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Savor Santa Ana July 2015 - Campfire Chic

We attended Savor Santa Ana on Thursday night. It is a tasting event in the City of Santa Ana that gives participants the opportunity to walk through the downtown area and visit new-to-them restaurants, bakeries, and specialty shops.

Santa Ana is the go-to place in Orange County for “foodies” and “those damn hipsters” because there are so many restaurants doing different things within a few blocks on the east side of town. We enjoy going to dinner in the area and sometimes visit during lunch at work (we have to make it quick!). I love walking around seeing the different architecture, street art, and the next restaurant/bar/brewery opening.

For the event, we bought 5 tickets each for $10, grabbed a map of the participating restaurants, and hit the road. We were tempted to get the VIP package, but wanted to finish the night at Chapter One so we decided to stick to the regular package.

Downtown Santa Ana Event Savor Santa Ana - Campfire Chic

With 20 tickets between us, we had our work cut out for us and a bunch of other people to battle as we made our way to the tastings. We visited some new-to-us places and some old favorites: Taqueria Guadalajara, Wursthaus, Chapter One: The Modern Local, Little Sparrow, Good Beer Co., Robins Nest, Izalco, KTCHN DTSA, and Portola Coffee.

We walked by some of our other favorite places that I recommend if you are ever in the area: Gypsy Den, Krave, Playground, Native Son Alehouse, Chunk-N-Chip, MAR, Front Porch Pops, and C4 Deli: Cure for the Common.

Wursthaus Downtown Santa Ana - Campfire Chic

We ended our evening at Chapter One for final bites to eat and to re-hydrate. I got the mac n cheese and stole some of Alex’s ceviche, which was delicious. I think next time we will get the same amount of tickets but take a few extra minutes before starting to get a plan of action together. We tried to walk in a logical manner and use our tickets wisely but I think we were just too hungry and excited and started big. Next time, we’ll do a better job :)

Portola Coffee Downtown Santa Ana 4th Street Market - Campfire Chic


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My grandmother passed away earlier this month and as my family mourned our loss, we went through her (dozens and dozens) of scrapbooks to prepare for her memorial service. My grandmother was a documenter. She kept personal diaries starting at 16 which includes the days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, dating my grandfather, and daily life in Hawaii at the time. After marrying my grandfather and moving to Los Angeles, my grandmother really got into photography.

She created a very detailed scrapbook that documenting a visit from her parents before her first baby was born. She included very detailed journaling next to each photo, brochure, and token included in the scrapbook. She included a table of contents at the front of the book documenting the road trips and day trips they took all over California as a “pre-baby” vacation.

I didn’t take many photos, but I did take a few that I wanted to share. I think these highlight some of the amazing things that she included in her scrapbook and how it’s held up after so many years.

Travel Scrapbooking from 1953 - Campfire Chic

The pages are not in page protectors, so it’s easy to remove the photos, touch the brochures, and to see how much care must’ve gone into making this album…I know when I’m putting together albums that should be in chronological order, I generally mess up and need to reorganize my pages.

I love that she used a red pen throughout the entire album (the album cover is red, too) and that she used matching red photo corners! Such good coordination. When she didn’t use photo corners, she used plain invisible tape. I hope this gives other scrapbookers confidence to go ahead and use whatever pens/markers and adhesive they want when creating. While archive-safe products are awesome, if you don’t have the money to buy new supplies or are short on time, don’t hesitate to just get to work.

Hidden Journaling in Travel Scrapbook from 1953 - Campfire Chic

A roll of film was lost during this trip, so my grandmother included these small photo cards in her scrapbook. I was inspired by the stacked images (plus hidden journaling!) and included a similar feature in a travel album. You can see the slideshow of my version here.

Include Postcards and Journaling in Travel Scrapbooks - Campfire Chic

The ‘before and after’ comparison of the Griffith Park Observatory is such a cool thing to include. I am thinking that I need to include a similar set of photos for an iconic place during our next trip, wherever that may be.

Personal Travel Scrapbook from 1953 - Campfire Chic

I am a big fan of including “stuff” in my scrapbooks and it was really interesting to see that my grandmother was the same way. She included train tokens, a menu from a restaurant they visited (including check marks next to the food they ordered!), a bag of sand from the beach, and the train schedule from the time they rode down to San Diego (with marks indicating which train they took!).

