Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts from 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Last week, I shared my first round of entries for the Messy Lists art journal collaborative project we’re (30 Days of Lists) doing with the Get Messy Art Journal team.

Art Journaling with Messy Lists Creative Challenge - Campfire Chic

I started out this week the way I did last week: with the quote included with the weekly list and art prompts. This was a fun entry to create because I was able to use more of the tissue paper confetti I used for a banner backdrop I created for my wedding reception and another art journal entry. I stamped the quote on a large kraft tag and made up for the lack of space at the very end by writing in the last word.

Messy Lists Art Journal Prompts for Week 2 - Campfire Chic

First up: Not thrilled about this page. There’s too much going on, in my opinion, with the collage and the paint. The prompt for this was Loves of My Life and I chose to include two Instax photos I took recently of Alex and Rintu.

Messy Lists Art Journaling and Creative List Challenge - Week 2 Prompts with Campfire Chic

I was in love with this layout until some paint spilled on the page and I tried to fix it. Oh well! I created a repeating background using Kelly Purkey stamps and beige/green ink pad. My list is written around several of the stamps for the prompt: How I changed in the last 10 years.

Messy Lists Collaborative Project with 30 Days of Lists and Get Messy Art Journal - Campfire Chic

I had a lot of fun making this page! I used a white crayon to make a design on a sheet of watercolor paper. After I made my design, I used yellow and orange watercolors to reveal the design. The crayon won’t let the paint to stick to the paper on the parts it covers…you need to push really hard on textured paper like watercolor paper in order for this to work! I started with the lightest shade of yellow and let it dry completely before going over it again with yellow and then with orange.

After the page dried, I cut around the different designs and attached them to these pages. My list doesn’t go in a specific order, it just goes around the edges of the different pieces.

Creative Art Journal Prompts from Messy Lists Collaboration with Get Messy Art Journal and 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

After having fun creating the images for the last entry, I decided to create a repeating pattern for this entry. Alex and I planted a bunch of succulents on our patio so a succulent-like design was exactly what I wanted. My list (When I Grow Up) goes around the edges of the page because I wasn’t sure where to put it. I didn’t want to break up the design by putting anything over it, but maybe next time I’ll try painting over the gesso background with some green watercolor and I’ll feel like the design is more like a background than the focal point of the page.

Superpowers I Would Like to Have Art Journal Entry from Kam of Campfire Chic

After a few disappointing entries I decided to stick with something simple and went with stamps and a bit of washi tape. I used a set of large alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey to write out SUPERPOWERS and filled in the inside of each letter with a micron pen to give them a little something extra. I wrote my list with my trusty thin sharpie and then went over the stamps with a bit of orange watercolor.

I’m enjoying the process and am allowing myself to not stick with the art prompts if I’m not inspired by them to create my entries.

Interested in joining in on the Messy Lists art journal and list challenge? Check out the registration info here. 


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Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners - Campfire Chic

With the Messy Lists collaboration, Amy and I are getting a few questions about the types of supplies we use for our art journaling. I decided to put together a list of the things I’m using to give you an idea of art journaling supplies for beginners.

This supply list for art journaling includes things that you may already have at your desk if you’re a scrapbooker or cardmaker. I’m trying to use supplies I already have on hand and if I purchase anything, I want it to be something I can use for other projects in the future.

Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners

Art Journaling Supply Basic Kit from Campfire Chic

  • Ink pad – this Staz-On ink pad is amazing and totally something you should have in your creative toolkit. It’s a bit more expensive than you’d think a stamp pad should be, but believe me when I say it’s worth it! Unlike other inks, this will adhere to thinks like glossy photos, acetate, leather, and metal surfaces
  • Crayons – I bought a fresh pack of crayons to play with the watercolors and to hopefully recreate a project I did in elementary school (more on that later!) and to test out making my own resist embellishements/backgrounds
  • Book – This is my second art journal and I like that this is already put together for me. I suggest thinking about your project before purchasing a book or making anything because you’ll want to make sure the binding allows for expansion because you’ll be adding a lot of bulk to your book before long
  • Watercolor set – I love the small size of my set and that it came with a water brush. This set may seem like it won’t last very long, but the paint cakes last a long time (it doesn’t look like I’ve touched any of them!). The outer case is hard so it can be tucked away in a purse or backpack if you want to take your watercolors with you on a trip
  • Colored pencils – I have two sets: a watercolor pencil set and a regular colored pencil set. I highly suggest the watercolor pencil set due to the versatility and quality. This is also great for those grown up coloring books that are super popular right now
  • Paint brushes – I have an inexpensive set of brushes that I bought recently that are holding up pretty well but I have no idea how to properly use them. I also have some foam brushes that get used every so often
  • Gesso – I learned the hard way that using a lot of wet supplies (wet adhesive, water colors, etc.) on some of the old book pages I have results in things bleeding through to the other side and sometimes the paper plain falling apart! Gesso helps create a canvas for you to create on without the pages on either side getting ruined
  • Adhesive – I use my scrapbook adhesives in my art journal because I don’t see a reason to buy new glue! I use this wet adhesive, glue sticks, photo squares, and this dimensional glue
  • Acrylic paint – I bought a set of 24 acrylic paints before Messy Lists started and I’m loving everything I can do with them! The colors are so vibrant and I like that I can create a bit of texture using it on top of gesso
  • Sharpies – I’m using my tried and true thin Sharpie and a regular one to write in my art journal. I’m not worried about this last hundreds of years, so I don’t need an archival safe marker for this project
  • Stamps – I’m holding onto my scrapbooking roots by using stamps in my art journal. While I would love to have a ton of alpha stickers at hand for some of my layouts, having the stamps around helps give a bit of structure to my otherwise paint-heavy pages. I love the alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey’s shop and this stamp set from rukristin papercrafts
  • Clothespins – I’m not sure if this is a thing, but I’m using clothespins to hold up pages that are still drying while working on other pages. I have zero patience for all this drying time
  • Magazines/Catalogs – I love a good collage and I get a bunch of free catalogs in the mail so it’s nice having them around for scrap paper and to stamp out whatever letters I need for my pages
  • Washi tape – I haven’t used it too much in my layouts, but I have a healthy stash of washi that will be making an appearance soon enough, I’m sure!

Looking for more? My go-to blogger for all things art journaling is my longtime internet friend, Katie of Punk Projects. She has a great post on her go-to art journal supplies and another on her favorite art journal supplies.

Happy art journaling!

Please note: I am an Amazon Affiliate and will receive a commission for purchases made through the links in this post. I own all the items mentioned in this post (you can probably find my reviews on Amazon, too) so please do not hesitate to ask questions about any of the items shown here.


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Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts from 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

It’s week one of Messy Lists and I’m diving in head first into this creative challenge!

Unlike 30 Days of Lists, the Get Messy Art Journal team releases their prompts via email at the start of the week and Get Messians (the folks who participate in the #getmessyartjournal challenges) work on the prompts at their own pace. The weekly emails for Messy Lists include 5 list prompts and 5 art prompts. It’s interesting to see how the prompts can be mixed and matched depending on how you want to make your list.

It’s not too late to join Messy Lists, which is run through the Get Messy Art Journal website. You can learn more about the challenge and get registration details to see what best fits your needs.

Week 1: Messy Lists – Art Journaling and Lists Creative Challenge


Messy Lists 2016 - Art Journal Collaboration with Get Messy Art Journal and 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

There was a quote included with this week’s prompts, so I decided to start this week with a page dedicated to that quote. For this page, I dropped different water colors at the top of the page and stood the book up and shook it a bit to encourage the color to bleed down the page.

I’m still learning what I can do with watercolors and this seemed like a fun way to get started. I did not treat the page before adding the paint, which left the pages a little wrinkled, but I’m okay with that because I figure this journal will end up with all sorts of texture.

Messy Lists Creative Art Journal Challenge Co-Hosted by 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

So I bought a pack of acrylic paints (and these brushes) from Amazon to give myself some variety as I move through this project. I wasn’t expecting to pick up new supplies, but I think it will be fun to use for other projects around the house. I used white gesso to prep the left hand page, drew some circles with a black Sharpie, covered the title with a washi sticker that fit perfectly, and covered the area in blue acrylic paint. I used two different blues for this, but I’m not sure that came through too well. I watered down the blue a little bit because I worried it would cover up the circles.

