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Summer isn’t quite over yet, but I’m looking at the ever-growing list of photos that I need to order and can’t help but think that ordering a few extra sets for a small project or two many not be such a terrible idea. While I already have my Project Life album going, capturing some of our summer memories in a different way seems like a good idea — I’ll be able to tell more of the stories, share some of the “stuff” that didn’t make it into my binder, and I can use the min-project as an excuse to try some new techniques out.

10 Memory-Keeping Projects to Capture Your Summer

If you’re doing some traveling this summer/fall, I’m going to suggest checking out TravelScrap HQ by Amy of Lemon & Raspberry. Amy loves documenting her travels and sharing her albums so she created this site dedicated to all things travel scrapbooking! You can read more about TravelScrap HQ in her announcement post and find out how you can submit to her site here.


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Simple Backpacking Comforts - Campfire Chic

I think the biggest turnoff to camping and backpacking is the thought of sleeping on the cold hard ground and eating pathetic ramen while you try to outsmart the smoke of your campfire…it’s the thoughts of being constantly dirty, worries about bears getting into your tent and mistaking you for a soft taco, and that feeling that you’re probably going to have to figure out how to use your poop shovel eventually…

It’s not glamorous…if it was, more people would do it!

While the small comforts I bring with me while hiking and backpacking may mean more weight (you have to carry everything…and things have weight…and weight is heavy!) they bring me enough comfort that I don’t mind hauling them around.

My backpacking comforts:

  • Snickers bar — If you can get the dark chocolate with almonds or the peanut butter Snickers bars, do it. Yes, the chocolate will melt a bit, but there is something about a Snickers that makes hauling a heavy pack up a ton of switchbacks seem like a walk in the park (not really. not at all). Why do a lot of hikers seem to favor Snickers? They have a good number of calories considering the size of each bar, they are delicious, there is 4 grams of protein, and they’re delicious.
  • ClimbOn! Creme from SkiNourishment — Lately, I’ve been using my ClimbOn! creme for sunburns and the lip tube (in the photo above) is fantastic. The Creme is awesome to have around in case of blisters, chapped skin, gnarly cuticles, and dry skin. You can get small sample sizes that are easy to toss into a bag and the lip tube seems to last forever because you’re not constantly reapplying.
  • Tuna — Specifically the pouches of tuna you can get at the store, like Wild Planet’s Wild Albacore Tuna (no liquid or salt added, no GMO, no BPA in the packaging, and one of the best choices for sustainability). With each pouch packing a whopping 20 grams of protein and Omega-3 oils, tuna is a great way to get some non-plant-based protein while on the trail. I bring a small packet of relish and some salt & pepper with me, when I can to spice things up and either eat the tuna straight from the pouch or put it in a tortilla for a simple wrap. These pouches don’t take up a lot of room and they make me feel so full after a long day of hiking that they are my go-to lunch while adventuring.
  • KEEN footwear Olympus socks — while socks may just be socks to you, but taking care of your feet while in the backcountry is super important. I love these socks because they have the seam under the toes instead of over them like most socks, they are foot-specific (a right sock and a left sock), and they have a special material in them so you are unlikely to wear through a pair, even on a really long hike. KEEN gives socks to many Pacific Crest Trail hikers, which is an awesome move in my book.
  • Mountain House meals — I’m lazy and would rather just add water to a pouch of food than try to have a gourmet dinner after a long day. I also share a small bear canister with Alex and because we eat different food, space is always an issue. Mountain House sent me some samples of their new line of Pro-Paks before our trip to Sequoia a few weeks ago and comparing the new packaging to the regular pouches was really interesting…less air in the pouch means it takes up less room and is less likely to burst with the change in altitude! I’m a HUGE fan of the fact that these pouches are resealable…what’s more annoying than having to hold a bag of food shut for 20 minutes while you wait for it to hydrate?? I used the resealable bag as a small trash bag once we were done with it. I highly recommend the spaghetti with meat sauce meal (weighs in at 4.06 oz).
  • Buff Headwear — I know I included this in my kayaking essentials, but seriously, these things are fantastic to have around. I use both the half and the full sized Buff headwear as a headband, a way to cover the back of my neck, as a scarf, around my wrist to keep my cool, as a handkerchief, and as a pillow. They are a fun way to accessorize in the outdoors, too, which doesn’t hurt!

