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March came in like a lamb and is going out like a pretty well-behaved lion in my neck of the woods. The weather has been pretty perfect this month — some days we’re wearing shorts and flip flops, other days we’re bundling up and wearing boots with leggings. It’s pretty fantastic. March was a BIG month for me behind-the-scenes…I was able to see my parents almost every weekend, I managed to throw Alex a mini-surprise party without him guessing, I made some great connections, I retrieved most of my plants from Alex’s parents’ house…this month pushed me to become more of an adult and tested my nerves when some curveballs were thrown my way. I wouldn’t say that I’m glad it’s over, but I will say that I’m happy that I was able to use all of my One Little Word™s from previous years (focus, brave, finish) to help guide me this month. I’m super tired but I have too many things that are so close to being finished that I’m not going to stop just yet. I’ll just keep sleeping in my car at lunch :)

In case you’re a new Campfire Chic reader, I like to list out the posts from the past month in one handy place. This is it.


Things I FINISHED this month:

  • Submitted a guest post to Fabletics
  • Secured 2 interviews with bloggers I admire
  • Moved my desk to a different part of our apartment
  • Caught up to the current season of Grimm
  • My #30Lists and the challenge
  • Attachments (aff. link) - A fun book that one of my girlfriends at work and I decided to read because we essentially do what the two main characters do
  • The Son of Neptune (aff. link)- I’m behind in this series and I’m determined to get caught up


February 2014 on - Campfire Chic

February was a great month – I didn’t really expect that one coming! It’s usually just that super short month that flies by between New Years and my birthday. This time around, though, I attended a bridal shower, had brunch with my parents, went to Austin for 4 days, got a bunch of awesome mail, went camping with some new friends, and made some decent steps business-wise. What a month!

If you’re new to Campfire Chic and missed out on the blog posts shared this past month, you’re in luck, here’s a list of some of them:


Things I finished this month:

  • At-home sushi
  • Downton Abbey S1 re-watch
  • Archiving agendas at work
  • Art Journal
  • New “thank you” confirmation page for mailing list subscribers
  • New “resources” page for mailing list subscribers – includes NEW resource
  • Money, a Love Story
  • Grimm S1 & S2
  • The Guild S2 & S3 & S4
  • Suitcase Entrepreneur ebook
  • Project Life layouts 23 – 32
  • My taxes (okay, my accountant finished my taxes, but it’s the same!

Easy Lunch Boxes Inspiration for Work Lunches - Campfire Chic

I set out to challenge myself to bring my lunch to work at least 12 times in February. Guess what? I brought my lunch to work 14 times this month! Using the EasyLunch Boxes with the silicone baking cups makes the whole process…Alex and I spend a few minutes together each night putting our lunches together so we don’t have to scramble in the morning.
We’ve learned a few things in the process (don’t put chips/crackers in the boxes overnight, they get soggy!) and it’s a lot less depressing than when I was bringing frozen meals for lunch — no wonder why that never lasted long!
My guess is I saved between $70 and $140 this month by bringing my lunch. Not too shabby!

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Downward Facing Dog - Campfire Chic

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January was for changing some habits, avoiding resolutions, a weekend in San Francisco, bringing lunch to work, crazy hot weather, a state-wide drought, birthdays, engagements (not mine, don’t worry!), micro-adventures, a weekend in Mammoth, new connections, and really taking a look at all those projects on my backburner.

January was great. It’s motivating to have a fresh start, but in reality, I used the month to “start finishing” and to focus more on things like retirement while finishing a few things that have been looking over my shoulder.

This month’s blog posts were all over the place, but they all had a theme: Trying something new. New projects, a new way to frame my year, new partnerships…

Things I finished in January 

  • Onward and Upward eworkshop
  • Unbounce’s FREE 11-module Landing Page course
  • Premise: Modern Email Marketing (you need an account to get it – accounts are no longer available)
  • Putting away Christmas decorations
  • 2 guest blog posts (here and here)
  • 2 interview posts (see above)
  • 3 Issues of Yoga Journal
  • January’s email to the mailing list
  • February’s email to the mailing list
  • 1 8.5×11 scrapbook page for a friend’s birthday
  • “How Not to Screw Up Social Media” by Ittybiz


Review of Blog Posts Shared on Campfire Chic in November 2013 - Campfire Chic


It was a nice & simple month on Campfire Chic. There are quite a few things going on behind the scenes, and I cannot wait to fully share it with you all!




October Blog Posts from Campfire Chic

October was one of those months that feels like it just started but like it wasn’t in a rush to end.

The month started out with me knocking a few “back burner”projects off of my task list and it felt great to finally feel like I was moving forward with things rather than walking through deep sand (every step forward included a half-step backward). I desperately wanted to launch my About YOU ebook and workbook but knew that it wasn’t good enough for what you deserved…I also overbooked myself with three online classes…I’m a junkie, what can I say? I was, thankfully, able to spend more quality time with friends and family this month – my parents and brother drove down for breakfast and shopping one day, Alex and I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate a move and a birthday, I went to a happy hour at a local brewery with my coworkers, ate a TON of donuts, went to a burlesque/pole fitness showcase, another wedding, a few extra-special lunches, and some really good quality time with Alex.

There was also a bit more stress than usual this month, but nothing I can’t handle. Sometimes, you need to let your phone battery die and watch a TON of tv in order to get yourself out of #panicmode. Or maybe that’s just me.

One last humblebrag: I’m really proud of the posts on Campfire Chic this month. You can tell the end of the year is close, my posts are a little bit more reflective and ramping up on the motivational/let’s be awesome together side of things. I can handle that if you can.

October posts on Campfire Chic:

In the photo above: Mary Janes c/o Keen Kanga MJ in Gargoyle/Bright Chartreuse and Keen Clearwater CNX sandals in Raven/Burnt Henna