Overland Equipment Giveaway

Alex and I are always planning trips and spending time on the road so it is important to me to be organized while on the go. There are too many times I’ve forgotten my debit card at home because I switched purses without thinking and, like many of you, I tend to carry around a few “just in case” items (hair ties, lip balm, eye drops, etc.) with me and not having a way to keep things organized is a nightmare.

Large Wallet Overland Equipment

Enter: Overland Equipment and their practical and durable bags and accessories. 

Overland Equipment is a 30-year-old company that has always been inspired by the outdoors. Their mission is, “be ready for life’s everyday and extraordinary experiences” which really speaks to the over-planner in me. You won’t find cheap and gaudy details on any of Overland Equipment’s bags…instead, you’ll find functional and straightforward bags designed for on-the-go folks like us. 

I am currently using the Large Wallet as my main wallet and on-the-go purse. The large size is helpful because I was losing my small wallet (from a different brand) in my larger bags and I can fit my phone inside the wallet if I don’t need all of the things I normally carry with me. I’ll be doing some traveling soon and plan on using both the Medium Pouch for my cords/chargers and the Small Pouch for things like business cards, pens, breath mints, etc. When I need a larger purse, I throw everything inside my Madera shoulder bag (see what the inside looks like in my tweet) and run out the door.

Since I will be using these in upcoming trips I wanted to give away similar sets to two readers.

Today, I am giving away two sets of travel-friendly accessories to two Campfire Chic readers care of Overland Equipment.

Overland Equipment - Bag Giveaway on Campfire Chic

#1 – Mountain Retreat Weekend Getaway
Large Wallet Pine-Coffee Bean-Wheat
Medium Pouch Dove Print/Dove
Small Pouch Green Lake Print/Peacock

Overland Equipment - Accessory Giveaway on Campfire Chic

#2 – Urban Weekend Escape

 - Large Wallet in Black/Dusty Blue
- Medium Pouch in Green Lake Print/Peacock
- Small Pouch in Denim Print/Poppy

This giveaway is now closed.

The winners have been contacted.

This giveaway is possible thanks to Overland Equipment — Simply Honest Bags. I received several products as part of my freelance relationship with the company with the understanding that I would give away products I thought my readers would like…As adventurers, travelers, and chronic-organizers like me, I feel these products would interest Campfire Chic readers the most. Many may enter this giveaway, but only two will win. Winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter.com and announced on this site no later than July 30, 2014. It is the responsibility of the winners to contact me (Kam) to claim the packages. This giveaway is only open to legal U.S. residents and only where allowed (sorry!). 


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I love Project Life®. If you are new to Project Life or are looking for some super simply layout inspiration, you can find a few years worth of layouts here.

I got a big order of photos in the mail on Friday and spent a few hours this weekend updating my binder. I’m living Week 19 of my year but I clearly do not have all of my layouts up-to-date…

…and I’m OK with that.

What I’m loving about this catch-up process is looking back on my recent memories and I’m finding ways to stay on top of things…I created this simple document (Design A only, sorry folks!) to keep with me during the week so I can make notes of what I would like to include in each layout. I write in the margins and essentially map out each week — this has made organizing my photos and “stuff” from each week a breeze! Download the document for free here. 

Now that I’m more organized, I hope to get caught up before the holiday season…which is when I usually get so overwhelmed with projects that I let Project Life slip through the cracks. Not this year.

Week 4: March 31 – April 6, 2014

This was the week Alex and I were in New York City visiting family, friends (specifically, Kristin), and exploring. The first half of the year was full of trips for us and this was our BIG spring trip this year. I decided that including multiple inserts into this layout wouldn’t do the trip justice, so I created a travel mini-album, which you can see here.

