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I’m over 10 weeks behind in my Project Life layouts…can I still call myself a Project Lifer at this point? Of course I can because I’m determined to finish! I want to get caught up before I start working on my December Daily album and that means I need to get caught up ASAP.

Enter: Catch Up with Project Life

Catch Up with Project Life is a 3-week online guided workshop hosted by Megan Anderson, Annette Haring, and Trisha Harrison. I’m really looking forward to the class challenges and seeing the inspirational layouts from the teachers and other participants in the gallery. I know it’s a little voyeristic, but I love seeing Project Life layouts (and any scrapbook layouts or albums for that matter!) that people share online, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what others come up with for this workshop.

My Plan for Catch Up with Project Life

  • Order photos early
  • Stock up on a few basic supplies (adhesive, small sticky notes, etc.)
  • Shop my stash
  • Take notes along the way (what works for me? am I clinging to unrealistic expectations?)
  • Share my layouts
  • Complete the challenges!

Can I tell you a secret? I am contributing to a BIG event at the end of the workshop and you’ll be able to see my take on one of the challenges! If you’re a long-time Campfire Chic reader, you’re going to think, “of course!” when you see my participation and hopefully it will remind you to kick some ass with your own projects.

If you’re in need of some motivation to get caught up with your Project Life album(s) or if you’re just starting out and want to see what others are doing with their projects, you can register here. The class starts tomorrow and there are already some pre-class goodies up in the classroom that you’ll want to check out

BONUS: I am giving away one seat in the class on my Instagram. Check this photo for info on how to enter. Giveaway ends tonight (10/29) at 10:00 pm Pacific, so don’t delay. Feel free to tag a friend in that post if you think s/he would be interested.

This post includes affiliate links to Big Picture Classes. I will receive a small commission for sales made through these links. 

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Now that I’m back in the swing of things with Project Life, I’m busying Pinning layout inspiration, free printables, and tutorials for different techniques that translate will to pocket pages. I wanted to share some of my all-time favorite Project Life posts and resources (with links directly to Pinterest to make it easy for you to save for later).

Some Project Life Resources:

As for more layouts…

Project Life (Year 28) Weeks 12 – 15

Week 12: May 26 – June 1, 2014

Project Life Week 12 with Kam of Campfire Chic

So this is the first week of 1 page layouts and while it doesn’t come close to including all the photos I took, it includes the ones that got printed out…Including the photo of my haircut that made me look a lot like my aunt and the photo of Rintu passed out under Alex’s bike in the living room. Classy.

Story Tip: Using a journaling card (like the Currently List shown above) on a weekly basis will help you capture what is really going on in your week…these photos don’t really say much considering I didn’t include any other journaling…

Week 13: June 2 – June 8, 2014

Project Life Week 13 - Colors

This layout is all about embracing color. Purple, electric blue, pinks, and a ton of other colors. Colors and our BBQ.

Story Tip: If you can’t take your badge home from an event, make sure to get a photo of it for your layout! Alex and I went to an open access event at the “Grand Canyon of Orange County” this week and I couldn’t take the badge home so Alex suggested we get a photo of it to include. I think it’s better than including the actual badge!

Week 14: June 9 – June 15, 2014

Project Life Week 14 Kayaking and Blue Layout

I’m back to trying to keep my layouts more cohesive looking this week. Blue is an easy color to use during the summer months since we spend so much time outdoors. It was great that this week’s date card was blue so it made it easy to match the rest of the journaling cards.

Story Tip: Don’t be afraid to add strange things to your layouts! That popsicle stick is from my popbar in the photo in the lower left-hand corner of the layout. I used some soap and water to clean it and simply slid it into the pocket with a journaling card. Other items to consider: napkins, takeout bags, fortunes from cookies, lids from yogurt/ice cream, beer bottle labels.

