Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts from 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Another week, another set of entries into my Messy Lists art journal for the collaborative challenge I’m helping to co-host with Get Messy Art Journal.

In case I didn’t do Get Messy Art Journal justice in previous posts, here is an explanation as to what Caylee and Lauren do:

Get Messy is an art journaling program here to inspire you, teach you new art techniques and help you build community around this art form. The membership site shares prompts, tutorials and inspiration each week. We use different platforms, such as link ups, collaborative projects, spotlights and more to help push our members to consistently create and to showcase their amazing work. Get Messy is for both beginners and art journaling extraordinaires!

Messy LIsts Week 4 Art Journaling Challenge - Campfire Chic

Quote from Flannery O’Connor

This is week 4 of our art journalling challenge and I can see myself making decisions more quickly and sticking to things that feel comfortable to me: lists, my own handwriting, paint backgrounds, and keeping things simple.

Somebody found my blog through a Pinterest rabbit hole of art journal pages (hi, Jessica!) and she let me know that my pages make art journaling seem a little less daunting than the gorgeous masterpieces found on Pinterest. The comment made my day: I’m not interested in being the best art journaler/scrapbooker/diy-er, I’m interested in showing people that being a beginner at something is awesome and that it is fun to try new things.

I hope you take a stab at something that seems more difficult than it really is…I hope it turns out to be way easier than you anticipated and that it helps you find a creative outlet, no matter what you choose.

Messy LIsts Week 4 Art Journaling Challenge - Campfire Chic

For this entry, I prepped both pages with gesso and covered the pages with some acrylic paint I was using to paint a pot that was in desperate need of a face-lift. I wasn’t going for a specific design, my goal was to use up the leftover paint from my small project. I used a white ink to stamp “proud” and a gold metallic sharpie to write out my list. It turned out much better than I expected.


Art Journaling Challenge - Messy Lists from Get Messy Art Journal

I changed this prompt a little bit because I wanted to reflect on the last 6 months instead of looking forward. I love small lists like this that help me quickly document things Alex and I do in short amounts of time. I try to include prompts like this in the March, September, and December editions of 30 Days of Lists to give Listers who don’t normally do any intentional memory keeping throughout the year a chance to document their story in a simple way.

Week 4 Get Messy Art Journal and Listing Challenge - Campfire Chic

This page was prepped the same day that I made the “proud of” layout, as you can see by the midnight blue paint on the pages. I did not prep the pages with gesso, so there is some warping, but I don’t mind it at all. I added some red acrylic paint to the left page, used the same metallic sharpie, some washi tape, and alphas I picked up at Target to create my title. I used the metallic sharpie to add some dots and lines to the alphas, which is a little difficult to see in this photo.

I wrote my short list on some cardstock and glued the strips onto the page.

Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

We bought some inexpensive canvases during a sale to add some more art around our apartment and I was tasked with learning how to paint an ombre effect with paint. I watched this great video tutorial and got to work practicing on the page on the left, which mixed two types of blue paint, not just one like the video shows. The page on the right originally had even more of the midnight blue paint from my pot project (seriously, there was so much paint left!) but I covered it with the leftover paint from the page on the left. I like the movement on both pages and how they match but are not mirror images. I used a regular sharpie to write my list once the paint dried.

Get Messy Art Journal Season of Lists - Messy Lists with Campfire Chic

My last list for the week used one of my favorite clippings that has been floating around my desk for the past few months waiting for the perfect project: Because someday I want to pass down more than possessions. I just love that idea and thought it was perfect for the two types of books that have my heart: my scrapbooks and my travel books.

If you’re interested in checking out this art journal challenge, check out Get Messy Art Journal.

To see the layouts from previous weeks:

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Essential Reading: Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net

I’m working behind the scenes to get some non-art journal blog posts ready for you. I’m hoping to share photos and info from some of my recent trips and create some mini-albums/scrapbook pages for those travels. I’m also working on Project Life (what!?!?) and spring cleaning/freshening up our apartment so it feels a little more ready for the spring/summer.