What comforts do you insist on bringing with you when outdoors? 

 Many of the links in this post are affiliate links. Purchases made through these links may result in a small commission, which supports Campfire Chic. Mountain House and Wild Planet provided samples of their products for possible review — I am sharing their information because I really do like their products and feel that Campfire Chic readers would enjoy these products as well. Opinions in this post are my own. 


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Campfire Kam at San Clemente Beach Trail - Campfire Chic

Summer in Southern California usually means hiking/walking is out of the question unless you start early in the morning or are up for a night hike. Thankfully, Alex and I live reasonably close to the beach and can get some fresh sea air and some mileage under our belts with several trails along the coast.

A few years ago, I went on a “work field trip” to check out some projects we funded and ended up walking a portion of the San Clemente Beach Trail, a multi-use trail in San Clemente, California that spans from North Beach (and the train station, that has paid parking for beach and trail users) to Calafia. On that trip, we walked from North Beach to the San Clemente Pier, which is a nice walk.

Alex and I recently walked the entire trail (4.6 miles roundtrip) one evening before having dinner (and coconut shakes!) at Active Culture, and we walked from North Beach to the Pier on Saturday night before heading over to Pizza Port for delicious veggie pizza and beer (my Sprite/cranberry juice was a hit with the other patrons!).

For a very descriptive write up of the San Clemente Beach Trail, I suggest checking out Jeff’s post on SoCalHiker.net.

Drought Tolerant Plants Along San Clemente Beach Trail - Campfire Chic

View of San Clemente Pier from Beach Trail - Campfire Chic

Railroad Crossing at San Clemente Beach Trail - Campfire Chic

Some things to note:

  • The train is active in this area, please use extreme caution when crossing the tracks. Look both ways and pay attention to the pedestrian crossing arms + flashing lights. A railroad selfie isn’t worth getting hurt
  • As this is a multi-use trail, be aware that you may encounter dogs (with their owners), bicycle riders, runners, and many strollers. Yield, when necessary, and be clear about your intentions when making a move to pass other trail users
  • Watch the tide schedule, some of the beach access along the trail may not be available during high tide
  • Be sure to read all the signs wherever you decide to park. You may need to pay to use the lot at the train station, so read carefully and bring some quarters with you
  • This isn’t a trail with a ton of elevation or anything special (scrambling, secret passages, etc.) it’s a basic trail with great views of the water, surfers, and an up-close view of the trains that pass through this corridor

If you’re ever in the area and want to get some space between you and other beach go-ers, this trail will get you away from some of the crowds (seriously, triple-check the tide charts, you’ll know what I mean if you arrive during high tide) or just want to take a nice, easy walk along the beach and get some good mileage in, this is a great trail. If I lived closer, I would be on the trail every night for a jog or just to stretch my legs after a long day at work.


Wearing: Leon tank from Fabletics (affiliate link, I’m an Ambassador), shorts are from Columbia’s Titanium Omni-Dry collection (similar), shoes are ASICS Gel-Neo 033 running shoes (Amazon affiliate link).


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30 Days of Lists Challenge for Journaling and Lists - Campfire Chic


It’s back!

30 Days of Lists returns this September 1st and registration is now open! 

What is 30 Days of Lists? 

30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day- even something as small as a list.

Every day through the month of September 2014 we will be posting a list prompt – anything from weekend goals to celebrity crushes. At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a collection of entries creating a small snapshot of your life right now.

Only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. While you’re waiting for someone, or when you’re the passenger in the car. You can even download the list topics ahead of time to get a jump start!

You can read more about what you get upon registration here.

I want to focus on a very cool offering we have for anybody who registers for 30 Days of Lists September 2014 before September 1, 2014…an exclusive digital scrapbooking kit!Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Allie of Alexandra Rae Design for 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic

Allie of Alexandra Rae Design created this awesome digital scrapbooking kit (a $17.99 value) exclusively for this edition of 30 Days of Lists…and it will only be available to those who register before September 1, 2014.