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

My Currently journaling list this week is a 3×3 square, which is the “Instagram” size that Kristin created earlier this year and I’m totally digging it. You can get the “Insta-size” card for free when you subscribe to Kristin’s mailing list.  I like that I was able to include a gray Project Life card behind it to help tie it into the layout a little more and that it was a different size than the MetroCard and the playing card (from our evening at Sleep No More) on the same page. I tried to keep this page super simple so I could quickly move onto the other pages and I didn’t want to take away from the travel album.

Week 5: April 7 – April 13, 2014

We traveled home to Orange County and geared up for a wedding that same week.

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

I’ve said this so many times: I am not a journaler. I feel like my voice is too simplistic or I’m trying too hard when I journal in my layouts…but here’s a half of a layout with only ONE photo! The rest includes a little  bit of journaling to some extent and I’m feeling great about the whole thing. In an effort to tie the calendar piece at the top of the right-hand layout into the rest of the layout, I put a travel-themed yellow vellum over the side that was a photo of clouds (the calendar is from Elise Blaha’s shop, by the way, but I don’t think it’s available any more)…the airplane clip and the letter stickers help tie everything together.

Tip: If you don’t end up taking many photos at a wedding, don’t stress! I kept the seating cards from our table and used the couple’s wedding colors in the layout to remind me of the big event. I’ve scrapped two other wedding recently and each time I include something different, which helps make each event stand out on its own.

Week 6: April 14 – April 20, 2014

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

This layout isn’t complete, but you don’t need to see my workout-mirror-selfie photo anyway! This was the week that we celebrated Rintu’s “gotcha day”, I signed up for a Biggest Loser competition at work, we attended a talk by Bob Saget in Santa Monica, I took two trains (really four trains, if you count roundtrip) to see Amy for a micro-adventure to the Poppy Reserve, an early Easter breakfast with my parents, and the WonderCon with Alex. It was an AWESOME week and while I didn’t take many photos, I was able to get the main things down in the layout.

Tip: Even if your colors don’t match exactly, sticking with a neutral color for an overall color scheme will help hold the layout together. There were a few different things included in this layout so I tried to make sure as many of my cards were in the gray family as possible. It doesn’t always work, but it helps!

Week 7: April 21 – April 27, 2014

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

Simple Project Life Design A Layouts - Campfire Chic

This was a pretty slow week, but I really like capturing “everyday” things like eating ramen at lunch, my desk at work, and the state of our fridge. In a few years, I’ll look back on this album and remember how much I LOVE those ramen packs and laugh with Alex about how there is no wrangling kale when it’s in your fridge. This was the week I made some last-minute bridal shower favors, bought a Raskog cart from IKEA, and met with some of my girlfriends to chat about blogging.

My favorite part of this layout is the transparency I slipped over a 6×4 photo in the lower left-hand corner of the right-side of the layout. It says “NOT MY DAY” over and over and then “BLAH” — it was the perfect thing to use to capture how I felt when I needed to take a mid-week sick day because I had the nerd flu and my Tuesday was pretty miserable. When Alex and I are at home without the other, we send photos of whatever Rintu is doing, especially if he’s sitting near us. In this case, I’m in jammie pants on a stool (we have a bar-height dining table) and Rintu is laying down near me…he never lays down in the dining area, so I wanted to share that with Alex.

Again, if you are using Design A Project Life® page protectors and want a super simple map/guide to help you organize your weeks, you can download the same one I use here.

Are you still working on Project Life? Do you find it difficult to keep up?

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Essential Reading Posts from Campfire Chic - Articles, Blog Posts, and Videos from Around the Web

Summer is finally here in Southern California. Our county fairs are in full swing. We didn’t get much June Gloom and the heat certainly arrived seemingly overnight. The hum of air conditioners is lulling me to sleep each night. And the air is filled with the smell of BBQ. It isn’t such a bad place to be right now…come September I’ll be complaining about how intolerable things are and how I need an escape, but I’ll just try to enjoy things for now. Summer means warm evenings out with friends, Comic-Con in San Diego, time to catch up on favorite shows, any excuse for an Arnold Palmer, and plenty of reasons to get down to the beach. Summer is pretty okay, I guess.