Week 15: June 16 – June 22, 2014

Project Life Short Week - Campfire Chic

If it wasn’t for the date card at the top of this layout, I would’ve assumed this week’s photos belonged with the previous week! This is when Alex and I knew we were addicted to kayaking (and soon paddleboarding) and spent our weekend on the water in Dana Point. I had a triumphant lunch hour where I was able to run an errand and make it through the In-n-Out drive through and back to my desk in an hour. Seriously, I deserve an award. If you follow Overland Equipment on Instagram you’ll be seeing the photo in the lower right-hand corner of the layout hitting the feed this week. If you own an Overland Equipment bag, tag your Instagram photos with #MyOverland and you may see your photo featured on the Overland Instagram account! The backpack I’m wearing in the top photo is the Summit1500 from Teton Sports (Amazon Affiliate link), which is a great day pack.

Story Tip: Get on a different level. For the photo of Rintu on the balcony, I got down on the floor and shot through the chair’s legs. I could’ve asked Alex to take a photo from where he was sitting, but capturing the two of them and some of the plants on the balcony (you can see a closeup of that pot in this pathetic tutorial) tells more of a story.


Last week I mentioned that I am giving myself permission to finish some projects. It sounds dumb when I write it out like that, but when it comes to Project Life, it means that I’m giving myself permission to just finish. I was holding myself back with unrealistic expectations on keeping up with the 2 page spreads for each week…let’s be honest, some weeks are just too boring or too hectic for me to remember to pick up my phone and snap a photo (and in both portrait and landscape because you don’t want to have too few of either kind for a layout!).

So on Friday night I sat down, shuffled my layouts (while watching Call the Midwife on Netflix), did a bit of journaling, added in some decorative bits and pieces, and ended up finishing 13 weeks worth of layouts. THIRTEEN WEEKS OF PROJECT LIFE DONE IN A FEW HOURS. Yes, it’s all caps excitement here. I am allowing my layouts to be more flexible and I am thrilled with how they look and how it makes me feel to finish those 13 weeks so quickly. I only stopped because that “Are you still watching this??” message on Netflix popped up and instead of yelling at the screen that I am a grown-ass woman and I will watch 5 hours of Call the Midwife if I want, I headed to bed.

Of course, the layouts I’m sharing today don’t reflect the flexibility I’m allowing myself…

I am still using this homemade Project Life Design A design map to help me play out my weeks. You can download the PDF for free here.

Project Life (Year 28) Weeks 8 – 11

Week 8: April 28 – May 4, 2014

Project Life Design A Week 8 - Campfire Chic

This week was all about a mini-heat wave, Star Wars, working on my NYC mini-album, and National Scrapbook Weekend. I included 3 cards that Wild Olive had available for a free download, a screenshot from my Nike+ app, and a Currently List card from rukristin papercrafts. I had to be creative with my 4×6 pockets this week because I didn’t have many photos that would fit. I backed two photos on the left side of the layout with some cardstock and used the extra space for some journaling and taped two 3×4 photos together to fill another pocket.

Story Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix up the photo sizes to fit your needs…just because you don’t have a 4×6 photo to include in your layout doesn’t mean you can’t use the pocket!

Week 9: May 5 – May 11, 2014

Project Life Currently List Design from - Campfire Chic

This was a simple week that was made even better by the launch of the Spark ecourse and going to one of the newest breweries in Orange County with some of our friends. I included three postcards from the brewery in the pockets to help fill up some space and to show the overall branding of the brewery.

Story Tip: Grab business cards, stickers, or coasters from new places you visit to include in your layouts. They make for a great addition and give a cohesive look to your pages.

Week 10: May 12 – May 18, 2014

Project Life with Instax Photos Design by Campfire Chic

For big trips, I normally have many layers of inserts filling this layout. I decided to go for a simple approach this time and focus on creating a mini-album of our weekend in Portland for a wedding. In an effort to keep things looking cohesive, I used four cards from the Seafoam Project Life kit (affiliate link for Amazon) matched with a map card from a Studio Calico kit. I used circle labels directly on the photos for some journaling.

