Modern Whit Clear Stamps for One Little Word - Campfire Chic

I’m slowly plugging away at my One Little Word binder. I put the project aside during the summer because I wasn’t really feeling some of the monthly challenges issued in the class.

Why did I put it back on my desk?

  1. I was reminded that this is my project…my way of documenting how my OLW is helping to shape my year and how it’s inspiring me to not only start and try a bunch of different things but to finish what I start
  2. Whitney from Modern Wit sent me a pack of acrylic stamps that are just too cool to not use!

I decided to officially declare 2013’s OLW section of the binder DONE. Finished. Over. I added a few cards with some quotes about being brave and included another 8.5 x 11 collage because I really enjoy making them.

For my 2014 project, I used some watercolors on plain cardstock to create some fun cards for decorative cards to include in a pocket page. The cards are the short version of a few of past assignments from the One Little Word class. The Adventure Begins  stamps set from Modern Wit helped me decorate the cards without creating a lot of bulk. I plan on using this same binder for my 2015 OLW documentation — I’m thinking of doing my own thing next year and not joining the class* but we’ll see come January.

One Little Word 2015 Art Cards by Campfire Chic

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these stamps, Whitney is giving away a set to one lucky Campfire Chic reader!

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If you get a chance, you should seriously look at the other supplies Whitney has in her Etsy shop — more stamps (like this Foodie one!), kits, paper, and more.

*I highly recommend Ali Edwards’ One Little Word course if you’re new to One Little Word or haven’t quiet found the experience to be very reflective or helpful. Her classes are always a nice break for the other kinds of classes offered only and her approach is so welcoming that it’s hard not to think that you’re working on this project with a close friend.


2014 One Little Word - FINISH by Campfire Chic

I have to admit that I’ve been feeling very indifferent toward my One Little Word® binder for the past few months.

I wasn’t in love with the assignments. I got caught up with other projects. Excuses. Justifications. All of it.

Put then I saw people on Instagram using an app called Collect to share some Instax-looking photos. And then Persnickety Prints sent an email reminding me that they partnered with the folks from Collect app to make printing the 3×4 images super simple. It was just the little push I needed to get my butt in gear and working on documenting my efforts to make FINISH a part of my life this year.

The Collect app was designed specifically to help folks get through Project 365 — taking at least one photo each day for one year. It’s a popular challenge (I’ve tried it a few times and it never seemed to stick!) and an app like this seems to be a popular way to keep your photos organized. It’s super simple to use, it sends me a reminder at 10:00 a.m. everyday to remind me to take a photo, and I can select what design I want the text to look like. For more, check out their site.

A recent assignment from Ali Edwards’ One Little Word® workshop was to make your word visible. I stuck with a format where my photos filled in the blank: To finish is to: ____

One Little Word by Ali Edwards and Collect App - Campfire Chic

I rearranged my binder so the photos would face the collage I made for another assignment. Ordering the prints from Persnikety Prints was super easy and they’re already trimmed down to size (instead of me taking the time to put 2 images on a 4×6 background to have printed and then trimming them myself) which is awesome. Because the baseball card page protectors (similar here) I’m using are slightly smaller than 3×4, I had to trim the edges a bit but really tried to keep some of the white border around each photo.

To finish is to:

  • be an adult (submitting my business and personal taxes)
  • show self-love (coming home after a quick run)
  • show love for another (bridal shower favors)
  • accept the challenge (specifically, #letsgetlunchy with Laura from Mac Girls Adventures)
  • say “yes” to opportunities (at the Honda Fit Press Event)
  • mark time (my Project Life™ binders and my NYC mini-album)
  • prove myself wrong (jumping into a foam pit at the trampoline gym)
  • make space for more (the sheets I created for myself to organize my Project Life™ layouts)

Like I mentioned, the collage (Vision Board to some) to the right was something I created in lieu of another assignment I just wasn’t feeling at the time. I really liked this assignment last year and wanted to have a similar visual for this year. I used a regular 8.5×11 page protector this time instead of using a baseball card sleeve so I didn’t need to worry about the placement of the words or other embellishments. The images/words come from Sunset Magazine and Yoga Journal. I don’t have many print subscriptions but these two proved to be fantastic resources for exactly what I needed.

I’m slowly working to complete 2013’s assignments but I am considering doing the same thing I did with the Collect app images for 2014 to substitute for an assignment from last year. Some of the assignments aren’t my favorite, which is to be expected, so I’m going to do what I do for 30 Days of Lists — make it my own.

Have you used the Collect app?

What are you finishing this month?


2014 One Little Word - FINISH by Campfire Chic

In an effort to finish some “back burner” projects and work on my 28 things to do before I’m 29 list, I spent the past weekend working on my One Little Word® binder.

