Just a quick note to announce that Jessica Moody and Kimberly Kalil won the Spark ecourse giveaway.

Please email me to claim your spots, Jessica and Kimberly.

Didn’t win? You can still register for the course, which is only $9.99. Summer is a great time to slow down and really focus on the foundation of your blog and to fuel that passion for blogging.

Find out more about the Spark ecourse and register here.


Blogging Ecourse by Kam of Campfire Chic



I want to thank you (all of you) for the support with my recent launch of the Spark ecourse. The response has been very positive so far and I am receiving daily feedback from the individuals going through the course. As they go through the course, I’m essentially going through each day with them as they send me messages about the things they are working on. I have a whole folder dedicated to responses to the daily emails that the Spark folks get because there are so many emails flying back and forth! It’s amazing and much more than I anticipated! I’m reminded that people go through the same things as I do when in a bit of a blogging slump…

What is the Spark ecourse?

Spark is a 30-day email course designed to rekindle your passion for blogging — it’s the fuel you need to get back into your blogging groove! We’ll take it slow — I’ll send you one email a day containing one topic for consideration. I’ll cover what the topic is, why it’s important to the bigger picture, what you can do to act on the topic, and additional resources in case I spark your interest in that topic…you’ll get a new topic each day for 30 days!

What you get:

  • Daily email from me with a different lesson/action/activity for 30 days
  • Each email contains resources for additional reading on each topic covered
  • Email access to me if you have questions or need clarification on a specific topic covered

Now, I should clarify. The Spark ecourse was originally aimed at bloggers who were in a mega-slump…like the one I experienced earlier this year. But guess what? There is at least one brand new blogger in the group and there are others who are seriously doing amazing things that I didn’t expect to see their names pop up. The feedback that is coming in (the anonymous kind, not the emails) is showing that this course is attracting bloggers who want a daily reminder of small tasks they can accomplish quickly that will bring their awesome-ness to different levels.

To thank everybody for their support and help spreading the word about the ecourse, I am giving away 2 registrations to the course.

This giveaway is closed.

Can’t wait to see if you win? Find out more about the course and register here. If you end up winning, I will refund you the registration fee.



Fabletics Fall Favorites - Campfire Chic


My fourth “look” from Fabletics will be arriving in the mail in the next few days and I thought it would be a great time to share with Campfire Chic readers just way I like this brand and am a Fabletics Master (Ambassador).

While this brand is all about being super active and a strong emphasis on fitness, I was asked to come aboard being an “adventurer” was needed – somebody who is active outside the traditional gym and maybe doesn’t look like a professional trainer. That’s me all right! Sure, the clothes are great for runners, yoginis, cyclists, and gym junkies, I found that the different pieces are durable and comfortable enough for hiking and climbing.

As I was adding a few more looks (a look is a complete outfit – like the ones pictured above – that is put together by the Fabletics team…they are either 2 or 3 pieces and average $49.99 – $69.99) to my wishlist and I thought these looks would be super popular with Campfire Chic readers, too!

Why I love these looks:

  • Southern California fall/winter is all about layers. It was raining earlier last week and then it was in the high 80s two days later. Being able to layer a tank under a long sleeve is really important to somebody like me!
  • The colors are fantastic without being obnoxious. I’m really displeased when a great brand insists on putting flowers and butterflies on everything and using only hot pink and lavender as the pops of color…some of us LIKE gray and plain designs! That purple?? Dying. It’s not normally a color I would go for, but I have some shorts on the way in that color because I couldn’t resist! I love that Fabletics is about what flatters a woman’s body instead of what crazy patterns they can put on something.
  • Comfort…did you notice that the tops are either body skimming or pretty loose? LOVE IT. Again with the layers.
  • I can modify the colors of the pieces featured in each look. That look in the bottom right? So not what I would order in those colors! BUT I would totally order it if I could get the top in a heather gray! The hot pink headband can stay, I like to switch things up a bit.

These are also the reasons why I think Campfire Chic readers will like Fabletics…the colors can be flashy but the non-flashy options are there (yay!), there is an emphasis on comfort, and the prices can’t be beat. Another bonus? The customer service is really helpful. I needed to exchange something for a different size but I was having trouble getting the documentation from the website to let me send it back. The person on the other end of the line was super helpful and stayed on the line with me until I printed out the documents and everything was a-ok. That’s great if you ask me.