We started using #30ListsWeekend on Instagram! If you’re working on some creative projects this weekend, we’d love to see some photos! These projects don’t need to be list-related, we know our Listing community does more than make lists when we are between challenges so feel free to share scrapbook pages, garden projects, your current sewing project, or whatever else you’re working on!

Essential Reading for the week:

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Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts from 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

We’re halfway through the “Season of Lists” collaboration we’re doing with Get Messy Art Journal, also known as Messy Lists. I cannot believe how quickly things are moving!

I’m getting into a better groove when it comes to prepping for my pages. I learned that I can take a few minutes in the morning before heading to work to gesso a page so it’s ready for me once I get home. It’s the little things that are making it easier for me to work on my entires and batch-create these pages.

I’m also getting better at accepting that sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes things are downright awful. It’s fine, it’s just an art journal, this isn’t some test for me to get into an art school or what is standing between me and a job. It’s a book that is helping me carve out creative time for myself each day for six weeks, and that is pretty fantastic.

Messy Lists Creative Challenge Collaboration Between 30 Days of Lists and Get Messy Art Journal - Campfire Chic

A new week means a new quote page. This quote is from this week’s prompt page. I wanted to create a background using my paints and got a little carried away when I added salt to the page to create that spotted look. I do like how it helps create a little big of dimension to this layout.

Messy Lists Creative Listing Challenge with 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

I wanted to only share the left hand side of this page and call it a day. I wanted to practice my cursive with the water color brush and didn’t really plan things out very well on the right hand side. I considered covering the right hand page with gesso and starting over again, but art journaling isn’t about perfection and I need to focus on finishing things rather than tweaking and tweaking until it’s perfect (or worse, until I can’t save it and it’s trash).

Messy Lists - Art Journaling Meets Creative Journaling Challenge - Campfire Chic

I love this! I’m obsessed with my crayons and I put a small piece of cardboard under the pages and rubbed the crayons over the cardboard at different angles to get the striped design on the pages. I tried to use colors that would go well together, tried to blend them a little to resemble watercolors, and moved the cardboard so the lines would go in different directions. It was fun to create and didn’t take much time at all. I used letter stickers from my Kelly Purkey monthly scrapbook kit and stamped MAGIC using alphas from Kelly Purkey’s shop. My list is written on some labels that were the background for one of the paper pads I have in my collection from Amy Tangerine. If you look closely, it looks like the labels are colored in with watercolors, too.

Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge Co-Hosted by 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

File this under, why didn’t I test out this color before putting on my page? I’m trying to focus on actual LISTS with these pages and sometimes I go overboard with the art journaling parts.

Art Journal and Listing Challenge Co-Hosted by 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

One of the recent art prompts was to write our list on something unusual. I decided to try out this transfer method where you put packing tape on some printed text (or even a photo in a magazine) and then peel the tape up so the text comes with it for this layout. I used the pages from an art journal I made with some book pages and put them down at different angles. I freehand cut the title from a bit of leftover scrapbook paper and pulled some words from a pile of magazine scraps to make my, “things I would like to try” list for this week. This is one of my favorite layouts so far.

Right Now Art Journal Prompt for Messy Lists Creative Journaling Challenge - Campfire Chic

Riding the high I felt after making the last page, I pulled scraps from my cardstock pile and made the huge mistake of using wet adhesive to get these strips of paper into my journal. The flue made the papers and pages warp horribly and some green paint got on the bottom left corner of the page and I tried to fix it…and it totally doesn’t feel right. Not a great way to close out my art journaling week.

Here’s hoping week 4 brings me the patience I need to plan ahead and the grace I need to accept that I haven’t landed on my art journaling style yet.

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My One Little Word (OLW) for 2016 is TRY. I haven’t done a very good job of documenting my OLW so far this year, so I wanted to share what I tried this weekend: making dim sum!