What is One Little Word®? In 2006, Ali Edwards decided to select one word to to focus on for an entire year – it helps shape her whole year from how she lives, how she interacts with others, how she approaches projects, and runs her business. She offers a year-long workshop to help bring a community factor to the challenge and to also help others take their words to new levels.

My words have been: Focus, Brave, and Finish.

These three words will always have a strong place in my heart. Especially brave. Brave will always be extra-special.

Anyway, I started taking Ali’s workshop last year and never really finished my OLW assignments…and I’m taking the workshop again this year and making a greater effort to work on last year’s assignments and this year’s assignments in a way that is meaningful to me and stays authentic to who I am. Instead of working on some of the journaling assignments (or the dreaded interview assignment that I refuse to address), I printed out the Campfire Chic monthly newsletters I sent out last year — each month I themed the email to my subscribers after a different intention that I set as a part of the OLW workshop. I’m doing the same this year with Finish, if you’d like to receive these emails (I now send an email every other week), you can subscribe here.

Here are some recent additions to my binder:

One Little Word Intention Cards

My 2014 intention cards – The big theme this year is to make your word visible and one of the first assignments is to make these cards to remind yourself what you want to focus on each month in relation to your word. Ultra-fine point Sharpies are my jam right now (I don’t think they are archival safe but I’m not stressed about that) and I used them to write on some trimmed down Project Life® journaling cards from Seafoam and what I think is the Midnight kit.  I used some flair that I’ve had for forever, and one wood veneer word bubble from Studio Calico.

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Art Journal - Evening Project for Creatives - Campfire Chic

In line with this year’s One Little Word theme: FINISH, I wanted to share a project you can start and finish in one evening. An art journal.

When feeling anxious, do you find yourself doing something with your hands to help keep your mind off of things? Maybe you clean the bathroom, bake up a storm, or go for a run. I like to create small projects when I’m feeling like I need a little bit of control.

I was inspired to create an art journal after reading through Kara’s new class: Tell a Story. I’m not a big journaler, but I am a big fan of projects where I can use up old supplies that I can’t seem to part with. This project was exactly what I needed.

Art Journal by Classes Kara Made - Campfire Chic

Loosely Bound Art Journal - Campfire Chic

I made the art journal using a bit of cardstock packaging I got in the mail recently. I covered the label and any stamps with other paper. I sliced the packaging open so it would create a window-like effect. Keeping the top and bottom flaps prevents the pages from falling out — I didn’t want to bind the pages, it would take too much time/energy and I just wanted to finish a project.

Art Journal With Scrapbook Material - Campfire Chic

Layered Polaroid Card for Art Journal - Campfire Chic

There is a combination of images, text, and pieces of “stuff” I had in my supply box. May favorite part of this project (and something I picked up from Kara’s class) was using tissue paper for some of my pages. I had this idea that art journal pages had to be a certain way, but Kara’s class really helped me break down those ideas and inspired me to create what I needed that night — a way to visually remind myself to take some time, to do what I need to do, and that I’m not alone.

Layered Paper for Art Journal - Campfire Chic

If you’re feeling anxious, need to get something off of your chest, or just need to get some supplies off of your desk, may I suggest a project you can finish in an evening? This art journal is going to be what I reach for the next time I’m feeling a bit adrift.

What do you do when you’re feeling anxious/overwhelmed?


2014 One Little Word - FINISH by Campfire Chic

Like with BRAVE, I will be focusing my energy each month on a different intention…each intention having something to do with FINISH.

I was able to take my BRAVE intentions and use them to frame my monthly Campfire Chic newsletter and I have every intention of doing the same with FINISH, but I’m thinking we’re in for some twists and turns this year. Finish is hard word to think about. It’s less abstract than brave but it feels just as strong. While the intentions I write below may seem like I am taking the easy way out, I have a loose plan for each one and am looking forward to what 2014 holds for the word.

One Little Word by Ali Edwards

 My 12 intentions for 2014

  1. Start Finishing
  2. Finish an old project
  3. The finish line
  4. Finish Enough
  5. Finishing touch
  6. Finish a new project
  7. Finish First
  8. Finish Last
  9. Finish & enjoy
  10. Finish quietly
  11. Finish Strong
  12. Finished!

I’m looking forward to adding to my One Little Word album that I started last year and sharing my progress.

If you are looking for some structure to documenting your One Little Word, you can register here.





One Little Word - Brave via Campfire Chic

You know what I have a hard time doing? Staying in the moment. Really sitting still and enjoying the experience that is happening around me. My mind swirls with ideas for blog posts, worries about unanswered emails, and fixates on something that doesn’t matter at that moment…so I made sure to set this month’s intention as a personal challenge to myself: Grow brave by reflection.