I wrote my list using a thin Sharpie. I was going to try painting my letters, so there are a bunch of pencil marks that need to be erased, but that can be done later.

Messy Lists Art Journal and Lists Challenge with 30 Days of Lists Team - Campfire Chic

One of the art prompts was to cut letters and words out of a magazine or newspaper. I decided to stamp the title in a catalog (Patagonia’s catalog is great because it’s a matte finish, not glossy) and then cut the letters out. I’m missing my x-acto knife, so I left the insides of the letters alone.

For this page, I prepped with gesso, used green acrylic paint to make the leaf-like designs, and painted the right page with yellow watercolor paint. I let everything dry as I wrote my list on some scraps from the catalog page I stamped on, and then grabbed some salt from the kitchen because I read you can do some cool stuff with watercolors and salt. I brushed and dropped blue watercolor into both sides of the layout and sprinkled salt into the water areas. It gives a bit of a spotted look once the paint dries and I wiped the salt away. You can see it more around the handwritten area on the right page.


Art Journal Page by Kam of Campfire Chic for Messy Lists Creative Challenge

I’m not in love with this page, but that’s what I get for prepped ahead of time without a plan.

I ended up covering up some terrible doodles (an art prompt) on the left page with a collage/paint for the list prompt title. The brown is watercolor I used with a crappy stencil I created with cardstock and my crop-a-dile. I used paint to write my list out this time and I have some major room for improvement!

Messy Lists Art Journal Page - Campfire Chic

This page took a few hours to prep to get those tea stains to set correctly. I used the leftovers of some plain black tea I was drinking to create cup stains and tea drops all over the layout. I wasn’t sure if this would work and photograph well, but I’m super happy with it!

I wrote SLEEP in the same catalog from earlier and cut the letters out. I split the word so it could span the two pages instead of leaving one page empty. I’m super happy with this layout.

Messy Lists Art Journal Page with Collage - Campfire Chic

Another example of not planing ahead and trying to make things work instead of staring fresh.

The blue paint on the left page should be grey/black and the collage (an art prompt) isnt’ my best work. At this point, I’m going with done is better than perfect because there are plenty more pages to create.

If you’re interested in checking out this project, check out the Get Messy Art Journal website. Amy and I are also sharing creations from fellow Listers on our Instagram: @30daysoflists


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List Challenge - 30 Days of Lists Creative Journaling Challenges for People Who Love to Make Lists hosted by Amy and Kam

I shared the first half of my lists from the March 2016 30 Days of Lists Challenge earlier and I wanted to share the rest of my lists today.

I used March’s challenge as a way to get familiar with watercolors and getting out of my comfort zone a bit in preparation for Messy Lists.

Messy Lists is a collaboration between 30 Days of Lists & Get Messy Art Journal Challenge that kicked off yesterday! I’m excited to see how the Get Messy community takes to listing and interested in seeing fellow Listers take up art journaling (some for the very first time!). If you’re interested in joining the challenge, check out the registration information on the Get Messy Art Journal website (note: #30Lists is an affiliate for the year-long membership and will get a commission for year long memberships made through this link).

30 Days of Lists - March 2016 Creative List Challenge with Kam of Campfire Chic

March 2016 Edition of 30 Days of Lists - Creative Journaling Challenge for People Who Love to Make Lists - Campfire Chic

30 Days of Lists - March 2016 Edition of a Creative Listing Challenge - Campfire Chic

I’m having a hard time getting good photos of my layouts – they are coming out blurry lately. I think it has more to do with the time of day that I’m taking the photos than what I’m using to take the photos (my phone).

If you’re interested in checking out more 30 Days of Lists lists from others, check out our Instagram, Pinterest Board, Facebook page, and subscribe to our newsletter


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I’d like to announce a fun collaboration I’m doing: Messy Lists Art Journal Challenge

30 Days of Lists is a huge part of my life and lately I’ve been breaking out of my comfort zone of scrapbook-centric list books and including more art journal techniques. This started right before Caylee and Lauren of Get Messy Art Journal Challenge approached Amy and me about collaborating for the upcoming season of Get Messy Art Journal: Season of Lists.

