Big Picture ClassesLet’s talk about goals…

We sure talk about goals a lot, don’t we?

Thinking of goals.

Setting goals.

Planning out how to reach our goals.

But what about documenting our goals?


Earlier this year, I signed up for the self-paced class I Choose…from Big Picture Classes by the ever-cool Elise Blaha-Cripe. Elise is amazing at documenting her goals and she is the perfect host for this class. She once documented her quest to bake 40 loaves of bread, 26 projects using different mediums, projects using 27 different materials, and she’s making 40 different pizzas…and for the past two years she recorded her goal to do a mile a day between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.


Can you tell I’m a fan?


Now, I’m already doing Project Life, One Little Word, blogging, Twitting, and you know…living…but I knew I needed this self-paced workshop. I love Elise’s approach to her goals, her writing style, and I wanted a different place to document different goals rather than shoving them into my Project Life binder or stressing over how to best fit them into my One Little Word binder.


So I’m going to start working on my I Choose binder! It’s be slow going. My plan is to document my way through my 5 and 10 year goals. Why not, right? Just a few years ago, a mini-album would’ve been perfect, but I’m loving the way these American Crafts binders look all lined up next to one another.


Elise set up the class in a way that reminds me a lot of the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards (registration is open for this class as well), and I’m happy that I don’t have to think about what supplies I’ll need or how I should get started. There is a supply list, plenty of printable handouts, a gallery to share your updates–which makes me feel less alone.


Anyway, I wanted to you know that there is a great resource for documenting your goals and for only $15, this class is a steal. You can register now and start documenting your goal or goals! I’d love to see your work and hopefully connect with you through this process. You can register and get your instant download through Big Picture Classes.


This early morning post is to let you know about two fantastic sales going on right now.

Yes sales.

One is for the memory keeping types. 

The second is for you bloggers out there…or those of you looking to start blogging.

Ninety percent of the things I’m about to tell you about are on my virtual bookshelf. I wouldn’t suggest you purchase something if I haven’t checked it out myself…and I’m dying over these prices right now!

I wrote a review shortly after Everyday Storyteller: 33 Ideas from Real World Scrapbooers hit the virtual shelves, and I’m still referring to this fantastic resource as I move my way through Project Life or when I’m blogging about more personal things. It is fantastic and I think you will like it as well. 

The digital version of the ebook is on sale for $12.99 and the print version is a mere $19.99 (perfect to give as a gift!). Buy your copy of Everyday Storyteller: 33 Practical Ideas from Real World Scrapbookers before the sale ends. 

Problogger is having a once-in-a-decade sale…where all of Darren’s books are on sale for only $10! This is a HUGE discount on several of the books (some selling upward to $100). Now is the time to jump on these deals because the sale is almost over.

Instead of listing each one individually, I’m going to list the ones I own and think you’ll dig:

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This ebook is fantastic and shouldn’t be missed. When I’m feeling like there is something amiss with Campfire Chic, I pull out this book (I printed it out and put it in a folder) and go through the 31 days to see where my focus should be. I think this book is great for established bloggers as well as new bloggers. There are so many tips, homework assignments, and real-life suggestions that the $10 is a real steal.

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

I just downloaded this ebook last week and let me tell you…this book is currently 90% off and you want to spend the $10 on it…there are so many bonus pieces to it that I it is more of a plan for how to make money from your blog, just like ProBlogger! I’m thrilled that I am finally able to afford this awesome work and think this should be on your virtual bookshelf if you have any interest in making money from blogging. 


Blogwise is one of those ebooks that really helps me focus on doing more with my life…instead of sitting at my laptop for hours each day in hopes that I’ll do something important. Maybe one day I will, but I think hearing from well-known bloggers on how to be productive rather than busy is a big part of why I blog only one night a week. 

ProBlogger’s Guide to Your 
First Week of Blogging

Looking to start your first blog? Or maybe you started blogging recently and want to get it off the ground? This is the only ebook in this blog post that I don’t actually own. If it is anything like Darren’s other ebooks, I can tell you that you won’t be sorry you scored this ebook for 50% off…that’s right, 50% off! 

Please note, these deals are only available for a limited time. 
Everyday Storyteller will only be on sale through December 5, 2012 
and the ProBlogger deals will end December 7, 2012. Buy them today!

Please note: All external links include in this post are affiliate links. While I will recevie compensation for any sales made through this blog post, the options expressed are my own. I like to spread the news about fantastic products to Campfire Chic readers. You can support Campfire Chic by purchasing through these links.


