then I go into my Twitter profile and pull those links and then go into my Google reader to do the same…if only I could go to one place to get both information…

oh wait…

I can!

So now, whenever I star a blog post, it goes into ONE note in my Evernote and whenever I like a tweet, it goes into another (tweets only!) Evernote note!

Here is what my Evernote looks like:

The trigger creates the action about every 15 minutes, so I don’t need to go into IFTTT and push a button, or tweet something with a special hashtag for this to work…it just happens. magic.

Here are the other recipes I created:

How easy is that?

Other uses I’m thinking you may be interested in:

  • Getting an email each time somebody posts a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in your city on Craigslist (recipe)
  • Automatically sending a tweet to people who retweet or mention you on Twitter (I’m not sure if this is considered spam, but I’ve seen plenty of people do it – recipe)
  • Getting your Twitter profile picture to update when you update your Facebook profile photo (recipe)
  • Saving your tweets to Dropbox (recipe)
  • Post your Instagram photos to an Instagram-only album on your Facebook (recipe)
  • Escape a bad conversation by texting IFTTT for a fake phone call (recipe)
  • Get an email each week with Marvel’s newest comic releases (recipe)

So cool, right? I’m really digging it, and I know there has been more and more chatter online about the different recipes people are implementing to help with streamlining things. Seriously, when I checked Evernote an hour or so after I created the recipes, I felt like such a rockstar! I couldn’t believe it took me so long to set this stuff up and now I just daydream about more and more recipes to use…

Do you use IFTTT?
What kinds of recipes do you think you would use the most?


It seems like these posts come more quickly than I can put them together. I am starting to think I need to use some sort of recipe on ifttt to make this more streamlined…then again, I’ll probably forget to use it.

This week’s Essential Reading contains a mix of the outdoors, the nerdy, and some “hey, that’s interesting. I’m sure somebody else will find this interesting, too! I better save this link someplace…” type of stuff.

Want to spend more time avoiding housework/studying/calling your mother? 
Check out the Essential Reading posts from the past.


This week’s Essential Reading hit capacity Monday night. I was just so excited to share some awesome posts with you that I got a bit carried away…to say the least. 
Thanks for the feedback last week regarding themed vs. not-themed links, we’re going to keep it messy for now, and that’s probably for the best.
Let’s get started:

Other: The warm weather has me wanting Yogurtland on an hourly basis, warm weather also means more crowds at Disneyland. I’m working on several weeks worth of Project Life at the moment, but don’t consider myself ‘behind’. I have more blog posts in draft form than ones scheduled and ready to roll…it kind of freaks me out. I think writing down one thing for which I am thankful each day is really helping me ditch my negative attitude. I hope this keeps up.


I want to thank you all for continuing to send in questions you’d like to see answered here on Campfire Chic. If you would like to see your questions featured here, submit them today.
Today, I’m addressing a question that came in a few weeks ago about where I go for information on blogging whether it be inspiration, trends, or skills.
I go several places to get information, but I’d like to focus on 4 blogging resources for every blogger.

Amy’s blogging resources posts

Amy of Lemon and Raspberry posts links to blogging resources on a fairly regular basis, they include information from all over, not just one niche community. Amy also has a Better Blog Content (affiliate link) self-paced workshop and workbook that is fantastic. Content is king, and her workshop is a great resource for getting your blog to the next level.

Silly Grrl’s 6 Weeks to a Better Blog

I found this blog through one of your recommendations! I stumbled across it at the start of the 6 weeks to a better blog feature and I am thrilled with the posts she’s curated and the bloggers submitting posts. It’s a quality set of posts, if you’re interested in learning about things from finding your voice to sponsorship programs.

Elsie’s recent posts

While she doesn’t talk about blogging much anymore, there are some good posts in the archives. Most recently, she shared 5 tips for blogging that many may find interesting.


Amazing resource. Lots of information, not preachy, genuine interest in helping people succeed if they are interested in blogging professionally. Pretty much one of the biggest names in blogging, you are looking for anything about blogging, it is probably on this site. The books are fantastic, including the productivity ebook I recently reviewed. 
The list goes on. Most of my blog post inspiration comes from you, the questions you have, the things you say in the comments and on Twitter, and the topics in which you’ve shown interest. I’m thrilled to continue to get positive feedback on blog posts and to continue to receive questions you’d like answered. Hopefully we can continue this in the future!
What resources do you use for blogging/selling?
What other types of resources do you use? Podcasts? Print?