Story Tip: Include ticket stubs in your layouts, especially if they include dates and locations! This will help further the story of your travels.

Week 11: May 19 – May 25, 2014

Project Life Simple Week with Campfire Chic

This week is a little all over the place, but I think it shows the most “every day life” of the layouts shared in this post. It was a week of trying new things, binge-watching American Horror Story, spending time with friends, eating out too much…and what I think is Rintu’s first visit to the magical world known as “outside”. I used a the May calendar from Elise Blaha Cripe to fill in a square and made sure to save the coffee sleeves from two shops to include in the layout.

Story Tip: Save the coffee sleeves from your favorite shops to include in your layouts. It is fun to include seasonal or special edition sleeves, too.

I’m living Week 30 of my Project Life year, so I’ll be cranking out layouts like nobody’s business over the next few weeks in order to get some layouts done and to give other projects in my queue the attention they deserve.


I love Project Life®. If you are new to Project Life or are looking for some super simply layout inspiration, you can find a few years worth of layouts here.

I got a big order of photos in the mail on Friday and spent a few hours this weekend updating my binder. I’m living Week 19 of my year but I clearly do not have all of my layouts up-to-date…

…and I’m OK with that.

What I’m loving about this catch-up process is looking back on my recent memories and I’m finding ways to stay on top of things…I created this simple document (Design A only, sorry folks!) to keep with me during the week so I can make notes of what I would like to include in each layout. I write in the margins and essentially map out each week — this has made organizing my photos and “stuff” from each week a breeze! Download the document for free here. 

Now that I’m more organized, I hope to get caught up before the holiday season…which is when I usually get so overwhelmed with projects that I let Project Life slip through the cracks. Not this year.

Week 4: March 31 – April 6, 2014

This was the week Alex and I were in New York City visiting family, friends (specifically, Kristin), and exploring. The first half of the year was full of trips for us and this was our BIG spring trip this year. I decided that including multiple inserts into this layout wouldn’t do the trip justice, so I created a travel mini-album, which you can see here.

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

My Currently journaling list this week is a 3×3 square, which is the “Instagram” size that Kristin created earlier this year and I’m totally digging it. You can get the “Insta-size” card for free when you subscribe to Kristin’s mailing list.  I like that I was able to include a gray Project Life card behind it to help tie it into the layout a little more and that it was a different size than the MetroCard and the playing card (from our evening at Sleep No More) on the same page. I tried to keep this page super simple so I could quickly move onto the other pages and I didn’t want to take away from the travel album.

Week 5: April 7 – April 13, 2014

We traveled home to Orange County and geared up for a wedding that same week.

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

I’ve said this so many times: I am not a journaler. I feel like my voice is too simplistic or I’m trying too hard when I journal in my layouts…but here’s a half of a layout with only ONE photo! The rest includes a little  bit of journaling to some extent and I’m feeling great about the whole thing. In an effort to tie the calendar piece at the top of the right-hand layout into the rest of the layout, I put a travel-themed yellow vellum over the side that was a photo of clouds (the calendar is from Elise Blaha’s shop, by the way, but I don’t think it’s available any more)…the airplane clip and the letter stickers help tie everything together.

Tip: If you don’t end up taking many photos at a wedding, don’t stress! I kept the seating cards from our table and used the couple’s wedding colors in the layout to remind me of the big event. I’ve scrapped two other wedding recently and each time I include something different, which helps make each event stand out on its own.

Week 6: April 14 – April 20, 2014

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

This layout isn’t complete, but you don’t need to see my workout-mirror-selfie photo anyway! This was the week that we celebrated Rintu’s “gotcha day”, I signed up for a Biggest Loser competition at work, we attended a talk by Bob Saget in Santa Monica, I took two trains (really four trains, if you count roundtrip) to see Amy for a micro-adventure to the Poppy Reserve, an early Easter breakfast with my parents, and the WonderCon with Alex. It was an AWESOME week and while I didn’t take many photos, I was able to get the main things down in the layout.