Hipcooks Orange County Review - Campfire Chic

A few years ago, my friend Iris and I took a sushi making class and we loved it. I bought her a gift certificate for Hipcooks Orange County, a local place that hosts a cooking classes, for her birthday and we decided to take the Dim Sum and Then Sum! class together. There are a bunch of classes available and it was hard to narrow down which one we wanted to do. We figured we would be able to learn a ton from this class that we could recreate the items on our own for dinner, parties, and potlucks at work.

Hipcooks Orange County Review - Kam of Campfire Chic takes a class

We didn’t know this going in, but Hipcooks isn’t about measuring every little thing and mindlessly following recipes…we could do that on our own at home! Instead, Suzana (our teacher) emphasized working together, building flavors, and being inspired by smell and taste tests. We adjusted the spiciness of different dishes, added sweetness to others, and mixed sauces to our own taste throughout the class.

Dim Sum Cooking Class with Hipcooks - Campfire Chic

My favorite dish was the Lotus Flower Pork Puff Pastry. We used puff pastry in a mini-cupcake pan and filled them with cha shu (Chinese BBQ sauce) pork. It was incredibly delicious and I cannot wait to make something similar with mushrooms. After we pulled the pastries out of the oven, I was tasked with brushing them with a bit of honey to add to the sweetness.

Honestly, I could eat a hundred of these. My cousin makes a similar appetizer whenever she is in town and Alex and I go crazy for them. I hope she’s impressed when I make these the next time I see her!

Cooking Class Review - Orange County Hipcooks Dim Sum Class with Campfire Chic

Hipcooks Dim Sum Cooking Class - Campfire Chic

In all, we made:

  • Steamed shrimp wontons
  • Chicken cabbage dumplings
  • Scallion pancakes with shitake mushrooms
  • Chinese-style green beans
  • Seared sesame beef in rice paper
  • Lotus Flower Pork Puff Pastry
  • Seared scallop Lo Mein
  • Sweet Wontons with orange, walnut and dates

The sweet wontons were incredible! They’re way better than the fried nutella wontons I made when I first started Campfire Chic (honestly, it’s a very early post so the formatting and photos are awful, but the instructions are there!). These wontons didn’t need any added sugar, the dates did all the work! I brought one home for Alex and he wanted to know what we needed to do to make more as soon as possible.

Cookie Class Review at Dim Sum and Then Sum Class at Hipcooks - Campfire Chic

The scallion pancakes were a lot of fun to make, too! They’re essentially savory crepes and we got to perfect our pan flip! I had to make a few attempts because I was too worried about splashing the boiling butter on myself than actually flipping the crepe over. Suzana wouldn’t let me get away from the skill and encouraged me to make another pancake since we had extra time and supplies because our class was so small. I got it after that! We practiced our flips a little while Iris and I toasted the cashews for the green beans, too.

Iris and I were all smiles as we left the class and already talking about the next one we want to take (the pasta class!). One of the assistants today is from Portland and she’ll be heading up the Portland Hipcooks, so the next time I visit Angela, I bet we’ll be signing up for a class!

Hipcooks is located in: East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Orange County.


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Essential Reading - Roundup of helpful articles, blog posts, and videos from around the net

I’m loving the extra sunshine lately and it’s honestly getting out of my usual January/February slump. March was full of emotions/stress on my side of the computer, and April is starting pretty well. Hope you’re having a good month, too.

