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Not much to say this week, I’m working on cutting back on my to do list…as in, removing things that don’t really need to be done right now (or at all, for that matter). I have the bad habit of writing down everything that’s in my head and some of it is just nonsense. I am keeping in mind an interview with Ali Edwards from a few years ago when she was asked how she ‘does it all’ — her answer? She works on “whatever is due next” — how freaking brilliant is that? I’m being totally sincere, work on whatever is due next, not next week, or next year. I’m useing this mantra to get me out of my quicksand of a to do list…I’ll let you know how it goes.

This week’s Essential Reading:

  • Alex sent me this not-so-quick-and-full-of-colorful-language (NSFW) post about what your profile picture says about you
  • Are you looking to submit a guest blog post in the next month? Holly of So Dang Brilliant is looking for guest bloggers and you could be one of them! Check out her blog and contact her through her site
  • Earlier this week, I shared some of my Yoga essentials, and now I’m starting to think Rintu needs his own kitty yoga mat
  • One of my greatest fears is dying at work…but I would probably be OK if the zombie apocalypse started while I was there (and Alex and I had a designated meet-up location). This super-short article gives some tips for how to prepare for the end of days at the office
  • Alex came across these beautiful prints of heroes and villains done in a minimal way and after finding this other Etsy shop, we’ve decided to attempt to do a tasteful comic/geekery themed kitchen. Wish us luck!
  • Teton Sports shows you how to wash your sleeping bag — because let’s be honest, when was the last time you washed yours??
  • Speaking of camping, scrapbooking company Echo Park announced their next camp-themed paper line
  • Semi-rad posted some ways to get your boyfriend or girlfriend to hate whatever sport you do
  • Are you on rdio? Check out this album by Dawes…I mean, how can you argue with a band that’s able to use “Google Search” in a song?
  • Here are 10 ways to use Pinterest for your website or blog
  • Remember how I talked about wanting to live out of a car/the back of our truck a few weeks ago? Well that want is turning into more of an obsession after looking through this “Lifestyles of the Rich and famous” post from Moore Climbing — Photos of people with their “climbing houses”!


These posts are getting a little out of hand…



Pinterest has changed the way online marketing is done. It is no longer sufficient to have a Twitter account with enticing links to your posts/items, you need the images on your posts to be ‘pinnable’.

Before I go into ways to optimize your photos and blog posts, do you know how to find what images have been pinned from your website? I wrote a post titled Are you Being Pinned? late last year that shows you how to do just that.

Ask yourself, “Is this pinnable?” 

Would you re-pin this if you saw it in your feed? Would you go out of your way to pin the post if it was on somebody else’s blog? If the answer is ‘probably not’, consider making a few changes:
Example of posts that do well on Pinterest
Have fantastic photos. Pinterest is all about pretty things, have pretty photos to pin. Make people think “oh shoot, I need to pin this!”
Add text to your main photo that clearly states what your post is about. Keep it clear. Keep it short. Ditch the May Queen font and stick with something that can be seen easily on the Pinterest app…yep, think multi-platform when creating your images.
Have text you’d like your pinners to use readily available. Did you know that if you highlight text on a post and then hit the ‘pin this’ button, it will autopopulate in the description? Genius! And most pinners are too lazy to change the text on a pin, so it should appear on several re-pins!
Add a ‘pin this’ button on posts you would really like to have others pin. If you’d rather not have a widget at the bottom of each and every one of your posts, grab the pin it button from the main Pinterest site and add it at the end of your post.  
Find a plugin/widget to automatically have at the end of each post. People will rarely go out of their way to make something happen, make pinning readily available and the conversion increases dramatically! Here is a post showing you how to add the widget to your Blogger blog.
What other suggestions do you have for bloggers looking 
to have their posts “Pin”-ed on Pinterest?

What kinds of boards do you have? 
Are you more of a re-pinner or do you pin things to your boards from their original sources?