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This week’s collection is a hodge-podge of things. I’m catching up on my blog reader and trying to distract myself from watching so much television after work each day…I’m really excited for Suits to start back up on USA…and Downton Abbey to start back up again…and will continue to rewatch Orphan Black over and over until it returns in April.

So here are some of my favorite posts from the past few weeks that are keeping me from watching yet another episode of Property Brothers…

This Week’s Essential Reading:

If you’re a big TV-watcher like me, consider documenting your show watching (or book reading!) for the year with this awesome stamp set.


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December Daily® 2015 with 30 Days of Lists challenge lists included inside! Pocket page scrapbook from Ali Edwards' kit by Kam of Campfire Chic

I finally finished my 2015 December Daily® album, which means I also get to share my 30 Days of Lists album!

What is December Daily®?

Find out more on Ali Edwards’ website and check out my previous projects (2011.1 2011.2 and 2011.3, 2012, 2013, and 2014).

Pocket page scrapbook for December Daily® using kits from Ali Edwards and supplies from previous years. Kam of Campfire Chic also uses her December binder for the 30 Days of Lists challenge

Why do I include my 30 Days of Lists lists in my December Daily® album?

I include them because having one album during December is more manageable for me. Also, Amy and I didn’t originally host #30lists during December until some Listers voiced their hesitation to do #decdaily because they didn’t know what to include each day and what to journal about each day…hey, that sounds a lot like my problem! I love that I’m able to include at least one thing (my list!) each day for my album and the bonus of documenting who am I right now in addition to the end of the year celebrations.

Get yourself into your December Daily album by taking photos using reflections. Kam used the glass ornaments from her tree to take a photo with her husband

December Daily Tip #1

One issue you may run into while documenting your December is that you find is that your face is not in many of your photos. I don’t want to always include a traditional selfie, so I made a point to take a few photos this year to get me in the photos in different ways.

Use reflective surfaces to get in the shot! The photo above shows a few things: the new ornaments we purchased for our tree AND Alex and I sitting together on our couch in the reflection of the ornaments. It’s also kind of cute to have the reflection in multiple surfaces at once!

30 Days of Lists album AND December Daily Album by Kam of Campfire Chic (she's also the co-host for #30Lists!)

December Daily Tip #2

If you’re like me and love to have dimension and layers in your scrapbooking, don’t be afraid to leave some pockets empty while you scrapbook with pocket pages! I loved the pocket pages in the Ali Edwards kit that had 2×2 squares (photo above, on the left). I used these pocket pages to create “art break” types of pages that included embellishments I had on hand and from the kits I purchased this year.

Allowing some empty space allows you to see through to the next page and gives you something interesting to look at as you browse your album. I don’t like how wet glue looks on the backside of the pocket pages, so I tried to cover up those “mistakes” with additional embellishments. For example, in the photo above, I used a blue asterisk chipboard embellishment to cover the glue mark on the back of the wood veneer tree embellishment.

Ideas for including non-Christmas things into your December Daily album. Kam also includes lists from 30 Days of Lists in her December album.

Yes, that would be a screenshot of Neko Atsume…It was a BIG part of my December so I wanted to include a “snow day” in my album.

December Daily journaling for a weekend trip to San Fransisco -- Include your BIG events in your December Daily in addition to the everyday moments.

December Daily Tip #3

One concern I saw on Instagram/Facebook about starting December Daily was about including non-holiday things in an album.

I say: GO FOR IT.

My December Daily isn’t full of Christmas-related things each day! That would be crazy (for me)! One thing I knew I wanted to document was our quick weekend getaway to San Fransisco in my album and allowed it to take up a 2 page spread to better tell the story, but I made sure to include some intentional journaling (photo above) to make sure there was  a little more context to the photos.

December Daily scrapbook album using pocket page sheets from Ali Edwards.

December Daily #4

Include packaging, cards, and brochures you pick up throughout the month!

I made sure to include some extra “stuff” throughout the album — the tag that was on our tree where the tree cutter wrote my name with a K without me asking (!!), seasonal bags and branded items from Coffee Bean and Starbucks, the tea I drank throughout the month, movie tickets…the list goes on.

My plan is to get a clear pocket with clasp to include in the album to house the cards we received this year. This is our first Christmas as a married couple so I’m going to be sappy about it and try to keep every.little.thing.

December Daily Album from 2015. Kam's journaling is daily lists from the 30 Days of Lists challenge.

Close up of Kam's December Daily album. Pocket page scrapbooking helps speed up your scrapbooking during the holidays.

December Daily Tip #5

Don’t stress about not taking a ton of photos.

Those three photos from the 25th? Those are the only photos I took that day! Unbelievable, right?! Well, I was in charge of hosting Christmas lunch this year and was all over the place with cleaning, entertaining, cooking, watching basketball, making sure the cat didn’t escape whenever my dad opened the front door…and picking up my phone to take photos of me bouncing off the walls wasn’t a high priority for me.