This week’s essential reading:

  • I started a new job last month and knew it was time to join Stitch Fix to help get my business casual wardrobe updated and looking a little more grown up. Many of my pieces are about 5 years old, some of my pants are hemmed with staples/safety pins, and there are plenty of items that just don’t fit properly anymore. It’s mostly about me being lazy and a little about me not knowing what I should invest in for the long-run. It’ll be getting my first “fix” next week or so and I’m looking forward to seeing what the stylist has in store for me! If you’re interested in updating part (or all!) of your wardrobe, take a look at Stitch Fix to see if it interests you.
  • With that new job, I started a #CubicleLife Pinterest board to fill with resources for young professionals
  • Katie’s Yellowstone National Park mini album is getting me motivated to finish some of my own trip albums
  • Speaking of travel scrapbooking, I’m pretty obsessed with Kristin’s post about the supplies she brought with her to Denver
  • If you pack like I do, you’ll find this post from semi-rad extra hilarious
  • “Not every campaign is a blood soaked tale of conquest and murder, littered with bodies and awash with endless ruin. Many conflicts can be resolved through other means, or through never coming to conflict in the first place.” // If you play Dungeons & Dragons (or any other RPG, really), you may find this episode of Stories of the Fifth Age helpful for running non-combat campaigns
  • 10 tips for photographing birds (from the professionals)
  • Abby went on a women-only backpacking trip to Angel Island and now I need to plan a trip up north to hang out with her on a Trail Mavens adventure


I am a part of the Stitch Fix Influencer Program and will receive a commission for memberships made through the links in this post. 



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Messy Lists Art Journaling Challenge with Co-Hosts from 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Last week, I shared my first round of entries for the Messy Lists art journal collaborative project we’re (30 Days of Lists) doing with the Get Messy Art Journal team.

Art Journaling with Messy Lists Creative Challenge - Campfire Chic

I started out this week the way I did last week: with the quote included with the weekly list and art prompts. This was a fun entry to create because I was able to use more of the tissue paper confetti I used for a banner backdrop I created for my wedding reception and another art journal entry. I stamped the quote on a large kraft tag and made up for the lack of space at the very end by writing in the last word.

Messy Lists Art Journal Prompts for Week 2 - Campfire Chic

First up: Not thrilled about this page. There’s too much going on, in my opinion, with the collage and the paint. The prompt for this was Loves of My Life and I chose to include two Instax photos I took recently of Alex and Rintu.

Messy Lists Art Journaling and Creative List Challenge - Week 2 Prompts with Campfire Chic

I was in love with this layout until some paint spilled on the page and I tried to fix it. Oh well! I created a repeating background using Kelly Purkey stamps and beige/green ink pad. My list is written around several of the stamps for the prompt: How I changed in the last 10 years.

Messy Lists Collaborative Project with 30 Days of Lists and Get Messy Art Journal - Campfire Chic

I had a lot of fun making this page! I used a white crayon to make a design on a sheet of watercolor paper. After I made my design, I used yellow and orange watercolors to reveal the design. The crayon won’t let the paint to stick to the paper on the parts it covers…you need to push really hard on textured paper like watercolor paper in order for this to work! I started with the lightest shade of yellow and let it dry completely before going over it again with yellow and then with orange.

After the page dried, I cut around the different designs and attached them to these pages. My list doesn’t go in a specific order, it just goes around the edges of the different pieces.

Creative Art Journal Prompts from Messy Lists Collaboration with Get Messy Art Journal and 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

After having fun creating the images for the last entry, I decided to create a repeating pattern for this entry. Alex and I planted a bunch of succulents on our patio so a succulent-like design was exactly what I wanted. My list (When I Grow Up) goes around the edges of the page because I wasn’t sure where to put it. I didn’t want to break up the design by putting anything over it, but maybe next time I’ll try painting over the gesso background with some green watercolor and I’ll feel like the design is more like a background than the focal point of the page.

Superpowers I Would Like to Have Art Journal Entry from Kam of Campfire Chic

After a few disappointing entries I decided to stick with something simple and went with stamps and a bit of washi tape. I used a set of large alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey to write out SUPERPOWERS and filled in the inside of each letter with a micron pen to give them a little something extra. I wrote my list with my trusty thin sharpie and then went over the stamps with a bit of orange watercolor.

I’m enjoying the process and am allowing myself to not stick with the art prompts if I’m not inspired by them to create my entries.

Interested in joining in on the Messy Lists art journal and list challenge? Check out the registration info here. 