Tip: Even if your colors don’t match exactly, sticking with a neutral color for an overall color scheme will help hold the layout together. There were a few different things included in this layout so I tried to make sure as many of my cards were in the gray family as possible. It doesn’t always work, but it helps!

Week 7: April 21 – April 27, 2014

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

This was a pretty slow week, but I really like capturing “everyday” things like eating ramen at lunch, my desk at work, and the state of our fridge. In a few years, I’ll look back on this album and remember how much I LOVE those ramen packs and laugh with Alex about how there is no wrangling kale when it’s in your fridge. This was the week I made some last-minute bridal shower favors, bought a Raskog cart from IKEA, and met with some of my girlfriends to chat about blogging.

My favorite part of this layout is the transparency I slipped over a 6×4 photo in the lower left-hand corner of the right-side of the layout. It says “NOT MY DAY” over and over and then “BLAH” — it was the perfect thing to use to capture how I felt when I needed to take a mid-week sick day because I had the nerd flu and my Tuesday was pretty miserable. When Alex and I are at home without the other, we send photos of whatever Rintu is doing, especially if he’s sitting near us. In this case, I’m in jammie pants on a stool (we have a bar-height dining table) and Rintu is laying down near me…he never lays down in the dining area, so I wanted to share that with Alex.

Again, if you are using Design A Project Life® page protectors and want a super simple map/guide to help you organize your weeks, you can download the same one I use here.

Are you still working on Project Life? Do you find it difficult to keep up?


Project Life® is a fantastic way to scrapbook quickly – this is my third year working with this system and I’m excited to start sharing my layouts.

A little bit about my approach to Project Life®:

  •  My year starts March 10th and ends March 9th — I document my “year” from birthday to birthday
  • I’m not interested in making this difficult — I’m only using Design A Page Protectors this year to keep things extra simple. I noticed that the layouts that held me back had difficult layouts to address. Simple is nice
  • I’m using Studio Calico’s Project Life® subscription kit this year — I purged a TON of my scrapbooking supplies and want to focus on keeping small amounts of Project Life® specific cards around the apartment instead of spending a TON of money on a lot of different kinds of products and hoping that something will feel right in my bindersru
  • I am also including a Currently Journaling List in each layout – you can pick up your digital or physical lists here if you’re interested in playing along. I get the physical ones because Kristin prints them on fantastic cardstock so it holds up really well.

My front page looks like this:

Project Life Year 28 Cover - Campfire Chic

The “adventure” card is actually a transparency that I’ve been hoarding for a few months now. The plane is a wood veneer piece (from the Sketchbook collection) from Studio Calico that I colored in using a fat grey marker. The natural wood color was blending in too much with the stripes of the card. I wanted to keep this front page simple so I don’t harp on making it “perfect” and can consider it done.

Week 1: March 10 – 16, 2014

Project Life Year 28 Week 1 - My Birthday Week - Campfire Chic

Project Life Year 28 - Page Protector Insert to Tell More Stories - Campfire Chic


The first week on my Project Life® binder is always my birthday week, I think it’s a nice way to kick off the project each year and it’s fun to stock up on new products with any coupons/discounts/gift cards I receive from friends and family. For this layout, I included trimmed down a Design F Project Life® page protector to have 1 6×4 and 4 3×4 (double sided) insert to hold some birthday cards I received — I love getting cards and wanted a way to hold onto them instead of shoving them into a box.

I have to say, I ate out a ton my birthday week — talk about celebrating! We ate at Linx, Chipotle, Gypsy Den, The Melt, and Chapter One…talk about going overboard! One of my girlfriends shares a birthday week with me so one or two of those meals was a shared birthday celebration :) My parents bought us a barbecue, I wore my Dalek dress to work, and Rintu helped me with some scrapbooking this week, too.