The brochure above is a program from one of the nights they went to the Hollywood Bowl to see a singer from Hawaii. She taped the program into her album and used the ticket from that night as a way to encourage the viewer to flip to read more about the performers. It’s super creative and it shows what the programs looked like “back in the day” and how the prices have changed over time. She included journaling about how people take picnics to the Hollywood Bowl and spend the better part of the afternoon there enjoying the atmosphere…which is what continues to happen to this day! The picnics may be a little fancier now and the prices are certainly higher, but traditions last a long time.

There are dozens of other scrapbooks and so many fantastic things included in each one, but these examples are the ones I know I will be using for upcoming albums and projects.


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Outdoor Summer Favorites and Essentials - Campfire Chic

Summer is well underway but (thankfully) summer weather runs well through the end of October in Southern California. Heck, most Thanksgivings are spent in shorts and tank tops because get a heat spell.

I’m still trying to get into the groove of after-work microadventures and weekend day trips. I have loose plans most weekends but life happens. I’ve been using the products in the photo above (minus the hammock, I’m hoping to take it out this weekend) for a some time now. They are great options to add to your summer adventure bag.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals

I like Mountain House food for two things: for camping/backpacking and for emergency kits. I like that there are a handful of vegetarian options so Alex and I can split food. As I plan trips for the rest of summer and through fall, I’m thinking of the different offerings from Mountain House because I know I’ll be extra hungry and sometimes ramen just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking to kick up your breakfast game, try the fire-roasted vegetables and the scrambled eggs with corn tortillas. You’ll feel right at home before hitting the trail!

KEEN Footwear sandals

While flip flops are a wardrobe staple in Southern California, I needed an upgrade to something I could wear to work and on occasions when a flip flop may be too casual. If you’ve been reading Campfire Chic for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of KEEN shoes. I wasn’t sure about these sandals at first, but I’m loving them! They’re great with jeans and skirts. This style doesn’t look like it’s available on the website, but the City of Palms style is super cute.

Salazon’s Trail Series chocolate bars

Chocolate bars that benefit the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail? Sign me up! When I was offered samples of the Trail Series chocolate bars from Salazon, I knew they would be a perfect match for Campfire Chic readers…I mean, do we really need an excuse to eat delicious dark chocolate? If you don’t know, the three trails highlighted in the Trail Series are the Triple Crown of long distance trails in the United States. The Appalachian Trail goes from Georgia to Maine (2,180 miles), the Continental Divide Trail goes from Mexico to Canada (3,100 miles), and the Pacific Crest Train goes from Mexico to Canada (2,650 miles).

Fabletics Sevan Sports Bra

While Fabletics has a ton fantastic active wear pieces, the Sevan sports bra is my favorite sports bra. I wasn’t sure about the strap behind my neck at first, but this light support bra is great. The Vaasa is great, too, to be honest. It is a little too light for running, but if you’re looking for a bra for yoga, climbing, and other low-impact activities. I also like to wear this sports bra while paddleboarding instead of a bikini top. If you’re not a Fabletics VIP already, use my referral link to get a discount on your first purchase!

Soundpeats Bluetooth Earbuds

Alex was on the hunt for Bluetooth earbuds to use in the gym and did a ton of research before settling on Soundpeats. He insisted I pick up a pair of earbuds for myself (on Amazon, of course) to keep me comfortable when on the treadmill…no worrying about snagging a cord and sending my phone flying as I try to remain calm and collected. These earbuds come in a few different colors (mine are a bright yellow…not my normal color, but they were on sale during Prime Day) and come with different attachment sizes to help hold the earbuds in your ears. When I’m not working out, I use these to listen to podcasts late at night without being too loud.

Charge Fitbit

Confession: I lost my last Fitbit in December. I remember having it at work one day and showing it to somebody who was going to pick one up as a gift, but I don’t remember where I put it after that (I’m assuming on my wrist). We moved twice so I gave up on the search and decided to save up for a new one. I loved my Flex but decided to try out the Charge so I would have a watch and so I could track the flights climbed each day…something that wasn’t tracked with my Flex. So far, so good! It’s much larger than the sleek and slim Flex, but it looks nice and I’m more active now that I’m wearing it. I tried using a phone app to track my steps each day, but I don’t always have my phone on me when I walk around the office so I wasn’t getting an accurate count. If you want to be friends and do some of the challenges, email me! You can find Fitbit on Amazon…and if you’re a Prime member you can usually find it for a bit of a discount and get Prime shipping!