First off: I hated doing “reflections” in grad school at the end of lectures or in response to a theory. Hated it. It’s over and done with, can’t I take a quick multiple choice quiz about it instead? Don’t worry, I learned the value of reflecting and taking time to slow down and think about what is happening around me (or what happened around me a short time ago) instead always focusing on what’s next. It’s December, so I figure it’s a good time to take inventory on the year and celebrate our little and big victories, forgive things we let slip or the mistakes we made…and we’ll hold off on making plans until next month.

Reflecting on the year really goes along with last month’s email about forgiving ourselves and creating what one subscriber called her “hell yeah!” list. I’m inviting you to create your own “hell yeah!” list this month…and a “lesson learned” list, if you feel inclined to reflect on things that didn’t go so well this year. I’ll be adding things like waiting until the last minute to create 6 Lego-minifig Halloween costumes to that list!

Why last month’s exercise had me thinking it would be good for this month: Kristinresponded to the email with: “It’s amazing how many of these things I forgot. And how many didn’t seem like huge deals at the time, but I look back and go “Wow. Go me”. Even something as simple as putting oil in my car.”

Some of the things other readers said they accomplished this year:
·        I traveled to NYC by myself.
·        Learning to “leg go”
·        Completing a 5K
·        I realized I’m good at things other than what I’m doing right now

What is one thing you discovered about yourself this year?

What is one thing you would like to try next year?

If you aren’t sure how to answer that, let’s take a look at what we chatted about this year:
·        Set brave goals
·        Be brave enough
·        Make brave plans
·        Make a brave choice
·        Take a brave step
·        Make a brave attempt
·        Honor a brave decision
·        Make a brave push
·        Reach for brave limits
·        Go to brave heights
·        Be brave enough to forgive

If any of those emails really spoke to you, take a second to think about why you feel that way. Was it because it arrived in your mailbox at the exact moment you really needed it? Were you making big choices this year and taking leaps of faith? Consider those goals and choices you made…they probably had a big impact on your year. Let’s add these things to our knowledge bank and prepare to move forward into 2014 a little wiser, a little taller, and a little more confident in ourselves. Hit reply and lay it on me…what are you adding to your list(s) and what plans you have for the rest of the month.

My OLW for 2014

I think Brave will always be a big part of my life, to be honest, but thinking back to my 2012 word (Focus) I think I need a word that is about action and following through with things. Thanks to Megan of The Nerd Nest for the idea, my 2014 One Little Word is FINISH. I’ll continue to post about ‘brave’ things, but you will also see some posts about the new word – It’ll work, I promise.
2014 One Little Word - FINISH by Campfire Chic
I love to brainstorm, plan, and start projects, but sometimes (most of the time) I don’t actually follow through and finish things. I’ll be working throughout 2014 to keep things simple blog/business-wise, creatively, and in my personal life so I am more likely to finish what I start. That means that damn quilt will finally be finished this year, I’ll finish some resources I have planned for the monthly email subscribers, and things like that. I’ll be doing Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop again this year, more to keep my word at the front of my mind than for the monthly activities, and I have the feeling some Campfire Chic readers will be playing along, too.


So here’s a big thank you to BRAVE and a warm welcome to FINISH.


Do you have a “One Little Word” for 2014?


One Little Word - Brave via Campfire Chic


I overheard one of my coworkers the other day lamenting the fact that it’s mid-November and she didn’t feel like she did anything of significance over the past year. She didn’t stick to her resolutions, she didn’t get into the grad program she was hoping to start in the Spring…and there was more. She listing all these things she didn’t do this past year and it didn’t sound like it was in an “oh well” sort of way but an “I’m a terrible person” sort of way.

This month’s intention is to be brave enough to forgive.

What does she need to do? Normally, I’d say she needs to get over herself and get back to her cubicle, but that’s not a good response for a blog post like this, right? What she needs to do is to forgive herself. She needs to forgive the fact that she failed at keeping her resolutions, forgive herself for not staying on track to get into a grad program when she wanted, and whatever else she was complaining about.

But let’s be honest: forgiving ourselves is often times harder than forgiving others. We are our own worst critics, right?

So I want you to do me a favor this month. I want you to let go of the ridiculous expectations you had for this year and I want you to write down everything that you did accomplish this year. Your list doesn’t have to include amazing things like traveling overseas for a month or quitting your day job to work for yourself, they can be simple things like learning to make a mean meatloaf or buying your first pair of climbing shoes.

It’s the little victories, remember?

What are you going to forgive this week?

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