Caylee and Lauren of Get Messy Art Journal Challenge and Messy Lists Co-Hosts

Amy and Kam of 30 Days of Lists and Messy Lists Creative Challenge - Campfire Chic

That’s right! The duo behind Get Messy Art Journal are teaming up with 30 Days of Lists to host a 6-week creative challenge that is going to blow your socks right off!

We’re calling it Messy Lists!


How great is this going to be? I can continue to try new things and learn from an amazing community while also encouraging women to tell their right now story through lists.

This season starts on April 4th, so register today so you do not miss out on the prompts and fun.

Messy Lists Creative Art Journal Challenge - Campfire Chic

Register today for Messy Lists

I’m looking forward to this season because we’ll be mixing things up a bit and long-time Listers will feel right at home but challenged at the same time! If you’re a Get Messian, get ready for some “professional listers” to join in on the fun! Our team is looking forward to our communities coming together and getting to know each other…to be fair, we know several Lister/Get Messian folks, so we know our communities are meant to cross-over.

I’ll be using a spiral-bound upcycled hardcover book (blank pages inside) for my art journal for this season. I picked up some white gesso, acrylic paints, and crayons to, you know, get messy! I started making a few backgrounds in my journal using watercolors and I’m loving how this is going.

I plan on including collage, doodles, paint, and more in my pages as I try to break free from my usual scrapbook-style. Who knows, I might be inspired by my scrapbook supplies to include something in my art journal, too! It’s my art journal and I can do what I want :)

Messy Lists Collaborative Challenge with Get Messy Art Journal and 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Registration is through the Get Messy website, you can choose to get a year-long membership, which gets you access to all the seasons, or you can pay $10 for a monthly membership. Their seasons last 6 weeks, so keep that in mind if you want to play along with Messy Lists and do not want to get the year-long membership.

Messy Lists begins April 4, 2016. 

This post contains affiliate link to the year-long membership with Get Messy Art Journal. I will split a small commission on year-long memberships made through this link with Amy (of 30 Days of Lists) at no extra cost to you. If you do not want us to receive an affiliate payment, please use your favorite search engine to find Get Messy Art Journal. 


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Flash Foxy 2016 Women's Climbing Festival - Campfire Chic

The weekend of February 19-21, 2016, was awesome! The first Flash Foxy Women’s Climbing Festival was held in Bishop, California.

A few months earlier, I was online and ready to pounce the moment registration opened. In the excitement of getting the tickets, booking my motel room, and trying to get an idea of who else was registering for the festival I stopped and thought: what the hell am I doing? I don’t know anybody going to this festival. Alex can’t come with me. I’m not even that strong of a climber, I’m going to make a complete fool of myself.

In the following months, it was decided that Alex and one of our friends would drive up with me and go on their own adventures while I was at the festival. I signed up for a workshop designed for women who boulder in the gym and are not familiar with climbing outside (even though I’ve been outside a few times), and made sure to participate in the private Facebook group “switchboard” to see if I knew any of the other women who registered for the event.

I didn’t train as much/hard as I planned and I knew that as February 19th approached I needed to come to grips with the possibility of not being able to send any of the routes (climb to the top of a boulder) in Bishop. I was really nervous about the entire weekend.

Climbing Pad Tetris - Campfire Chic

I ended up knowing an internet friend who would be at the event and luckily, she was the first person I ran into the day of the event. We met for the first time the night before at the brewery in town (and also the registration location) and she spotted me pulling into the parking lot. I nervously hung out with her and her two friends before heading into the fairgrounds to check out the demo gear that was up for grabs and finding our workshop groups.

Evolv was demoing (allowing you to borrow) shoes so I opted for a pair of shoes that are higher up on the food chain than any of the pairs I own. If I was going to be climbing in one of the most iconic climbing areas in the United States (if not the world), I wanted to wear some kick-ass shoes.