Allie packed a ton of goodies into this kit…she even included “quick pages” that you can easily use with popular photo editing apps to create quick digital lists while you’re on the go this September. This kit does contain spoilers, but I think you can avoid them if you’re careful :) I know many Listers like the daily surprise of each new list!

Find out about the contents of this digital scrapbooking kit here.

I’m excited to get started and hope you decide to join the fun this round! To find out more about the challenge and how to register, click here.

Register for 30 Days of Lists - Campfire Chic


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July 2014 in Review on Campfire Chic

July was an awesome month.

I started more things than I finished this month, but that’s okay with me because this isn’t a race. I started reading Hellboy* (and finished some of the volumes + met Mike Mignola the creator of Hellboy at Comic-Con!) this month and I’m in love. I haven’t finished reading the book for the NovelTea Book Club, but I hope to finish it this weekend…

The biggest change this month was my abrupt change in the posting schedule…nothing ground-breaking or life-altering, let’s be honest, but I feel like 3 days a week is much more manageable right now. I’m operating on the “do less to get more shit done” idea that I shared with the Campfire Chic mailing list last week and it’s working out for me. Instead of saying, sure why not?! to different opportunities, I’m saying, try me again in 2015. Opportunities are nice, but my Fitbit* (and how I’ve been physically feeling for the last two weeks) has been showing me that I need more sleep and more movement in my life right now — sitting in front of the computer is the opposite of those things.

While some things fell apart this month (my keyboard is on my lap right now because my desk is a mess), I had a good month with my moonlighting gig that I mentioned last month and I’m staying pretty well hydrated. It’s the small things. I’m going to be more cognizant of keeping a running list of things that are going well as well as the things I finish in August to get me back on track.

If you’re new to Campfire Chic, I like to share the posts that were published during the month in one place for easy reference. Here are the posts that went live in July 2014:

Wild with Reece Witherspoon will be out later this year so I wanted to share a bunch of other books that may inspire you to get outside and try new things.

It’s pretty terrible that I’ve lived at about 30 minutes away from the beach for the past 10 years but rarely go and enjoy the sand and water. Alex and I recently got into kayaking and in Campfire Chic let’s-try-some-new-stuff-and-see-how-it-goes fashion, I shared the essentials that I make sure to have with us when we’re on the water…and what is waiting for us in the car when we’re done.

Not everybody wants to work a 9-5 and worry about office-CYA (cover your ass) nonsence. Here are some tips from from Krystal for planning your escape.

Alex and I updated the write365 iOS app with some more prompts and I took some time to go through the Three Sixty-Five ebook and update some of the content …including bringing the number of ideas up to about 400!

Now that I’m blogging less, I think these Around Here posts will be my favorite posts to put together

I’m super behind in my Project Life binder this year (and let’s be honest, there are some gaps in the previous years, too) but I shared three completed layouts and shared a simple document I use when planning out my weeks before ordering my photos.

I was able to finally announce that I was asked to be a brand ambassador for Teton Sports. I’m thrilled to work with a company that has been so helpful and supportive over the past year+ of me stumbling across their weekly Twitter chat. I’m looking forward to putting some faces to names next week when I get to meet a few other Teton Sports Mountain Adventurers and the Teton Sports crew at Outdoor Retailer!

If I knew how easy it would be for me to create a mini-album documenting a month in photos, I would’ve made this mini a long time ago. I’m thinking of using the same method for my December Daily album, too!

I’m really into going to comic/pop culture conventions and so I shared the “basics” I always make sure to bring with me when attending a Con. This post includes a short review of a new-to-me external backup battery

Alex and I ran away for a weekend in Sequoia National Park.

*I’m in love with my Fitbit right now…yes, that is an affiliate link. If you click that link and then make a purchase through Amazon, I may get a small commission of the sale. Shopping through affiliate links helps support me/Campfire Chic and I appreciate your help. Please check out the disclosure policy if you would like more information.


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