I was bitten by the scrapbooking bug last weekend and was able to make the scrapbook pages below in a few hours while watching True Life and Zombieland, eating ramen, and texting Alex while he was in Seattle. I still have a hankering to make more pages, but I need to order photos before I can do that…and finish the pages I have planned. While making these pages, I decided to share a few some scrapbook tips and tricks for making layouts for vacations.

So, the beginning of Campfire Chic is set around a campfire at the Lodgepole campground in Sequoia National Park.

Campfire Chic is now over a year old and I am only now scrapping these photos. Yikes. Better late than never, right?

Sequoia National Park Scrapbooking
Sequoia National Park Scrapbooking
Sequoia National Park Scrapbooking
Sequoia National Park Scrapbooking

I needed to fit in several photos, and while I am not generally a fan of cropping my photos (along the same lines as my hangup on ripping/destroying books)I cut 9 photos into 4×4 squares to create the second page of this layout.

The papers used in this layout are all from the same line: We R Memory Keepers’ Travel Light series. I wanted to stray away from images of trees and camping for some reason, and these papers stuck out from my stash. I think it turned out nicely.

Tips for Scrapbooking Vacations:

Souvenirs: Collect small, flat items on your travels that you can slip into your travel journal, National Park passport, or use as embellishments on scrapbook pages. Here I attached two flattened decorative pennies using foam adhesive because I’m not entirely sure they’re archival safe.

Examples of souvenirs to keep in mind: plane tickets, (clean) food wrappers from snacks eaten abroad, paper coasters from local breweries, postcards, lapel pins.

Speaking of touristy places…here is the granddaddy of them all… 
Disneyland ScrapbookingDisneyland Scrapbooking

I’ve mentioned before (1, 2) that I live close enough to Disneyland to hear the fireworks every night, didn’t have to pay to get into the park during college because I knew enough people who worked there (they can ‘write’ you into the park), and can see the Matterhorn and giant Ferris Wheel from my work.

With that, I have surprisingly few scrapbook pages about Disneyland! Who am I?! The page above uses photos from two separate trips and some of the photos were taken with Vignette Demo, a free app like Hipstamatic for Droids. They were printed out with rounded corners and a white border. I love the way they turned out!

For this page, I trimmed the the borders off and created a grid using (what I think are) 3×3 squares. As you can see, the photo of the lanterns above the teacups ride is from the same photo and spans two squares :) I’m not a giant fan of using licensed embellishments, but I couldn’t resist putting Goofy in the empty space. The photos don’t show it well, but the Mickey heads are glossy, adding a neat effect to the page. The Bazzill cardstock paper is also shimmery, helping to add a bit of magic to the page without looking like it belongs to a child.

Additional Tips:

Tip for creating titles: If you are missing letters/symbols from your package of letters, improvise! I didn’t have a heart in my Thickers pack and didn’t have enough of the polka dot paper to create one (tie-ing the page together nicely)so I created a heart using what I had! Here I used a V and the number 3, creating the online equivalent of a heart :)


Other examples: Using the at symbol (@) for an A, an exclamation point for an i , a u for an n , and using the negative of punch-out letters as a replacement.

How do you store your printed photos?
What photo apps do you use on your phone?
What souvenirs do you collect?

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Groupon/Living Social have a handmade cousin…Heartsy!

I wasn’t sure about it at first, but since I use both Groupon and Living Social to get deals, why wouldn’t I try Heartsy? Especially when one of the shops I’ve been following for a few months had an AMAZING deal today!

It was super easy to purchase, they accept Paypal! I always love when a website will use Paypal as a form of payment…I just don’t want to search for my credit card. Woohoo! There are several other deals going on right now, and some of them involve giveaways, which I thought was really novel and a great way to spread the word.

 A little about hi tree: Tina lives in Southern California and has taken “tree hugging to new levels”! I’ve been lusting for one of her plush trees for a long time, and wouldn’t mind a cute hairclip or sporting an adorable keychain. Love love love. I mean, are you really that surprised that I love this shop? Really?

So here are a few things I’d like to get with my shop credit:

Moss Green Leaf Hair Clip $8

Autumn Maple Keychain $15
Sequoia Keychain $20, because that’s where it all started :)

Bitty Oak Tree Plush $30
Mr. Maple Tree Plush $45

I’m not against going over my $35 shop credit limit, she can always invoice me the rest…and it’s not like I’m actually spending $35, I’m only spending (spent, it’s in her account now) $14!

I really could get the Mr. Maple Tree for $24 (plus shipping), I love a great deal! Eee!

Have you tried Heartsy? Do you see any deals you like? 
Are you going to/did you get the hi tree deal?

Go get your $35 Shop Credit to hi tree!