Week 2: March 17 – 23, 2014 

Project Life Year 28 Week 2 Using Design A - Campfire Chic

My birthday week came to a screeching halt so we could celebrate Alex’s birthday week…I’ll be honest, it was more like me wanting to still celebrate my birthday and forcing Alex to pretend to care about his birthday. He wasn’t too concerned with celebrating his birthday, but I managed to put together a surprise birthday party with his sister — we got a group of his friends to go to the trampoline park (more like a warehouse) and then out for pizza and beer the day before Alex’s birthday. He had no idea and it was amazing. He can no longer trust me, but that’s worth it!

Also this week: Linx again, my parents met us at Eggslut in LA for breakfast and to hand over some mail to me, Alex’s birthday breakfast at Gypsy Den, our first experience at 85* Bakery Cafe, Sidecar doughnuts for Alex’s birthday dessert, and our first Graze box arrived!


Week 3: March 24 – 30, 2014

Project Life Year 28 - Blue and Yellow Layout Using Design A - Campfire Chic

Project Life Design A Page Protector Bringing Pages to Life - Campfire Chic


This week, I challenged myself this week to create a more cohesive layout — I love seeing all the fantastic layouts on blogs and Instagram that are perfectly coordinated and always figured it took a ton of time to make sure things work instead of kind of guessing if things look good together. With all of the blue photos from the Honda Press Event and the yellow week card, I knew I had a built-in color scheme to work with! The other thing that was awesome about this week? Taco Bell’s breakfast launched and one of my friends (who works at Taco Bell’s headquarters here in Orange County) drove to my work to deliver some goodies to taste! Three of us scarfed down A.M. Crunchwraps and the Cinnabon Delights…I’m not going to lie, they were so good! Taco Bell’s twitter account responded to my fangirl tweet and my day was made.

Tip: I needed a good way to keep my Taco Bell inserts flowing so I cut an arrow out of some patterned paper. Instead of trying to figure out how to put the arrow in the two pockets, I used some foam squares to adhere the arrow on top of the page protector. It’ll hold up just fine for now and it’s a fun way to bring some dimension to my otherwise flat Project Life® layouts.

I’m having a hard time making sure that I am ordering all the photos I need for each layout so I’m a bit behind (I’m in Week 11 of my year right now) already this year. I’m not too stressed about it, but it is making me think that I need some sort of way to organize how I order photos each week (or however often I should be ordering them). If you have suggestions or a tried-and-true method, please let me know. I’d love to hear how you are staying organized this year.

How do you stay up-to-date with your Project Life layouts?


Raskog IKEA Cart for Project Life Organization - Campfire Chic

I did it. I finally purchased a Raskog cart from IKEA (in grey) to house all of my Project Life® supplies — 3×4 cards, 4×6 cards, adhesive, embellishments, letter stickers, stamps…you name it, I can fit it in this cart!

Alex helped me get the cart and bring it up our stairs…I did the rest. I read a few blogs from other Raskog owners who insisted that it would take about an hour to put the cart together but after glancing at the instructions, I knew that I could do it in half that time. I cleared a space in our dining area, grabbed a Stone Brewery SSR, and got to work.

Let me tell you: If you have experience putting together IKEA furniture, you can finish this in 20 minutes!

Raskog Cart Top Shelf - Campfire Chic

I am keeping this cart next to my small desk (also from IKEA) in the living room so it needs to look tidy at all times…or at least tidy enough that if we have unexpected guests it doesn’t look like a tornado came through our apartment. I purchased the ANTONIUS basket insert after hearing rave reviews of it from Project Lifers.

I put that insert in the top shelf (of 3 shelves) of the cart and filled it with:

The rubber stamps shown above are from Elise Blaha Cripe (no long available – but check out her blog!), rukristin papercrafts, and Kelly Purkey (no longer available, but check out the rest of her shop). The acrylic stamps are from Studio Calico and Lawn Fawn.