Another thing? The current promotion is that new members can get their first look starting at $25 + free shipping. You deserve some nice clothes that make you feel great. Find out more here.

What colors are you leaning toward this time of the year?
What styles do you look for when shopping for activewear?

I am a Fabletics Master (Ambassador) and I’m using an affiliate code throughout this post…what’s cool is: once you sign up, you can join the rewards program, too! Being a Fabletics Master involves a few things, including posting about the brand to my blog…but, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t dedicate a whole post like this unless I really thought Campfire Chic readers would benefit from it. I was provided a single look from Fabletics and the other 3 were purchased on my own. Support Campfire Chic by purchasing through the links above. Please consult my disclosure policy for more information.


Essential Reading - Campfire Chic

I have a go-go-go day ahead of me, so I’m starting it off with a green smoothie made by Alex (spinach, apple, ginger, coconut water) and a quick stretch (focusing on twists and working on my inversions). I have a few things going on over on my side of the screen so any time I can take for myself is cherished but I still feel a little guilty about it…why am I working on meditating when I should be doing the dishes/making calls/going to the dentist???

How do you start your day when you know you have more things on your list than time in the day?

This week’s Essential Reading:

Have a fantastic weekend, it may be a little quiet on my end, but I promise it’s because awesome things are coming down the pipeline.



Kam shares her favorite hiking snacks - via Campfire Chic


One of the awesome things about living in Southern California is that it is hiking season year-round! And, I’m not going to lie, one of my favorite things about hiking is the snacks! I love to eat, you see, and I take my hiking snacks very seriously. In fact, I’ll probably end up forgetting something important like a hat but I won’t forget to bring some snacks.

My favorite hiking snacks:

As you can see, many of these snacks are going to have some inherent waste. Please make sure to pack a trash bag when you go out hiking, even those orange peels need to be tossed into your trash bag! I like to bring either a plastic grocery bag or I pack my snacks in a resealable gallon-sized bag and use that for trash. Another option is to bring your snacks in reusable containers…like putting the Frito Scoops in an empty Pringles container or small Tupperware-like container.

What snacks do you bring with you on the trail?


Thank you, April, for taking your time, but at the same time, it’s hard to believe I’m already writing an ‘April in Review’ post! I’m looking at my calendar right now, and April is kind of the calm before the storm for me, and I’m so thankful I was able to take some time off this month to do dumb things like play tons of Skyrim, read multiple books at once, take lots of naps, and watch lots of TV. I needed all of that before the hurricane of deadlines, events and responsibilities get started. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m so thankful to have a full calendar. April was also full of heartbreak, and I’m thinking that after consuming so much negative stuff it’s time to start creating awesome things, will you join me?

Here are some of the posts from April, in case you missed something:

Thank you for continuing to read, share, and connect with me/Campfire Chic. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates from me and to subscribe to the Campfire Chic newsletter for exclusive content.




Project Life shouldn’t be the only time I share what is happening on my side of the screen. I’ve learned that even though I really enjoy some dry blogs that just talk about facts and metrics, I can’t help but feel better when I catch a glimpse of the person behind those words. 

Do you feel the same way?

  • I’ve been sick on-and-off since Christmas. It’s a mixture of the weather and working someplace where the natives don’t believe in staying home when they’re sick…so I’ve been living off of hot tea
  • Rintu likes when one of us is on the couch, he considers us his personal heaters
  • While Alex and I are trying to eat out less, I couldn’t help but take him to the Pho restaurant near my work…I think he really liked it!
  • Thanks to Aline, I went to my first pro basketball game! Now, I’m happy that it is basketball season and all, but there is too much basketball happening in my home. Lots of games to be watched, analysis to listen to (on TV and on podcasts), and video game playing…it’s too much for me…we’re going to another game in a few weeks…
  • Rintu is really gelling with Alex lately. Mainly because Alex comes home first, when Rin is at his most desperate for human attention. And maybe because Alex is just a cool guy
  • We went to Umami Burger in Costa Mesa and had a pretty good experience  The onion rings are killer, and my turkey burger was great
  • There are some jumbo leaves on the ground at work
  • One of Rintu’s favorite spots (I get it, I’m the crazy cat lady now). He’s a pretty long cat
  • I need to remember to take more photos during the day. My Project Life layouts all seem too posed or don’t include me at all lately. This needs to change

You can see my other ‘around here’ blog posts here.