This week’s essential reading:


Have a fantastic weekend :)


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Around Here is inspired by the series by Elise Blaha-Cripe.

In this series, I want to share some photos of the more personal-side of Campfire Chic and to hold myself accountable for a few projects that I would like to finish.

Kam Mountain Adventure Team - Teton Sports


Project Life Workspace in a Small Apartment - Campfire Chic

Ticket to Ride Game Night with Friends - Campfire Chic

I have a serious question: Are board shorts for women not “a thing” anymore? I know I griped about this in my kayaking essentials post, but holy crap, talk about hard to find! Board shorts are my new white whale. Anyway, Alex and I are kayaking quite a bit (no, we didn’t end up buying kayaks last weekend — the issues of storage and transportation outweighed everything else) lately and one of the places we visited to get back into the swing of things was Dana Point, CA. Alex took the top photo as we tried to find a spot to sit down and enjoy the waves on the jetty that separates the calm marina from the ocean.

What’s the most difficult part of Project Life®? There are a few: remembering to take enough photos, remembering to sit down and order said photos, and then sitting down to put them all together. I worked in front of the A/C to put together a master list of all the photos I needed to order in order to catch up on this year’s binder. I expect the photos to be in my mailbox tomorrow, so this weekend should be full of the sound of my paper cutter!

Some friends hosted a Game Night at their apartment and we played Ticket to Ride (I won!) To be fair, I play the iPad version of this game A LOT, so maybe that helped with my unexpected win? We also played Munchkin, which was fantastic. If I didn’t mention this before (maybe on Twitter?) I may be joining a Dungeons and Dragons campaign this fall. Because, why not?

30 Days of Lists Behind the Scenes Skype Meeting - Campfire Chic

Around Here Photo 1 - 2Kam of Campfire Chic Shares Her Story as a Crafty Camper and Part-Time Adventurer on CampfireChic.com

In case you missed the email, Amy and I announced that 30 Days of Lists will be back in September! We had a 3 hour working Skype meeting two weeks ago and got a ton of work done. We’ll be posting some more behind-the-scenes photos on the 30 Days of Lists Facebook page and in upcoming emails to the mailing list, so if you’re interested in how we plan such a big event, you can like the page and subscribe to the list.

Seriously, I’m spoiled living someplace where I can get to the beach in about 2o minutes and have the opportunity to kayak in places as beautiful as the Newport Lower Bay and Newport Back Bay. We’ll be spending much more time on the water this summer…it’ll give my legs a chance to catch some rays!

I finally updated my profile photo here on this site and on my Twitter profile — Amy took the old photo of me last July and my hair has changed a lot since then and I think a photo of me in a dress didn’t make any sense here. I have Alex to thank for the new photo!


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Updated Products from Campfire Chic

Just a quick note today that the well-loved ebook, Three Sixty-Five: Ideas for blog posts, scrapbook pages, and art journal entries, has been updated! I first released the ebook in April 2012 and 370+ downloads later, the ebook now has 390 ideas and a fresh cover (designed by Kara). I spruced up some of the content and added a resources page at the end of the book to (hopefully) help answer a lot of the questions I received from current owners.

If you currently own this ebook, please check the inbox of the email account you used to purchase the product…I sent everybody an email (through e-junkie) on Sunday with a link to the updated ebook. There is no need for current owners to re-purchase the product. If you would like to find out more about this ebook, click here.

In addition to the ebook update, I wanted to announce an update to the write365 iOS app!  The app now has 400 ideas for brainstormers-on-the go. All the same functions are still available — simply tap the “get inspired” button and a new prompt will appear on the screen. You can also email yourself the prompt and start drafting your thoughts in the body of that email. Not a giant update, but I wanted to let you know that there are more ideas in the app now! There is not an Android version of this app at this time.

If you currently own this app, simply navigate to the App Store on your device and update the app. If you would like to find out more about the app, click here.



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