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I’ll be sending out two emails to the mailing list this month – you’ll want to get on the subscription list if you haven’t already. I have plans for lots of freebies and resources for the mailing list group this year.

This month is for:

This month’s intention is “Finish a project”

I was hoping to finish my quilt before this month started, but as I worked to get the binding onto the thing, I found out I miscalculated how much binding I would need by about 2 feet. Yay me and not being great at math. I have an order in for the same fabric bias tape and will be able to finish up the last two feet as soon as it gets here.

I’m in the need of tying something new, so I’ll be working on a short project I know I can finish in one night…more about that soon :)

I’m super close to being caught up with my Project Life for “year 27″ — things got a little crazy while Alex and I moved but with the next order of photos. I gave away some of my Project Life core kit supplies and have plans to get rid of more…it’s just that SO MUCH come in those kits and I’d like to share with others. Also, I’ll need to finish this Project Life in about 5 weeks. Yikes.

On a more personal level (and totally unrelated to finishing), I am challenging myself to bring my lunch to work 12 times this month. It may not seem like a lot, but to go from bringing my lunch maybe four times a month to 12 is a big leap for me. I did a practice run last week and things went well, so why not continue the trend?

How I’ll be doing this:

  • Easylunchboxes (I bought the brights) are fun and easy to use. I like that there is such a huge community behind behind the whole thing so there are plenty of ideas for lunches for adults
  • Silicone baking cups – I use these to add things to the Easylunchboxes like hummus and small crackers that I don’t want to interact with other things
  • Making mini-food using this mini-muffin tin – I can’t wait to make some mini-mac n cheese and mini muffins to keep our lunches snazzy


The Narrows Zion National Park - Campfire Chic


This time last year, Alex and I were soaking up the last of our Disneyland annual passes, getting excited for our first taste of canyoneering, joining the Tough Chik team, going apple picking for the first time, working on that damn quilt, declaring my 5 and 10 year plans, sharing yoga tips for other beginners, and getting excited about moving Campfire Chic over to a self-hosted WordPress.


This October is going to be similar…with a big emphasis on preparing for BIG things. BIG changes. And it’s going to be awesome.


October is for…

  • a short recovery from 30 Days of Lists
  • catching up on Project Life
  • finalizing my next ebook – get on the mailing list to be the first to know
  • some birthdays and a wedding
  • winding down on projects that are more time sensitive – OLW, mostly
  • trying new things
  • our big work Halloween event
  • planning trips


Updated: I’ll be donating each dollar made from sales of ad space here on Campfire Chic through the end of the week to the Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank. Each dollar is the equivalent of 3 meals. I’ll personally match whatever is raised through the ad space sales.  Use “Thankful” at checkout to get 25% off, if you so wish. Purchase your ads here.


Kam of Campfire Chic Shares Her Plan for September 2013

August felt exceptionally long and looking at my calendar for September makes me think that this month will go by pretty quickly.


If you’re new to Campfire Chic, welcome!

Some of the things I like to talk about on this blog include Project Life, taking time for yourself, and getting outside.

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  This month is for:

  • sharing more about an awesome partnership
  • more Project Life updates
  • Doctor Who post Rose – not sure how I’ll handle this, to be honest
  • going on a few group hikes!
  • another Campfire Chic email…or two. Subscribe here
  • taking some time to do some housekeeping on Campfire Chic…boring stuff
  • 30 Days of Lists
  • finishing projects…yes, plural projects
  • productivity posts. Because that’s what we do around here


What do you have going on this September?


Happy August! It’s going to start warming up in Southern California really quickly, so I’m sure I’ll be whining about not having perfect weather on Twitter in no time – if you’re into that kind of thing, you can follow me here. Otherwise, I’ll be sharing fun things I find around the internet that just can’t wait until the weekly Essential Reading post, quips about my #cubiclelife, and whatever else ends up coming out.


It’s a new month, so that means I get to give you a little preview of things to come…consider this your opportunity to put in a request, as well. If you’re looking for a specific topic to be covered, resources to be curated, or just want to know what gear I use for a specific activity, let me know and I’ll see what I can whip up.

August is for…

  • Registration opening for September 2013 edition of 30 Days of Lists!
  • Talking about camping – because it’s my favorite
  • More Project Life Updates – super behind, but still plugging along!
  • Sharing more about the products/gear I personally use
  • Making a brave push
  • Family birthdays
  • Some SEO resources
  • Secret projects


What plans do you have for August?


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July is for…

  • Meeting up with Amy to take some photos + possibly shoot some video
  • Announcements about 30 Days of Lists – Get on the newsletter to be the first to know
  • A very special happy hour
  • Comic-Con – I think it’s my fourth time going to San Diego Comic-Con??
  • Crossing things off of my 27 things list
  • Sharing some blogging information
  • The start of Summer of Love by Stuff Kara made
  • BUILD launches!
  • Plenty of things to include in Project Life
  • Visiting some friends who just moved nearby
  • Playing along with Find Your Voice by ruKristin Papercrafts
  • Playing with our dehydrator more
  • Getting back into Skyrim (it’s been too long!)

What do you have planned for July?


  • Restarting my backpacking training – a few local hikes are planned for this month!
  • Crossing things off of my to do list
  • Working with Amy on a certain semi-annual project I love so much
  • Yoga in the City event with my Yoga-BFF
  • Plenty of birthdays to celebrate
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone a bit
  • Plenty of Project Life
  • A few gear reviews
  • Summer Solstice! (Any locals know of any studios offering a special yoga practice?)


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May is for:

  • The Color Run
  • Knocking things off of my 27 things to do before I turn 28 list
  • Dog sitting
  • Climbing – maybe even outdoors!
  • Replanting plenty of basil in our small garden…
  • …and adding more beautiful things to our garden!
  • Finishing the 3 books I’m reading at the moment
  • Finalizing more travel plans
  • Working on my running endurance
  • Walks on warm evenings
  • Planning projects for the year
  • Sharing some fun mini-adventures (and BIG adventures) with you

What does your May look like?