Raskog Cart Organization for Project Life - Campfire Chic

My second and third shelves are in…well…shambles. I’m still working on what works best for me and my scraping style, and I’m sure I’ll find some things that work and some things that don’t as I continue to work on my mini-albums and Project Life albums. The second shelf is mostly taken up by the insert that comes with the Project Life® core kits (you can buy one separately here).

I have space for:

  • Currently List cards by rukristin papercrafts
  • some loose paper embellishments
  • my Dymo label maker
  • Thickers
  • my favorite makers (in fine and ultra-fine)
  • the cards I use in trades (sometimes there is such a thing as too many Project Life® cards!).

Raskog Cart Organization for Scrapbooking - Campfire Chic


My third shelf has more embellishments — and now that I think of it, I use some of these items much more often than the items on the second shelf, so they may be moving around sooner rather than later.

How my shelf is organized:

  • I am using a holiday tin to house my small embellishments like flair, wood veneer, cork, and clips. It’s not the best system, but it works for now and for the space that I have.
  • Some of my washi tape and letter stickers are in the plastic inserts that used to come in the Project Life® Studio Calico boxes.
  • I have some travel pieces (ticket stubs, postcards, stickers) in the Studio Calico Project Life® box (I remove the fold-over lid so it is only only an open box) just to have someplace to put them.

I’m working on figuring out the best organization for:

  • Plastic page protectors
  • Pens & pencils that don’t fit into those marker cases
  • 6×6 paper pads
  • The other millions of Thickers I have stashed away in my closet

What are your Raskog Cart organization tips?

How do you keep your workspace tidy?


Project Life by Campfire Chic

I’m working on finalizing my “year 27″ set of Project Life layouts and I’m glad that they’re coming along so quickly now that I have some Project Life-specific items coming to my door each month. That’s right, I finally bit the Studio Calico subscription-bullet so I will be able to get some fresh products each month instead of trying to force myself to use a HUGE kit for the entire year. I still have a TON of Seafoam and Midnight kit pieces, so if you’re interested, let me know.

PL27 Week 31 and 32 - Project Life by Campfire Chic PL27 Week 33 - Project Life by Campfire Chic PL27 Week 34 - Project Life by Campfire Chic

My plan for the remaining layouts (and honestly, I think I have a handful of layouts that could use some help from “year 26″) is to keep things simple. I want to do the least amount of cropping as possible, I want to use up the products that are currently in my stash (especially now that that stash will grow each month), and I want to just finish.

PL27 Week 35 - Project Life by Campfire Chic PL27 Week 36 - Project Life by Campfire Chic PL27 Week 37 - Project Life by Campfire Chic

These layouts are from last fall, which includes some fun things like:

  • Going to San Diego to try to go apple picking (but went pumpkin picking instead)
  • Attending a wedding and spending time with my highschool girlfrends
  • Stan Lee’s Comikaze & Designer Con (that’s just a Dr. Who lookalike!)
  • Portable Settlers of Catan 
  • Our move out of the apartment but before we moved back in

PL27 Week 38 Project Life by Campfire Chic PL27 Week 39 - Project Life by Campfire Chic

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly…more journaling in these layouts. Why? Too fill space, of course. I’m not big on journaling, I feel like my writing seems really fake when I journal and I feel like there is too much pressure with the whole spelling thing…

How do you keep up-to-date with your Project Life projects?

Project Life ebook Project Dig Deep - Campfire Chic

For more ideas on how to add more stories to your Project Life layouts, I’m going to recommend the Project Dig Deep ebook? I contributed to this ebook in 2012 and I still look back through it for ideas on ways to include my travels and adventures into my Project Life binders. Some of my favorite Project Lifers contributed to this ebook, too, and I’m still so inspired by their stories.