I registered for the “Bridging the Gap” workshop for women who wanted to taking their indoor bouldering outside because it seemed like it was a good transition workshop for somebody like me who has the technical skills but isn’t at the level to be climbing highballs (long and difficult bouldering problems that are higher than 15 feet off the ground). I quickly learned that the other women had been climbing at the gym for a few months and I felt a little silly that I’ve been recreationally climbing for a few years but don’t have much to show for it.

Flash Foxy Womens Climbing Festival 2016 - Bridging the Gap Workshop - Campfire Chic

What was the biggest thing I learned?

Climbing with women rocks.

I usually climb with Alex and maybe some of his friends or I quietly cycle through a section of the bouldering area where beta-spraying men want to be helpful but forget that I’m over a foot shorter than them, so the tips they have to share may not be helpful. Climbing with women mean they are closer to my height and they know that our legs are powerful tools. Women are encouraging without the name-calling and totally understand if you need to take a moment to calm down without calling you emotional.

What is awesome is that some of the women in my group live in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, so we can plan to meet up to go climbing outdoors or visit each other at our different climbing gyms if we want!

Bouldering in Bishop Buttermilks - Campfire Chic

Hero Roof Bishop Buttermilks - Kam of Campfire Chic

The day after our workshop (Sunday) was a free day and many of us ended back in the boulder fields working on the same problems we tackled the day before. I brought Alex this time so he could get some time on the rocks and so he could see the awesome community of other #girlcrew climbers coming together and sharing crash pads. We met some well-known climbers who wanted to work on some of the same problems as us and were very generous with their helpful hints and encouragement.

I can’t wait for next year to see if the Flash Foxy community brings this climbing weekend back. I know I’ll go in with more confidence to attend more aspects of the festival (happy hours, panels, etc.) and I hope to be able to spend more time in Bishop so I can really enjoy the other areas I didn’t get to visit this time. I know Alex will be up for another climbing adventure.

Other posts about the Women’s Climbing Festival:


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Architecture Tour of Downtown Los Angeles - Campfire Chic

Art Deco Architecture Tour of Downtown Los Angeles
with The Los Angeles Conservancy

Last weekend, I went on a walking architecture tour of Downtown Los Angeles with my girlfriends to learn more about the history of the area with an emphasis on art deco design.

The Los Angeles Conservancy is dedicated to preserving Los Angeles’ history and hosts popular walking tours and special events. We made reservations for the art deco tour ($10 for non-members) and spent Saturday morning exploring the downtown area.

We started the morning by meeting at a great cafe called Pitchoun, which is located directly across the street from Pershing Square, the meeting place for the tour. The bakery is beautiful and it’s hard to pick just one thing to eat and drink before starting your day. We ate outside on the bright orange patio furniture to catch up a bit before the tour and to enjoy the great weather.

If you’re stopping in, try their almond croissant! It was fantastic and I know that will be my go-to pastry for future visits.

Pitchoun in Downtown Los Angeles - Campfire Chic

Pitchuon French Bakery After Art Deco Tour in Los Angeles - Campfire Chic

The tour had about 10 people at the start and we followed our guide, Ed, around like ducklings following their mama. He laid out some safety tips for us, gave us an idea of what to expect on the tour, and got down to the history of the buildings surrounding Pershing Square right away.

He kept the conversation moving, had a binder with photos to share with the group to help us better visualize what the area looked like before the towering skyscrapers were built, and had a good sense of humor.

Art Deco Tour of Downtown Los Angeles - Campfire Chic

Art Deco Tour of Downtown LA - March 2016

LA Historical Tour - March 2016

After our tour, we headed back to Pitchoun for a light lunch and after chatting for a couple of hours, decided to head to the Grand Central Market (one friend hadn’t been there before) for pupusas before heading home.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive and super interesting to do while in the Los Angeles area, I suggest checking the Los Angeles Conservancy website for tours and events that may interest you. Most of our tour group were from the area but there were out-of-town people in our group, too. Ed made a point to better explain things that locals may know like the back of their hands so the non-local tourists could understand what he was talking about.

We’re already thinking about the next tour we want to go on together!

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