Alternative December Daily Pocket Page Scrapbooking from Kam of Campfire Chic

December Daily Tip #6

Document through the end of the month!

I know my month doesn’t end on the 25th and the celebrations continue for a week after the big day so I encourage you to stick it out through the 31st. 30 Days of Lists helps keep the momentum going through the end of the month since our challenge includes 30 list (31 with the *bonus* list!) prompts. We made sure to include prompts to help you wind down from the hectic month while also gearing up for kicking butt in the new year!

I’m so happy that I kept taking photos and journaling through the end of the year. I love that I captured the stories of seeing the new Star Wars movie, being a “couch person” (a couch potato), and a little bit about going to work and what we did for New Year’s Eve.

Happy 2016!

Supplies Used:


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Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net

Let’s kick some major ass this year.

This week’s Essential Reading:




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16 Projects in 2016 - Kam of Campfire Chic

With 2016 being an “even” year, I felt like it would be best to make my creative project challenge a tradition by going for it again. I didn’t quite finish the list of creative projects I wanted to try in 2014, but I kicked butt in 2012 (links are at the end of this post).

I was creative in small ways in 2015 and I want to continue creating things this year. I have projects that need finishing and some projects that have been on the back-burner for some time that deserve my attention this year.

My 16 projects for 2016:

  1. Christmas tree skirts and garland
  2. Travel photo books (Austin, Vancouver, Colorado, Washington, New York, Japan, and more!)
  3. Blog sidebar overhaul
  4. Project Life (Finish Years 26, 27, 28, and 29. Start Year 30)
  5. “Spa Day” gift sets for friends (sugar scrub, bath bomb, shave cream, and shower melts)
  6. Shoe bag for gym
  7. Apron and tool belt
  8. Some sort of garden project
  9. Sticker sheets with my Silhouette Cameo
  10. Start a YouTube Channel
  11. Finish my wedding album
  12. Tea/coffee organization
  13. Paint Dungeons and Dragons miniatures
  14. Make one dozen handmade cards
  15. Week in the Life® (Spring)
  16. December Daily®

Some of these projects will be easy to tackle and others will take ongoing dedication as they require more attention than an afternoon of craftiness. I’ll be sharing in-progress photos and videos of these projects throughout the year on Snapchat (user name: campfirechic) and will share finished projects here and on Instagram.

If you have suggestions for any of the projects listed here, let me know!

See my 12 Projects in 2012 projects. I didn’t finish my 14 Projects in 2014.


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One Little Word 2016 TRY - Campfire Chic

If you are not familiar with the One Little Word® (OLW) project, I suggest starting with Ali Edwards’ project page, seeing her announcement for 2016, and the year-long class that she is hosting. My previous OLW posts are here.

So, my OLW for 2015 was STORY because I had grand ideas of getting caught up with my scrapbooking and wanted to focus on telling more stories that came up throughout the year. That didn’t happen. In fact, I’m even further behind than I was this time last year, but that means I get to scrapbook even more stories in 2016.

For 2016, I decided to select a word that reminds me a lot of 2013’s word BRAVE…a word that would encourage me to break out of my usual work-home-gym-tv-work routine and give me motivation to take a stab at new activities/food/habits. I think TRY is going to be a great word for 2016. I already have a (short) list of things I would like to try and am looking forward to adding more and more things to that list.

I’ll be documenting the things I try this year here and sharing additional thoughts (and plenty of encouragement) to the Campfire Chic mailing list.

If you think you could use an occasional digital kick in the butt, you can subscribe here.  

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2015 Year in Review - Adventure and Travel Posts from Kam of Campfire Chic

As I went through my blog posts for this Year in Review, I was amazed at how many places we visited, how many things changed this year, and how I’m soo ready for my 2016 One Little Word: TRY.

This year was for weekends away, a big international trip, and close-to-home adventures. I already have a bunch of exciting plans for early 2016 and am open to adding even more to the list. I hope these posts inspire you to plan a mini-adventure one weekend or to try something new after work one day.

Year in Review: Adventure and Travel of 2015

With my One Little Word for 2016 being TRY, I know this last will be even longer come this time next year :)

Check out my adventure and travel posts from 2014.


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2015 Year in Review - Blogging and Productivity Posts from Kam of Campfire Chic

I decided to start moving some of my blogging and productivity posts over to LinkedIn’s publishing platform this year. I liked having a new platform to share some of the older posts and the challenge of updating the content to include more up-to-date resources and suggestions.

Personally, 2015 was the first year since 2010 that my editorial calendar didn’t rule my life. I posted less, I shared what made sense for where I want Campfire Chic to go in 2016. It felt good to not hit publish on a post that I wasn’t thrilled about just to stick to a specific blogging schedule.

2015 was chill in this department and I’m happy that I chose this route.

Year in Review: Blogging & Productivity of 2015

Click here to see the blogging and productivity posts for 2014

Photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo


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