Munk Pack

Of all the squeeze-snacks on the market, I love Munk Pack the most. It’s oatmeal in a squeeze-pack! The Apple Quinoa Cinnamon is my favorite flavor, it’s just too good. I got a sample pack a few months back and stocked up on more during a recent sale on Amazon. If you are looking for a snack that is perfect for the times when you have dirty hands (like at the climbing gym or during a hike), these squeeze-packs are fantastic. They are larger than other squeeze-packs that are aimed at children, so you probably won’t need more than one on your next adventure. If you need a gluten free snack, check out the different options on the Munk Pack website or shop for them on Amazon.

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

After coming back from Japan, my skin has been out of control and a total mess. The folks behind Mad Hippie contacted me to introduce a their skincare line and I knew I needed to try something different for my skin. The Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser arrived just in time and after a week of use noticed the redness around my nose reduced significantly. I’m still tweaking my routine to see what will help my skin the best, which may involve me running over to Whole Foods and picking up the exfoliating serum, Vitamin A serum, or Vitamin C serum to help with some other issues I’m having. You can find Mad Hippie products on Amazon, at green grocers, and on their website.

Refuel Invictus Case Charger

I use my ibattz external battery charger when traveling or when I know I’ll be using my phone a lot (Comic-Con, when I need a map to find my way, etc.), so when I was contacted to review the ibattz Refuel Invictus Case Charger, I knew it would be a good chance to test my external charger with a case. I can share the external batter with people who don’t have the same phone as me, which is great, but having the case charger is nice because I don’t need to think about packing a charging cable to connect my phone to the charger. You can find the Refuel Invictus Case Charger on Amazon or on the ibattz website.

Pelican 3310PL LED flashlight

One thing on my Summer List? To attend a SUP Glow Eco Tour hosted by one of the local rental companies. You attach lights to your stand up paddleboard and take a night tour of coastal preserve areas. It looks so beautiful and fun! One thing I knew I would need? A trustworthy flashlight that I wouldn’t be worried to have on the water with me. The Pelican 3310PL LED flashlight is a great option for me because it glows-in-the-dark and feels solid in my hand and is rectangular in shape so it won’t roll around on my board or around the back of my car. You can find the flashlight on Amazon.

Tribe Provisions Hammock

What would summer be without a hammock? Tribe Provisions recently launched their Adventure Hammock (available on Amazon) in a couple of colors…including what I would like to think is Campfire Chic Orange. It comes all bundled up with the hammock, cables, and carabiners included in a cute stuff sack…apparently the logo glows-in-the-dark! That’s pretty rad. My plan is to spend an afternoon at a local park to practice setting up the hammock and then taking it on a future camping trip…maybe Havasupai in the spring?

Here’s to an endless summer with a ton of adventures! 

Thank you to Mountain House, KEEN Footwear, Tribe Provisions, Pelican Lighting, Mad Hippie, ibattz and Salazon for providing items and samples for this round up. While the items were submitted for possible review, I was not paid for this post, and the opinions expressed above are my own. Links to are affiliate links. During 2015, affiliate comission made through sales with are going toward donation items for the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County. If you are not interested in shopping via affilaite links, simple search the titles of each product.


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Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net

I know that these types of posts are becoming less popular among readers (of other blogs, this is actually one of my most popular types of posts!) and I want to assure you that I am not interested in giving you vague descriptions and mysterious links that are shortened so you’re not sure where you’ll land if you click the link. I do not wish to bombard you with affiliate links in a post like this, there may be one or two if I’m obsessed with a new product or want to humblebrag (like about the new chromebook I picked up for super cheap during Amazon’s Prime Day, yes that would be an affiliate link), but otherwise, I want to share links to cool articles, interesting blog posts, and funny videos I find throughout the month.

These posts are for you and the occasional self-promotion.