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Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners - Campfire Chic

With the Messy Lists collaboration, Amy and I are getting a few questions about the types of supplies we use for our art journaling. I decided to put together a list of the things I’m using to give you an idea of art journaling supplies for beginners.

This supply list for art journaling includes things that you may already have at your desk if you’re a scrapbooker or cardmaker. I’m trying to use supplies I already have on hand and if I purchase anything, I want it to be something I can use for other projects in the future.

Art Journaling Supply List for Beginners

Art Journaling Supply Basic Kit from Campfire Chic

  • Ink pad – this Staz-On ink pad is amazing and totally something you should have in your creative toolkit. It’s a bit more expensive than you’d think a stamp pad should be, but believe me when I say it’s worth it! Unlike other inks, this will adhere to thinks like glossy photos, acetate, leather, and metal surfaces
  • Crayons – I bought a fresh pack of crayons to play with the watercolors and to hopefully recreate a project I did in elementary school (more on that later!) and to test out making my own resist embellishements/backgrounds
  • Book – This is my second art journal and I like that this is already put together for me. I suggest thinking about your project before purchasing a book or making anything because you’ll want to make sure the binding allows for expansion because you’ll be adding a lot of bulk to your book before long
  • Watercolor set – I love the small size of my set and that it came with a water brush. This set may seem like it won’t last very long, but the paint cakes last a long time (it doesn’t look like I’ve touched any of them!). The outer case is hard so it can be tucked away in a purse or backpack if you want to take your watercolors with you on a trip
  • Colored pencils – I have two sets: a watercolor pencil set and a regular colored pencil set. I highly suggest the watercolor pencil set due to the versatility and quality. This is also great for those grown up coloring books that are super popular right now
  • Paint brushes – I have an inexpensive set of brushes that I bought recently that are holding up pretty well but I have no idea how to properly use them. I also have some foam brushes that get used every so often
  • Gesso – I learned the hard way that using a lot of wet supplies (wet adhesive, water colors, etc.) on some of the old book pages I have results in things bleeding through to the other side and sometimes the paper plain falling apart! Gesso helps create a canvas for you to create on without the pages on either side getting ruined
  • Adhesive – I use my scrapbook adhesives in my art journal because I don’t see a reason to buy new glue! I use this wet adhesive, glue sticks, photo squares, and this dimensional glue
  • Acrylic paint – I bought a set of 24 acrylic paints before Messy Lists started and I’m loving everything I can do with them! The colors are so vibrant and I like that I can create a bit of texture using it on top of gesso
  • Sharpies – I’m using my tried and true thin Sharpie and a regular one to write in my art journal. I’m not worried about this last hundreds of years, so I don’t need an archival safe marker for this project
  • Stamps – I’m holding onto my scrapbooking roots by using stamps in my art journal. While I would love to have a ton of alpha stickers at hand for some of my layouts, having the stamps around helps give a bit of structure to my otherwise paint-heavy pages. I love the alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey’s shop and this stamp set from rukristin papercrafts
  • Clothespins – I’m not sure if this is a thing, but I’m using clothespins to hold up pages that are still drying while working on other pages. I have zero patience for all this drying time
  • Magazines/Catalogs – I love a good collage and I get a bunch of free catalogs in the mail so it’s nice having them around for scrap paper and to stamp out whatever letters I need for my pages
  • Washi tape – I haven’t used it too much in my layouts, but I have a healthy stash of washi that will be making an appearance soon enough, I’m sure!

Looking for more? My go-to blogger for all things art journaling is my longtime internet friend, Katie of Punk Projects. She has a great post on her go-to art journal supplies and another on her favorite art journal supplies.

Happy art journaling!

Please note: I am an Amazon Affiliate and will receive a commission for purchases made through the links in this post. I own all the items mentioned in this post (you can probably find my reviews on Amazon, too) so please do not hesitate to ask questions about any of the items shown here.


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