Get Out of a Blogging Rut with the Spark Ecourse - Campfire Chic

Are you falling out of love with blogging?

Do you find yourself in a bit of a funk?

I was there — and pretty recently, too. At the start of 2014, I was drained and didn’t want to even look at my computer, let alone sit down for a few hours each week to write posts, engage on social media, and market my work. I wanted nothing to do with responding to blog comments, I didn’t want to admit that I was letting my emails sit for a few days before responding, and I certainly didn’t care that my “to do” list of things I wanted to update/change on was growing out of control.

I was burned out.Spark Ecourse - Rekindle Your Passion for Blogging - Campfire Chic

I knew I needed to pull myself out of that crazy funk but was afraid that putting in too much effort may continue to burn me out — I needed to take a step back and address what was blocking my energy in order to rekindle my passion for blogging.

I spent January 2014 trying different things to get me back on track — and they worked. I created my own 30 day syllabus and kept a close eye on how I felt each day about the idea of getting onto my computer and working on things…some days were harder than others and some of the things I did to get the momentum going were a little weird, but it worked.

I want to help you get out of that same blogging rut and spark something inside you that will get you moving in the direction you desire. 

Spark is a 30-day email course designed to rekindle your passion for blogging — it’s the fuel you need to get back into your blogging groove! We’ll take it slow — I’ll send you one email a day containing one topic for consideration. I’ll cover what the topic is, why it’s important to the bigger picture, what you can do to act on the topic, and additional resources in case I spark your interest in that topic…you’ll get a new topic each day for 30 days!

What you get:

  • Daily email from me with a different lesson/action/activity for 30 days
  • Each email contains resources for additional reading on each topic covered
  • Email access to me if you have questions or need clarification on a specific topic covered

Click Here to Find Your Spark.

How it works:

  • Register for the course
  • Subscribe to the mailing list (there are directions in your confirmation email)
  • You’ll receive a daily email from me with all the content for the day
  • You engage with the material — for example, if the email asks you to write a letter to yourself when you started blogging, you’ll be journaling that day. If the email asks you to marathon a favorite TV show on Netflix, you’ll do that! There is a reason for each of the actions, so you’ll just need to trust the process