This week’s Essential Reading:




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Bouldering at Mount Rubidoux - Campfire Chic

A few months ago, Alex and I took a short drive out to popular Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, California. Mount Rubidoux is like the Runyon Canyon of the Inland Empire…a short hike with a big view payoff at the end. It can get incredibly crowded on the weekends but don’t let that stop you from taking the short hike up the hill. It is an easy hike…you’ll see plenty of people pushing strollers to the top, people wearing flip flops, and dogs along the way.

But there is more to Mount Rubidoux than the trails to the top of the hill: there are boulder fields around the hill that have a fair number of routes that range from V0 to V7 (according to Mountain Project) and there are some spots where you can set up for some top rope climbing.

We did not know where to go when we arrived, but luckily, some climbers waved to us from their spot on the side of the hill as we walked up the trail (it’s pretty easy to recognize other climbers if you’re wearing a big crash pad on your back!) and they recommended a few spots for us to check out.

Bouldering Essentials - Campfire Chic

View from Mount Rubidoux - Campfire Chic

Relaxing in the shade while bouldering at Mount Rubidoux - Campfire Chic

We climbed a bit but the heat set in pretty quickly and all I wanted to do was relax in the shade and drink some water.

If you’re cruising through the area or want to escape the gym without driving too far, this spot is great. We didn’t see many other climbers out there, so you won’t be too crowded at each boulder. The boulders and walls are spaced out so you’ll be able to get a little bit of privacy if you’re looking for a quiet day of climbing.

I’m hoping to go climbing in Big Bear in a few weeks and sharing more photos!



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Timebook - A Way to Tell Your Story from Classes by Kara - Campfire Chic

A few weeks ago, Kara (of Classes Kara Made, Babe Vibes, and the designer behind the Campfire Chic logo/blog and the 30 Days of Lists website) sent me an email letting me know that she was adding a new set of digital templates to her Classes Kara Made shop for something called a Time Book.

I was intrigued by the idea and promptly printed out the bold version of the Time Book template (there is an italic version, too) and set it to the side. Little did I knew, I’d be grabbing for the book so soon.

12:34 a.m. is the time of the night where I end up looking at the clock (as I write this, the clock is 12:32 a.m., so we’re right on time) and I start to question my sanity…why am I still awake if I have to be at work at 7 a.m.? Why am I bothering to write a post for LinkedIn if nobody is going to see it? Doubt runs through my head and I panic a little bit at my choices…going to the gym instead of heading straight home to work, watching an extra episode of House of Cards instead of getting to work, etc.

12:34 a.m. is a dangerous time for me.

So when it it a few weeks ago, I grabbed my Time Book, the JCrew catalogue that arrived in the mail that day, and got to work. It took me about 15 minutes to put this book together (not including stapling it, my long-reach stapler was on its way) and I felt great after. I went to bed knowing I created something. That I finished at least one thing that day.

Art Journaling in a Time Book - Campfire Chic

Time Book Art Journaling with Template from Classes Kara Made - Campfire Chic

Mixed Media Art Journaling with Time Book - Campfire Chic

Classes Kara Made Digital Template for Time Book - Campfire Chic

Simple Art Journaling in a Time Book - Campfire Chic

Pep Talk Through a Time Book Art Journal from Classes Kara Made - Campfire Chic

Mixed Media Scrapbooking in a Time Book Mini Album - Campfire Chic

Quick Journaling Prompts in Time Book Digital Template from Kara Haupt - Campfire Chic

Time Hop Art Journal from Kam of Campfire Chic

To me, a Time Book is a quick way to document right now. I chose to document a specific time that has specific patterns, but you may want to document an entire month (like Vanessa does here), a week, or maybe a special event. Maybe you want to create a Time Book celebrating happy hour, your favorite spot to watch the sunset, or the moment your child was born. These are all things you could capture quickly with Kara’s Time Book template.

I’m looking forward to more spur-of-the-moment Time Book projects…I printed out a handful of copies just in case the mood strikes. I’d like to print them on watercolor paper and make a bit more of a mess, but I’m not sure my printer can handle it. If you’re familiar with printing directly on watercolor paper, let me know?

I would like to thank Kara for asking me to take a moment to check out her new template. I didn’t think I was going to come up with anything to create, but I guess I learn more about myself with each passing 12:34 a.m.


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